Why Is Crystal Glass So Expensive?

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Why Does Crystal Cost So Much?

Why does crystal cost so much


Is Crystal More Valuable Than Glass?

There is quite a bit of difference between crystal and glass. In fact, one would say that crystal is more precious than glass.

The reason for this difference is that, though both are glass in composition, crystal contains more lead than glass.

Lead crystal is found in nature in small quantities and is rare.

Glass, on the other hand, is created out of a combination of molten rock and various chemicals, which results in a product that can be made into various objects, including, glass and crystal glassware.

Crystal, though, contains more 24% more lead than glass even when the two are combined.

However, because it has more lead, the properties of the rock that creates it (lead) allow for the addition of other elements to increase its strength and durability, allowing it to withstand impacts of many kinds, especially cut glass.

Thus, all urns that are made out of crystal are at least partially glass.

Whether you prefer crystal or glass because of its lead content, both have their own properties, and when they are put side by side, the real winner may come down to personal preference.

Many people find that they like one over the other, or prefer a certain type more than the other, and for this reason they pass on the preference to generations to come.

Why Is Crystal Better Than Glass?

The first question that comes to mind when you say that why is crystal better than glass is whether or not it reflects and refracts light the same way that a mirror does.

Now whether or not it reflects light the same way a mirror does isn’t really the issue in the equation.

What matters is that when light shines on your crystal that light is refracted just like if it was coming from a glass window.

Crystal reflects light just like glass does, it just does it much more beautifully.

Glass, by the way, is one of the common materials used for mirrors.

Crystals were used as far back as the ancient Egyptians where they were used to make mirrors and even the famed Phoenician Empire used crystal glass for everything from water vessels to weapons.

why is crystal better than glass

So, the next question is why is crystal better than glass at all.

Well, a bit of history here.

Crystal has been around for nearly 5000 years already and it didn’t take until recently for people to realize that it was actually stronger than glass.

This means that instead of breaking it like glass does when it’s hit by the force of gravity, crystal breaks into smaller, more manageable pieces that don’t shatter as easily under pressure.

This is why glass can actually be brittle when a blow hits it, and crystal doesn’t shatter as easily, which is why most breakage of glass occurs when someone is holding something very close to their face or body when it breaks.

So now we come to the important part. Why is crystal better than glass?

It’s because it does more to protect us and our clothing from damage than does glass.

The crystal glass can be shattered by an impact, but it still can be repaired and brought back to its original shape.

Glass cannot be repaired, and when it breaks, it will always be a jagged piece of broken glass.

Why Is Crystal So Expensive?

What does it mean to you, why is crystal so expensive?

While some people may tell you its value increases with time, you can find that is not always the case with crystal.

For example a crystal chess set, antique crystal chess sets, or crystal chandeliers are very expensive because they contain lead or other elements which have very high lead content.

Some of these are vintage glassware, while others were once made with real crystal or “ceramic” but have been altered by the hands of a craftsman.

However, there are other elements which are added which increase their value even more.

why is crystal so expensive

Why is crystal so expensive, then? It’s not because its value increases with time as it was once told by a master glass craftsman; rather, the lead crystal glass or fine crystal stemware we see today is designed with much perfection and skill by master glass craftsmen who know how to cut glass to create just the right shape or design for the piece.

With this knowledge comes an understanding of why is crystal so expensive. When a master craftsman creates a piece of glass for example, not only does he create a beautiful design, he also shapes and applies the proper tools to each glass piece to make it melt and flow just right so that the entire piece shines and glows.

When you hold the resulting product in your hand, you instantly see the beauty of the glass and the perfection with which it has been crafted.

Glass is created through what is called heating and fusing. In order to form new glass, molten glass is forced into an extremely high temperature and it becomes smooth again.

The temperature is then maintained at this high temperature until a manufacturing process removes any of the impurities left behind in the molten glass, leaving a fine crystal like glass.

In order for this class to be sparkly and reflect light, it contains lead, but the master craftsman adds other elements such as silica, which makes the crystal sparkle and appear to have more color than it would if there were no lead particles in the glass.

Why Is Crystal Glass So Expensive?

