Are Crystals Allowed On Planes?

Are Crystals Allowed On Planes

Can You Carry Crystals and Rocks On Airplane As They Advertise Under The Artifacts Section? Some people have been wondering whether you can bring rocks on airplanes. You can certainly bring small sized rocks and other such items onto an …

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What Does It Mean When Your Crystals Move?

What Does It Mean When Your Crystals Move

Why Do Some Crystals Split Into Two Equal Pieces When Light Irradiation Intensifies? The highest light irradiation intensities that can cause the quartz crystal to split into two equal pieces are typically between two and five thousand nanometers. A quartz …

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Why Is Crystal Glass So Expensive?

Why Is Crystal Glass So Expensive

Why Does Crystal Cost So Much?   Is Crystal More Valuable Than Glass? There is quite a bit of difference between crystal and glass. In fact, one would say that crystal is more precious than glass. The reason for this …

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What Crystals Cannot Go In Salt?

What Crystals Cannot Go In Salt

Can Crystals Be Cleansed in Salt? Crystals that are 7 or more on the Moh’s Hardness Scale are safe to be washed with water or saltwater. Anything lower than 7 is not good. Table of Moh’s Hardness of Common Minerals …

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What Is Orgone?

what is orgone

What Is Orgone and Why Should You Take It? What is orgone? That is the question most people who have never heard of it ask. Orgone is an electronic system of energy exchange, which contains a crystal for storing up …

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