What Does It Mean When Your Crystals Move?

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Why Do Some Crystals Split Into Two Equal Pieces When Light Irradiation Intensifies?

The highest light irradiation intensities that can cause the quartz crystal to split into two equal pieces are typically between two and five thousand nanometers.

A quartz crystal is made of stacks of carbon that are positively charged with electrons and negatively charged with hydrogen atoms.

When a light source strikes the crystal, the atoms transfer energy to the molecules that surround them causing the atoms to become excited and emitting photons.

The number of wavelengths of the photons of light can go through the quartz crystal determines how many times the atom will be excited, which in turn, will determine the different colors of the color spectrum of the crystal emits.

When the light goes to a higher wattage than what the average quartz crystal can handle, however, the crystal becomes unstable and the bonding between the atoms and the molecules breaks down.

The crystalline structure of quartz consists of four to seven different “faces”, each of which is made up of multiple crystals.

When two similar pieces of quartz are placed next to one another, or when one of the crystals and another of the crystals are exposed to a high wattage light source, they will often bond together forming a solid piece of quartz.

However, when the pieces of quartz are placed next to one another, especially if they are very thin, they will often bond together without any bonding agent, which gives the quartz an irregular appearance.

There are a variety of different factors that influence the strength of these bonds between the atoms and the surfaces of the quartz.

One of the most important is the temperature of the light source.

Wider bulbs produce more intense light, which causes the quartz to emit more radiation.

High wattage lights also cause the quartz to emit more radiation, which again leads to more intense light.

Quartz is used for just about everything that we use in our homes, including space shuttles, computers, cell phones, television sets, and medical equipment.

In order to prevent harm from excessive light, you should never use your home’s natural light in your home, whether it is from your computer, a television, or from a high wattage light bulb.

How Is The Intensity Of The Radiation Also Determines The Type Of Effect On Crystal Jumping?

The intensity of the irradiation also determines the type of effect on crystal jumping.

High intensity means more energy is required to induce the quartz crystals into motion than lower intensity.

Smaller Crystals Start Flipping Heavier Faster When Subjected To Light

The way that the different small crystals behave when exposed to light is fascinating. If you look at a crystal and shine a bright light on it, you will notice that some of them start to flip easily and almost invisibly in response to the light.

When the light is shone on the smaller crystals, they begin to flip rapidly and with a greater frequency than the larger crystals.

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Crystal When irradiated Straining is Dispersated Through Static Pressure and fracture

This radiation-induced process can produce crystals with orientation in which the internal channels and junctions between atoms in the crystal structures change. This change in internal structure may lead to a chemical reaction, which is called “crystallization”.

crystal when irradiated strain is dissipated through movement and fracturing


If the crystal when irradiated strain is able to change internal structure, this may lead to the generation of conformal symmetry-shifting crystals (if the symmetry is in a direction opposite to that in which the crystal structure is fixed).

Such crystals have an unusual electrical charge, which makes them good candidates for creating hydrogen atoms.

If a molecule with a hydrogen atom bonded to the crystal is allowed to grow and divide as it is, it may form a hydrogen bond with the neighboring crystal.

In this case, the crystal when irradiated is able to change its electrical charge to become similar to the hydrogen atom of the target molecule.

Many biological systems are characterized by the existence of coupled oscillators, where two or more interacting systems tend to remain in a state of dynamic equilibrium even though their underlying parameters are stationary.

In such a case, if the system is allowed to evolve in response to external perturbations, the resulting network may be a crystal.

The radiation-induced process in the process of crystalline structure may be harnessed to create an artificial frequency of oscillation in the system, thereby controlling its temperature and behavior.

This concept is relevant for the study of the response of crystalline structures to various levels of radiation.

Conversion of Light Energy to Mechanical Motion of Crystal When Irradiated

In Physics, the transformation of light to mechanical motion of solid crystalline materials is called the photoelectric effect.

The conversion of light energy to electrical energy in the process of photoelectric effect is also called as the phototactic effect.

The reason for this is that light has its own sets of photochemical reactions which are directly related to it such as absorption, transmission and reflection.

These processes of light energy give out different amounts of energy which are then converted to mechanical energy of crystalline materials when irradiation occurs.

The conversion of light energy to mechanical movement of crystal when irradiatedThe conversion of light to mechanical motion of crystal when irradiated is also called the photoelectric effect, which is very important in many industries.

When there is illumination on the face of the crystal structure, the radiation will give out electrons which are in the form of light photons.

These electrons will have the potential of becoming kinetic energy when they bump into a mesomorph with their positive charge.