Is it worth buying crystal glassware to display your fine China? Some people believe that its price is driven by its rarity, while others think its beauty justifies the high price.

I’m going to give you my honest opinion, and try to explain why crystal glassware is so beautiful.

why is crystal glass so expensive


A big part of the appeal of crystal comes from its transparency, which is why some of the finest art glass comes in such a delicate, beautiful form.

The clear glass is usually lead-free, which also contributes to its beauty.

The best crystal has small traces of lead in it up to about 26 percent to make the glass itself more dense and refractive.

This makes the glass sparkle much more than ordinary glass pickle jars.

Also, a lot of the glass we use today is a derivative of crystal.

Back in the 19th century, the crystal was mined in Germany, Australia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Today the most popular form of this type of glass is made in China.

Many Chinese producers can produce a million pounds of crystal every year, which is pretty impressive. It’s very possible that someday we’ll be able to buy on demand.

How Glass Is Pressed Into Molds Everyday

Every day glassware regardless of the glass type is simply pressed into molds and fired in a kiln. After being fired in the kiln it is carefully inspected to ensure there are no damages to the glassware or molds.

A professional glassblower will check for cracks in the glass before it is allowed to go through the firing procedure.

After the glass has been checked for cracks, it will then be sliced with a diamond saw to the desired thickness before it is allowed to go through the final firing process.

Everyday glassware regardless of the glass type is simply pressed into molds

It is very important that you do not attempt to chip or damage your own glasses because they are perfectly safe to do so.

Glassware regardless of the glass type is simply pressed into molds and fired in a kiln.

Once the molds have cooled and the glassware is ready to be packaged, it must first be cleaned before it can be shipped to the store.

Once the glassware has been cleaned it will then go on to be packaged according to the type of glassware it is.

No matter what type of glassware whether it is crystal porcelain, acrylic or ordinary glass it will go through a process of being pressed into molds and fired in a kiln.

The quality of the glass and the time that it was through the kiln can play a large factor in the final appearance of the glass.

The Benefits of Choosing Crystal Glassware

Crystal glass is a relatively new material that is starting to become quite popular for use in a wide variety of things. Most often though, it’s used in the creation of designer-looking wine glasses. In many cases these elegant, decorative glasses are quite pricey as a result of their rarity (and therefore high value). However, there are quite a few advantages that can be had by choosing to use the crystal as opposed to other materials – especially for the home.

crystal glass It is made in small batches and consequently is more labor intensive


For one thing crystal glass is much harder and stronger than other materials that are typically used for the same purpose.

It’s made in small batches and therefore is much more labor intensive when creating each individual glass set.

As a result, many glass companies that specialize in crystal glassware make each piece one at a time in order to guarantee strength and quality standards.

While this process doesn’t necessarily increase the value of each glass set overall, it certainly adds a unique quality and sense of accomplishment to each piece.

After all, what’s a few pounds added to the price of a set of crystal glasses when you can have a beautiful wine glass custom-made?

Another advantage to crystal glass is that it tends to sparkle much better under the light than other materials.

Because of the nature of crystal glass, there is a certain amount of “radiation” that occurs, which helps to create a lovely sparkling shine. Because it’s so fragile though, it’s also rather difficult to break. This is another thing that adds to its appeal.

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Why Crystal Glass Is More Expensive Than Regular Glass?

If you are using windows or doors for your home then the chances are you may be a bit confused as to why crystal glass is more expensive than regular glass.

Lead oxide is one of the most common raw materials that is used when making crystal. Although crystal glass is much more expensive than regular glass, there are a number of reasons why it is more expensive and why it is generally better quality than regular glass.

Crystal glass is more costly regular glass different materials particularly lead oxide

Another reason why most crystal pieces are a little more expensive than regular glass is because the amount of lead that is used in their creation has to be measured accurately to ensure that the glass will be strong enough to be able to withstand all the pressure that it will experience.

Real Quartz Crystal Chandeliers

Are you thinking about purchasing a real quartz crystal chandelier? If you are then you are making a great decision because a real one is going to cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

real quartz crystal chandelier it will be hundreds of thousands of dollars if find it

Now what makes a real quartz crystal chandelier so valuable?

