How Long Do Salt Lamps Last, And What Does It Depend On

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Himalayan salt lamps are lamps made of big chunks of salt crystals mined from the Himalayas. They are thought to have many health benefits, especially when it comes to the health of the respiratory tract and mood improvement. The way they do this is by releasing negative ions which capture the impurities in the air such as pet dander, pollen, dust and germs and make it harder for them to stay floating in the air. Furthermore, negative ions are believed to improve the mood and one of the reasons people believe this is because these kinds of ions are usually found in nature, and nature refreshes us and fills us with energy.

Naturally, we like keeping products that are good around for as much as we can, and if you love your salt lamp, you will probably want to have it last for years to come as well. Ultimately, how long salt lamps last will depend on how well you take care of them. This is why you should know about the things that can cause damage to your salt lamp and how to prevent them.

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How long do salt lamps last?

Dropping it

The Himalayan salt which salt lamps are made of might have been around for ages, but that doesn’t mean that your salt lamp cannot break into pieces if you drop it on the ground. Make sure that you position your salt lamp somewhere secure, somewhere where your children or pets won’t be able to accidently push it off. It is also a good idea to keep your salt lamp down on the ground if that’s possible. This way your lamp will have a higher chance of ‘surviving’ even if it gets knocked over.

Exposing it to water

Salt is sensitive to water, and you should be very careful where you place your lamp and how much water you expose it to. You definitely don’t want to leave your lamp ‘hanging out’ in the rain or wash it in the dishwasher. Doing this can dissolve the molecules of salt, and you’ll end up destroying your lamp. Also, yes, we know that even salt lamps, as amazing as they are, will become dusty over time and that you’ll want to clean the dust off of your lamp. However, to prevent any damage, clean your lamp with a damp and not a wet towel.

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Not turning it on

Salt lamps are lamps that you really need to use if you want them to stick around for long. This means that you’ll have to keep them on for as much as 16 hours a day. Ideally, you’d have a salt lamp on for 24 hours. However, we understand that you’d like to also turn the lamp off sometimes.

It is essential to not neglect your salt lamp and leave it turned off most of the time. The heat from the light bulb inside your salt lamp is what drains out the moisture from all the water that the salt ends up collecting from the air throughout the day (salt is a hygroscopic substance, remember?). Once you notice that your lamp has begun to ‘sweat’ or that it’s started to form a pool of water, this should be a good reminder that you need to turn it on and keep it on for quite some time.

Using the wrong light bulb

Light bulbs that generate too little heat or don’t generate heat at all are not ideal for your lamp. This is something that will definitely make a salt lamp last short. That is because the bulb won’t be able to dry out the water on the lamp. If your salt lamp is exposed to too much water and you aren’t doing anything about it, the damage is inevitable.

Keeping your lamp in damp places

You might’ve run into people who like to keep their salt lamps in their bathrooms or kitchens. However, we have to break it to you that this might not be the best thing to do because of the moisture present. We understand how a salt lamp in the bathroom can help you relax and make your bath more enjoyable. However, the moisture can damage the lamp and potentially cause damage to the light bulb in the lamp as well. If you can’t imagine having a bath without your lamp, however, you can take it to the bathroom with you. Then, leave it on and in a dry area after the bath.

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Bad-quality salt lamps don’t last long

Salt lamps are not made of salt only, and they have other components that you should take care about. Obviously, the light bulb of your salt lamp is one of its most essential parts. In order for your lamp to properly function, you should put a good-quality bulb inside of it. The general rule is to pick a light bulb that is made by trustworthy manufacturers. Furthermore, always go for light bulbs that won’t fizzle out too quickly. Otherwise, your salt lamp will need to stay on for most of the day.

Not cleaning your salt lamp gently enough will make your salt lamp last less

Be gentle with your salt lamp while you’re cleaning it. Otherwise, you’ll end up removing a lot of salt from it. If you continually clean your lamp without being gentle throughout the process, you’ll end up reducing the lamp’s size.

How long do salt lamps last if you take proper care of them?

Well, it would probably be something like forever or at least for many, many years to come. When taking care of your salt lamp, remember to follow the general rules of maintenance. Make sure you don’t expose it to water for too long and keep it somewhere safe. Of course, make sure that the lamp you want to buy is from a trusted salt lamp brand as well. Otherwise, it will not serve you for long no matter how you maintain it.

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