Since the speed of these electrons is higher than the speed of light, it will lead to the generation of heat which will be absorbed by the crystal structure and thus heat up the structure which leads to the generation of heat.

This process can continue until the heat is dissipated to the external environment.

The process of conversion of light energy to mechanical motion of crystal when irradiated can be also be done using the concept of photocurrents.

The photocurrents are the electrical charges, which are generated from the irradiation. The intensity of light that is used for photocensing is very high so that the process of conversion of light energy to mechanical motion of the crystal is very fast.

The strength of the photocurrent is also very high, so that after photoelectric effect is done, a strong current is generated which is then used for mechanical movement.

How Does a Crystal lattice Radio Wave Become Part of a Lattice Network?

A lattice network, also called crystal lattice or parabolic fiber network is made of a series of parallel wires stretched over a large area.

These wires can be made into many different shapes, depending on how they are to be used.

There are many potential applications for a lattice network, such as data transmission over long distances, storing massive amounts of information, and connecting two or more locations through high-speed communication.

One of the most interesting properties of a lattice network is the ability to detect the presence of intrusion, whether it be from humans equipment or weather.

crystal lattice network acts spring that is wound by the irradiation movementA lattice network acts like an antenna; it receives signals and alters them in order to emit waves of a particular frequency.

When an outside source introduces a signal into the network, the antenna changes its own wave frequencies slightly in order to cancel out the interfering wave.

The lattice antenna then converts the incoming wave into electric field energy and magnifies the field by sending it out into the medium.

This process continues until no more interference is detected. However, if the source does not leave an electronic trail, the antenna will only work if the source is within its electromagnetic spectrum.

For this reason, a lattice network is very sensitive to any and all sources of radiation.

It is nearly impossible to transmit anything into one of these networks without triggering interference.

To prevent unintentional triggering of electromagnetic fields, most such networks use an intentional lattice grid that acts like a barrier.

The lattice grid is made of a series of thin sheets of material stretching over a large area.

Each sheet is connected to each other in what are called “tunnels”. This intentional construction ensures that the lattice network remains safe even when other sources of radiation are present.

Is My Crystal Bond Broken By Irradiation and Ligand Rotates One of Its Oxygen atoms?

In the medical field, there are two types of radii: primary and secondary. A bond that is formed between two charged ion atoms is known as a crystal bond.

In most cases, the bonds are very strong and durable.

However, in certain circumstances the bonds weaken or break. When this happens, the crystal will grow into a structure known as a ligand.

crystal bond is broken by irradiation and ligand rotates one of its oxygen atoms

A crystal bond can break when two rigid rods are placed parallel to each other and the rods with different length wavelengths are placed next to each other.

As the rods rotate, they cause the crystal to vibrate. This vibration causes atoms to join the opposite ends of the rigid rods.

Since the atoms are joining too closely, they produce heat, which breaks the crystal bond.

It is important to note that this process only occurs if one rod is rotated while the other remains unbroken.

Also, it requires that the two rods are in a perfect state of vibration.

Crystal bonding is extremely hard, but not indestructible.

A good idea would be for you to wear safety glasses when handling this type of ligands.

Now, think about what a hydrogen bonding is when the two different substances are allowed to sit next to each other.

First, the silicone starts to form into a ring shape, and then slowly it starts to turn into a crystal structure.

In comparison to the crystal bond, this process is a little easier to see since it does not involve any complex chemical reactions. It is a very simple process that can be done at home by using an x-ray machine.

Crystal Irradiated Nitrite Ligand Bound to a Central Cobalt Ion Through Its Nitrogen Atom

The crystal irradiated state of the ligand is a process that has recently come into limelight due to the discovery of the Cobalt-Indium-Iodine (CIGI) and the use of this particular combination in medical imaging systems.

As defined by their chemical formula, CIGI/Cobalt is a series of two cobalt salts of the nitride element.

In their normal state, the two CIGI/Cobalt atoms are bound to the base material with the help of a strong magnetic force.

crystal irradiated nitrite ligand bound to central cobalt ion through its nitrogen atom


The irradiation of the land to create this highly effective ligand used in medical imaging systems allows for the trapping of the hydrogen atoms of the CIGI/Cobalt complex through their nitrogenous bonds.

The two separate cobalt salt systems which have been used in the medical imaging systems allow for the capture of the electrons for the purpose of creating hydrogen bonding between the ligands.

This creates a highly efficient ligand preparation which allows for the efficient trapping of the hydrogen atoms of the CIGI/Cobalt complex through their nitrogen bonds.