There are also real quartz crystal chandeliers that come with different types of beads in them.

Now some of these beads are going to stand out and look really nice whereas some of them will not be as noticeable.

It will depend on the style of the candle holder as well as the overall appearance of the chandelier. If you take your time and shop around you will be able to find a great real quartz crystal chandelier that is going to make your home look very beautiful.

Swarovsky Crystal – The Crystal Ball? Or Is It Just a Glass?

If you are interested in making crystal glassware items but do not have the money to buy them, then Swarovsky crystal is one of the options.

This is one of the most sought after crystal types because of how they look and their prices. Swarovsky crystal originated in a small glass factory in the Czech Republic.

In some cases, this type of crystal is still not as pure as it was during the time that the crystals were formed millions of years ago, but some crystal craftsmen have mastered the art of making them just right.

In fact, some of the Swarovsky crystal glasses have a slightly more transparent quality to them, which to some consumers may be desirable.

Swarovsky crystal if you have the money still made from glass

In addition to being more expensive than some other crystal types,

Swarovsky crystal also has more restrictions as far as shape goes.

Because of the way that the crystals were formed and cooled, they can only take on certain basic shapes.

However, Swarovsky crystal is still considered to be a beautiful item to use and many people enjoy having these glasses to use in their homes.

Waterford Crystal Goblets For Your Dinner Table

Waterford crystal goblets have been around as long as water itself. They are one of the most treasured pieces of any home because they are unique, beautiful, and elegant.

They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and prices.

This means that there is a goblet for every budget imaginable. While some people prefer to buy plain glass goblets, many choose these crystal types because they stand out so much better in comparison to glass.

Waterford crystal goblets for the dinner table cost 30 to 150 each

Because they are made from such beautiful material, many of them are quite expensive.

However, if you look in the right places you will find something that fits within your budget. Waterford crystal goblets can be found in most jewelry stores, home improvement stores, department stores, and even online.

When it comes to buying beautiful crystal goblets, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for the money that you will be spending.

Crystal As in Chandeliers and Tableware is Made of Crystal

The word “crystal” is derived from the Greek word “kalax”, which means “transparent”.

This crystal glass is found in many different styles and is usually cut into shapes such as round, square, diamond, pear, heart, oval, princess, teardrop, leaf, baroque and crescent.

Crystal glassware was once very expensive and was exclusively used by royalty.

Today, crystal chandeliers and other crystal items are widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Crystal chandeliers are no longer reserved for the rich and famous.

Crystal as in chandeliers and tableware is made of glass

However, the main reason why crystal chandelier is used in homes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments is because crystal glasses are very durable.

They are resistant to extreme heat, water, chemicals and sunlight.

Is Crystal Just Fancy Glass?

Is crystal just fancy glass? I get several emails asking that question and I also get several emails asking how crystal glasses work.

They’re a bit more complicated than regular glass because they have a very fine crystal clear top layer, which allows you to view the color as it appears, however when viewing the bottom of the cup or saucer, you cannot see the color, only the appearance of it.

In other words, you can’t look up at the crystal and see the color, only the reflective surface of the outer shell. So does crystal just fancy glass?

Is crystal just fancy glass

Now consider this, you can make any kind of glass, even sand, but you can never duplicate the amazing sparkle of crystal.

Uses For Fuzed Quartz for Lab Equipment and Camera Lenses

If you are a photographer that uses your camera a lot, then you probably already know about the wonderful features that this type of glass has to offer.

However, not all photographers know about this wonderful material, which is why many of them do not use it in their photography skills.

The reason that most people do not know about this glass is because it is usually mixed with lead-oxide or a variety of other chemicals to make it more clear and absorbent.

  • The negative aspect of using this type of glass in a photographer’s studio is that because it absorbs light, it makes the room very dark.
  • This can cause the photographer to lose lighting because he or she does not have enough light on the subject, causing the pictures taken to come out darker than they could be.

fuzed quartz glass used for camera lenses and lab equipmentOne way to overcome this problem is by using a filter that allows the light to filter through the lead-oxide crystals that make up the standard glass.

Because this filter only lets some of the light through, the images will be much brighter than they normally would be if there was no filter at all.

There are also some manufacturers who have created photo film that has lead-oxide in it so that the light cannot filter through the crystal when being photographed.

This is a great way to get around the problem without using the standard glass. Another way to use this type of glass is to make photo block that is shaped like a camera lens.

Cheap and Effective Food Storage Containers Are Borosilicate Glass

For years the borosilicate glass was mainly used in laboratories and other industries because of its ability to not be breakable, however when the glass is used for food storage it’s important to make sure that the glass doesn’t have any trace of lead in it.

This type of glass can be used to store any type of food since it doesn’t contain any metal, however it’s most commonly used for fish and seafood.

It’s also used in some cases for drinking glassware but for the most part borosilicate is used for food storage only.

borosilicate glass commonly used for glass food storage containers

Because of the way borosilicate glass can break down without causing any harm, it’s mostly used for laboratory use and not for household use, this makes it very safe to be stored with food in.

When looking at the price of this type of glass to make sure that you are getting what you pay for, the cheapest option is going to be made with lead and other metals which not only Leach lead into the food, it also can be carcinogenic to humans.

The better quality glass that is more expensive will still be cheaper than buying the cheaper alternatives.

There are also a number of different types of borosilicate that are available, however the ones most commonly used in home glassware for food storage are the black borosilicate and the clear borosilicate.

Both of these glass types are used because they have a slight difference in the way they look, and although some people prefer one over the other there are no noticeable differences between the two.

Glass Are Non-Porous and Dishwasher Safe

  • Glass are non-porous and do not contain any lead content and is very safe to use it on a dishwasher.
  • If you have an expensive crystal glass that contains 24% lead is porous and is not meant to be used for dishwasher because lead might be leached out and cause you health problems!
  • Crystal glass can only be hand washed.

Glass with a low count is also called non-porous glass. This means it has no pores on the surface of the glass, so dishes stuck on it will not break or chip. Even if they did chip, they would not be seen through the clear coating of the glass. Glass with a low count is perfect for use in dishwashers without having to worry about dishes getting stuck on the sides as some of the lower quality glasses can be difficult to clean.

Glass with a low count is non porous, making dishes safe to use in dishwashers without worrying about them becoming damaged.

If you do not want to use glass with a low count, you could use plastic instead.

Silica and Barium to Manipulate Shape in Glass

The addition of silica and barium ions can change the chemical properties of the glass, which in turn to make it more durable and resistant to thermal shock.

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How Crystal Glass Works

The most popular type of crystal glass nowadays is called lead-free crystal glass. It is made using lead-free crystal materials which means it won’t have any type of lead additives in its composition at all.

Because of this, the light that hits the crystal will be very pure and won’t have any sort of dispersion, color, or shading whatsoever.

Most importantly, however, this type of glass does not allow the energy that’s reflected back from objects into visible light.

Crystal is able to refract light while glass tends to lack this property; in fact, the only way that light is able to leave both lead-free and normal glass is if the crystal has a very high index of dispersion for the light that it is encountering.

This means that glass usually allows most of the light that hits it to be absorbed, creating the so-called “seeing glass” effect.

Crystal is also able to refract light while glass will typically lack that ability


Crystal is also able to refract light while glass tends to lack that ability; in fact, the only way that light is able to leave both lead-free and normal glass is if the crystal has a very high index of dispersion for the light that it is encountering.

This means that glass usually allows most of the light that hits it to be absorbed, creating the so-called “seeing glass” effect.

Standard Glass For Chandeliers And Wall Lights Can’t Be Molded As Thin As Crystal

Crystal Is A Kind Of Glass That Contains Potassium and Silica

This is what makes crystal so special. When you look at a crystal, you will notice that the surface of the crystal is smooth and shiny.

This is because silica and potassium carbonate have excellent Optical properties that allow light to pass through them.

But when these substances are combined with other elements, a completely new optical property known as ‘radiative absorption’ comes into being. This is why crystal is a kind of glass that contains both potassium and silica.

crystal is a type of glass that contains potassium carbonate and silica

One of the interesting properties of the crystal is that it has diffraction properties, which means it can be used for imaging objects.