The crystal irradiated nitrite ligand is used in a variety of different medical imaging applications such as the scanning of the internal organs of the human body, mammography, x-ray mammography, ultrasound imaging etc.

As crystal irradiation requires direct contact between the ligand and the target atoms for generating the high number of charged particles, it has been found that the use of the ligands using the Cobalt-based radiodimens is highly efficient.

Since the Cobalt material has been found to be highly compatible with most solid-state lasers, the use of these particular ligands is highly recommended by many medical experts.

Another advantage of using this system is that the ligands need not undergo any extensive purification process before being used in medical imaging systems.

Hence, the crystal irradiated nitrite ligands are found to be highly useful in the medical industry.

How To Draw The Crystals Of Crystal Energy For Manifestation

The crystals that make up Crystal Energy are not only beautiful, but they are also healing energy tools.

You can use these crystals to begin drawing your own energy from the universe and begin to manifest your dreams and desires.

It is easy to draw the symbols of the Crystal within the hourglass – just simply begin drawing a circle around your head (this will be the base of the hourglass) and allow the energy to flow freely around and through you, just like the water flowing from the ocean into the sea.

Once you have begun to understand how the Crystal Energy works with your own body, you can begin using the crystals to manifest your own health and well being.

Crystal Energy Begin drawing small clockwise circles with the crystal

Each time you focus on a point on the Crystal, such as the hourglass, you will begin drawing small clockwise circles onto the crystal.

You do this so you will connect these points together.

Once you have connected these circles, you will begin to see the cycle of life and your own place in this world.

When you have begun this process, you will begin to see your path in life and in relationships.

You will also begin to understand why you have been suffering and why you feel as you do. These things will become easier to understand as you draw closer to the Crystal Energy.

You may find that it is easiest to draw the Crystal Energy as a circle.

Allow the energy to flow freely around you will begin to understand the cycles of your life and in relationships.

Once you have begun to understand this cycle, you can use the Crystal Energy to manifest your desires.

You will know that you have successfully manifested your desires when you see the small circle of the crystal begins to move clockwise. This symbolizes the law of attraction – the energy of the universe will work its way to your heart and will bring you what you want if you will let it. It is that easy!

How Do Crystals Move and Can They Do Things We Cannot Do With Our Hands?

Have you ever thought about how do crystals go through space and why do they move?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to use the power of crystals in some way to help us?

Now, once you are done thinking of all the different places on your hands and then start looking at the crystal ball and all you should see is little crystal balls jumping around and turning colors. Now this is what is happening because crystals work on the same principles that light works on.

Have you ever noticed when a light is walking down the street or even standing in the sun that it seems like the light has different colors to it as it goes past?

This is due to the crystals reflecting the light back to us.

The same thing happens when a crystal is talking to us when we put our hand near the crystal it turns from a bright color to a green color.

Basically, all crystals do is turn colors and give off energy when they are in contact with other crystals. This is how do crystals can move and we will now take a look at how they can do this.

Understanding Crystals Vibrations

A question I get a lot from readers is, “Do crystals vibrate at their own frequency?” This is the same as the question I get from many of you when I write about the power of crystals to heal and empower.

The answer is yes, they vibrate in their own natural frequency. There is nothing to try to do here beyond what you can do for yourself on your own.

crystals vibrate at their own frequency

Crystals vibrate in their own natural frequency, just like the cells in our body and the chakras that comprise the cells vibrate.

This means that whenever you come in contact with crystals that are in their correct frequency range, these energies meet and enhance each other.

The same goes for your physical body.

Just as the electrons in the air are constantly flowing back and forth between the particles of the air, the crystals in the air are moving back and forth between the electrons in the crystals and the bodies of people and animals all the time.

This makes the particles in the air and the bodies in the ground vibrating at all times. Just like the cells in the body and the chakras are always in a constant state of vibration with each other and the ground, the crystals vibrate at all times and the frequencies they emit are similar to those in the air.

Now, to understand why crystals vibrate at their best frequency and how it applies to you, let us first take a look at the structure of the body.

Crystals are made up of multiple forms of energy like sound vibrations, light vibrations, sound waves, electrical vibrations, infrared, magnetic, and numerous others.

When these vibrational properties come together in the right order, it produces a beautiful beauty like that seen when looking at a star in the night sky.

Each crystal is unique and has its own special characteristics that are the result of the atomic composition of the crystal and the vibrational rates they emit.

When we get near or pick up a crystal, it emits a different frequency based on what it is made of and the vibrational range they can carry, therefore, we all have different and specific frequencies that we resonate at which affects the energy we receive from it.