Also, the way crystal reflects light gives it a glossy quality, which gives it an appearance similar to glass.

Its unique properties give the crystal a kind of physical and optical clarity that is unrivaled by ordinary glass.

History of Crystal and High End Dining

One of the first things you will notice about crystal is that it has no flaws. While this is true, there are other traits that make these pieces even more appealing to look at. The obvious benefit of a crystal is the clear, sparkling color.

Many people associate the color of glass with high-end elegance but what they don’t realize is that it is actually an ideal choice for high-end settings because it requires virtually no upkeep.

The color will remain brilliant for years, even decades, without any fading, cracking or blemishes. While other types of glass may require periodic polishing or waxing to maintain the clean, flawless appearance, crystal is resistant to all of these damaging conditions.

The next trait you will find in crystal dishes is the stunning elegance they add to any room. They are extremely lightweight, making them easy to transport from place to place. They are also incredibly dense, so much so that many chefs prefer them over regular glass plates. This gives the impression that you are actually serving food and not just gluing a beautiful glass plate to the table. Since there is so much going for them, the crystal is often used as the table centerpiece when throwing a party.

The history of crystal has long been associated with high-end cuisine. Today, the high end continues to use these items. They offer a stunning look and feel, as well as the functionality necessary for the most intricate dinnerware. Although crystal does not have as much history as glass, it is an item that will last for a very long time. It is highly durable, resists scratching and spillages, and always appears as if it was always on top of the table.

The Low Risk of Lead Consumption When You Are Using Lead Crystal Glass

In the late 80’s, there was a huge recall of all kinds of leaded crystal glasses that were sold as gifts.

Consumers were warned that the lead in the glass may be harmful to their health.

And while many people stopped drinking from the leaded glasses, many more continue to drink from them today.

Because of this, there are still traces of lead in many glasses. And even though the amount is minimal, still it does not mean that lead crystal glasses are completely safe. Just like consuming any other medicine, there is a possibility of having side effects when you consume it.

If you are using lead-crystal glasses, then you must also be aware of its possible side effects.

To minimize the effects of lead, you should only use them for decorative purposes.

You should never use it as your sole source of drinking water. And since the amount of lead that is present is minute, you can be assured that there will be no negative effects.

However, just in case you are already exposed to lead, you must be extra careful and follow safety guidelines.

For example, you should never keep the crystal glasses in your office or house.

You can’t simply throw it in a drawer or on the table.

And if ever you are using the crystal for cooking purposes, make sure that you have it stored in a lead-free container.

Remember that lead crystal glasses are not only excellent for decoration but they are also excellent source of pure crystal clear water.

With just a few tips, you can surely enjoy crystal clear water all the time with lead crystal glasses.

Is Lead Crystal Considered Safe For Food or Drink Storage?

Lead crystal is a well-known and highly acclaimed brand name of transparent glass made with a composition of lead sulfide.

Its crystal structure is unlike any other crystal that we know of.

It is also very durable, virtually impenetrable for a myriad number of chemicals and liquids, including alcohol, which will not be affected by this glass and can be safely stored in glass cabinets away from children and those who should not be around them.

Crystal Glass Refracts Light Beautifully – Glinting Into Rainbows

If you are looking for a unique piece of crystal ware to decorate your home, one that reflects light in such a way that it is a pleasure to look at, you should look at crystal glasses.

The most popular crystal ware is made from Glass, also known as “crystal,” and is typically defined as clear or colorless inclusions that are often left behind when cutting or crystallizing certain materials.

However, glass can refract light, which gives it the beautiful sparkling look.

This is different from regular glass, which does not refract light, but rather loses the sparkle once cut.

When crystal glass is cut, the light is reflected around the surface, usually creating a rainbow effect. Crystal is known to be the purest form of glass, and has no impurities in it.

Crystal glass refracts light beautifully glinting light into rainbows

Refracting light through the glass gives the crystal an added energy, giving it the ability to reflect light into a rainbow that is both beautiful and magical.

Glass Tableware – A Functional Choice

Glass tableware can be used in the dishwasher and is often reinforced with a polypropylene coating which makes it very resistant to scratching and helps to keep it looking new.

There are many styles of glass that you can use for tableware.

Glass tableware can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup and has a reinforced

When you are choosing glass for tableware it is important to know that there are several different types of it and you should understand the difference between them.

The common ones are acrylic, Terra cotta, crystal and many of the colored glass that is available today.

Acrylic is a type of glass that looks clear and has a texture to it. Because it is translucent it is popular for things like drinking glasses.

Crystal is one of the most popular choices for dining tables and it comes in many different styles and designs.

Crystal Lead and Metal Content in Crystal Glass

Crystals have been found to contain at least five percent of lead, and possibly even more depending on the crystal form.

It is because of this that crystal leads are such a valuable industrial metal.

The material is also used in various electrical applications including lighting, electrical wiring, soldering, welding, and hot metal arc welding.

While it is true that most people will not see any health hazards from this type of crystal and its lead content, there are still precautions to take regarding its use.

Crystal lead and metal content in crystal should never be underestimated, because even a very small amount of lead can over time pose a risk to health.

As noted before, although crystal is a non-magnetic metal and doesn’t interact with magnets in any way, it can still produce negative charges when exposed to an alternating magnetic field.

In terms of this inorganic substance’s ability to induce electrical charges in an area, the substance can only do so at very low levels and too close to a current.

However, the presence of positively charged ions or positively charged compounds in the crystal can create a short circuit and cause a spark that can ignite metal and oxygen molecules within the immediate vicinity.

The Soda Lime in Glass Lacks Retracting Capabilities

The soda lime in glass exhibits a remarkable property of being able to be malleable in most all directions – even cut and formed to a desired shape.

This property is similar to a melon whose middle part can be cut and shaped without difficulty.

It is not only this unique feature that makes the glass so unique, but also due to its refracting quality it is capable of creating a multitude of glass tile designs.

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This is the reason why the soda lime in glass tiles has become so popular since many architects have come up with creative designs that are inspired by the architecture they see in their mind.

Most of these tile designs end up being used in many commercial projects today.

The soda lime glass tile exhibits a unique property of being able to be cut into any shape and size with ease.

Another interesting property of the soda lime glass tile is that due to its refractive property, it allows light to pass through it.

When light comes into contact with the glass, it refracts which gives the effect of a prism.

This characteristic of the soda lime glass tile makes it unique as compared to other forms of glass that reflect light in the form of a prism. The unique property of the soda lime glass tile makes it a favored material for designing structures and interior doors as well.

How Does Glass Harden More Quickly Than Crystal?

A common question from a jewelry maker is, how does the glass hardens more quickly than crystal.

The short answer to this is, it depends on the glass and what it is tempered too. There are several types of glass including; colored glass, lab created, imitation and glass that has been toughened over years to make it hard.

Another question that is asked often is how long do classes last. Typically, they will last between ten and fifteen years depending on how they are taken care of. However, the glass hardens more quickly which gives it the advantage of being able to last a longer time before cracking or breaking.

One of the advantages of glass cutting is that it offers a faster cutting speed with less distortion of the cutting edges.

Because of the speed of cutting, you are able to create thicker and more detailed jewelry designs. This can make your projects look more professionally done and give you the edge over the competition. With these tips on cutting times, I am sure you can achieve the results you desire and be on your way to having your projects last longer than ever.

Why is Crystal Heavier In Weight Than Standard Glass of the Same Style?

Crystal is a semi-precious material and one of the most popular glass types of all times. People love its different looks that come from the different crystal types and they are mostly made out of Beryllium Copper Boron Leadulfide.

These are used to make all kinds of glass items from the most common everyday things like pens and glasses to statues and other decorative pieces for homes. They tend to be heavier in weight than standard glass of the same style because it contains more substances in it.

Crystal it tends to be heavier in weight than standard glass of the same design


The other heavy material in crystal is its color. They are normally clear though, but there are some that tend to have a little bit of blue or green.

This type of crystal tends to be heavier in weight than standard glass of the same style because the light is being reflected from more of its surface area.

When the light is reflected, more color is produced and this gives the crystal more colors to itself. It’s sort of the art of making transparent glass.