How Piezoelectricity Is Used in Electrical Energy

Squeeze crystal is one of the three known varieties of piezoelectric substances that convert mechanical force into electrical energy.

In its simplest form, it is a thin slice of a diamond (or a beryllium garnet if you prefer) with tiny spikes of graphed diamond crystals clustered together in what is known as “spheres.”

This is how the energy is converted into electrical energy.

squeeze crystal piezoelectricity mechanical force converted into electrical energy


The principle behind the piezoelectricity of this crystal is fairly simple. In order for the energy to be converted into electrical energy, it is required that there is some sort of surface upon which the mechanical force can be applied.

In the case of the squeezed crystal, this surface is a thin piece of metal such as a silver wire or gold plated Bakelite placed upon which the crystal is applied.

The surface upon which the crystal is placed must be able to provide the requisite energy gradient so as to create a mechanical energy gradient sufficient to induce the creation of electrical charges.

This sort of energy gradient is, as we have seen, very useful in the operation of many devices.

One such device is the electric generator, which transforms mechanical force into electrical energy.

In the case of the piezoelectricity, the gradient is created by the generation of “positive charges” by contact with the flat surface upon which the piezoelectric crystal is applied.

When the mechanical force is removed from the device, the accumulated energy is transformed into electrical energy by contact with the opposite surface upon which the mechanical force is placed.

This is why, when the charge produced by the charge collector becomes smaller, it is used to power electronic devices!

Why Do Crystals Move Because Crystals Contain Lifestagen?

Have you ever wondered why do crystals retain their shape when placed in a certain position? It is because the crystalline structure has latent energy which keeps it in its place.

The same thing happens in our bodies when we are working out and exercising, our body structure holds the same shape because of the latent energy which is stored in the cells. This latent energy is known as “icles” or “slabs”.

crystals move because Crystals contain latent energy


This is a very simplified explanation, but I believe it is sufficient to explain it.

When we exercise or do physical work, our body structure breaks down and small particles become attached to the muscles causing it to lose its elasticity.

This causes a loss of energy that is then stored in the cells of our body which results in decreased movement.

However, if we place a crystal in a particular position, this energy which is tied to the bones of our hands and feet will become more noticeable so it will encourage the cells of our hands and feet to increase their movement.

Crystals have been used in Feng Shui since ancient times to promote good health and well being. They have been used to keep wealth, love and prosperity in their rightful places.

In addition, crystals also have the power to cause positive changes to occur in the surrounding area where they are placed.

The crystals vibrate energy and can cause positive changes to take place in any room they are placed in.

The energy emitted by crystals when moving cause people to experience harmony and tranquility.

If we place them on tables, they can help improve the atmosphere of a room or a house.

Furthermore, moving crystals can cause other things like bringing back lost items or bringing back someone who has passed on.

Do Crystals And They Can Appear Out Of Nowhere?

If you think about it when crystals first enter into your life, they can take on many different colors that are associated with the astrological signs, but then as time goes by they will change to become more like what you are looking for.

You may have a crystal that is in your birthstone or sign, but they may not be in their proper place, or they may not be in their color at all.

But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any positive qualities or energies that they can help to give to you.

crystals and they can appear out of nowhere

All crystals have different properties and they have different ways in which they give off these positive qualities or energies and they are what are known as crystals.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to start looking through your crystals and see if there are any that are missing.

There is something called a seed crystal and these are the ones that when placed will turn into more crystals.

But when you have a crystal that isn’t coming through it may take a bit more work to make them come through.

Some crystals and can appear out of nowhere, and this can be really fun because they can become a part of your life.

You can use your crystals to help heal yourself, to help relieve stress, and to provide you with the energy that you need to make it through your day.

Many crystals that you find will have different energies associated with them and this is because every crystal is unique.

But if you put your energy towards finding the one that you need then you will find it. All you have to do is focus on the energies that you feel strongest and follow them to their source.

A Brief History Of Crystals

Have you ever noticed how your crystals can jump out of your hand? Like a little child with a crayon, they seem to jump out of your hand and then disappear just as quickly.

crystals They can jump out of your hands

The same goes for darkness and light. Crystals can only be seen or otherwise sensed by the ones holding them.

When a crystal is broken into smaller pieces, those pieces then release particles that are felt by the person who holds the crystal then by whoever that person’s eyes. This is how most people understand that crystals have a mind of their own.

Crystals are also very useful when it comes to healing. By placing a crystal in water, you are able to make it grow deeper and allow more light into the water.

It also helps the healing process because the crystals will help to stimulate the bloodstream.

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