There are some though that tends to be translucent and this is where a lot of the term “translucent” comes from.

This type of crystal doesn’t reflect or give off any light, it just makes the things around it look lighter because of its sheer luminosity.

The lighter the crystal, the more translucent it is and this is why you can hardly see through some types of these.

Standard glasses though are made of clear glass and this is what makes them heavy in weight.

One of the most popular brands of hand blown glass in the world is Cristallo.

In the beginning, Cricut was mainly used to make figurines and paintings but in the late 90’s it was discovered that it can also be used to make beautiful chandeliers and other items of glass art. As the popularity of this brand grew, so did the number of people who began collecting these beautiful objects.

Today, collectors all over the world are able to source some of the finest examples of hand blown glass from Murano, Italy.

Some of the most beautiful items include murano glass figurines, chandeliers, vases, candlesticks, dishes, and bowls.

Cristallo which was used for high end hand blown glass in Murano Italy


While most of the glass that is made here is blown into small pieces, it is also possible to buy high end pieces made by the big manufacturers.

A lot of the glass which is made in Murano, Italy is made from blown glass blocks.

While this may seem like the low end thing to do when it comes to high end items, these large blocks are actually made very well and are quite thick.

Most of these blocks are around one inch thick, which makes them very strong and durable.

Also, these large blocks are much easier to work with, making them perfect for high-end designers who have a difficult time working with finer glass pieces.

What Does the Standard Glass Have to Do With Crystalline Structure of the Crystal?

We have all heard about the revolutionary new discovery of the ‘crystal clear’ glass, where crystal glass does not actually contain a crystalline structure in its material compound.

Most people think that this is quite amazing, because it is an obvious result of what we call ‘refractive Index’ – where the refractive index is calculated, and where the crystal structure itself does not contain any crystalline structure. However, let us see what happens when we take a look into this crystal in a different way…

crystal glass does not actually contain a crystalline structure in its material compound


You may have noticed that when looking at ordinary glass, it contains a lot of impurities and lead-oxide in its composition.

The impurities in the crystal glass, which is the standard glass, is due to things like, air bubbles, and small dust particles.

Lead-oxide is a normal constituent of most standard glasses, which are used for household purposes.

Now, if we take a close look at the crystal structure of the crystal glass, we will notice that while it has some kind of internal structure, it is actually made up of two major parts – a main crystal structure, and what we call the impurities.

The impurities in the crystal glass are what we call diffraction, which is caused by the fact that the energy distribution in the crystal changes.

When we place the crystal under a strong amount of ultraviolet light, we can observe the effect of diffraction.

If we were to use this method of looking into the crystal structure of the crystal, we would see that the lead-oxide, which forms at the atomic level, actually absorbs all the ultraviolet rays that hit it.

In fact, all the light that hits the crystal would be absorbed, leaving behind what we perceive as a pure crystal – in essence, lead-oxide.

Crystal Glass Means That the Material Is Not Dishwasher Safe

Refracting Light in Crystal Glass Material – The Difference Between Standard and Partially-Porus

When we look at the properties of the crystal, it is obvious that added ingredients in the crystal glass make them more transparent and give it a unique appearance.

But, there are some additional factors also which affect the clarity of the glass and its ability to refract light.

This is due to slightly porous properties of the crystal glass and also to its thickness. If you know how to take care of these two aspects, you can get the best out of your crystal glassware.

added ingredients in crystal glass material slightly porous ability to refract light

Pore-size is one of the most important characteristics of crystal glassware which affects the ability of the glass to reflect light.

As compared to ordinary glasses which have a high refractive index, slightly porous materials tend to have lower refraction values.

In other words, the way the light passes through the glasses makes them slightly translucent so as to allow some amount of light to pass through.

But, if this property is not taken care of, it can ruin the beauty of the item you have invested in.

So, you must look into the pore size of the crystal glass before buying one.

Glass which has a larger pore size will allow more light to pass through.

You should therefore buy glasses which have small pore sizes if you want the maximum ability of the glasses to reflect light.

A highly reflective glass with small pore size is what you need to enhance the beauty of your piece.

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