Do I Need A Heat Shield For My Cold Air Intake?

Does Heat Wrapping and Shielding Intake Increase Horsepower? Does Heat Wrapping and Shielding Input Increase Horsepower? The answer depends on the vehicle you’re installing the modification on. In the case of performance vehicles, it may increase horse power by as much as 20 horsepower. In addition, some of the upgrades may also add torque. A … Read more

Can You Eat Cold Pepperoni When Pregnant? Explained

Can I Eat Pepperoni While I’m Pregnant? As a pregnant woman, it’s natural to wonder “Can I eat pepperoni while I’m pregnant?” Some experts say yes, but others caution you against it. It contains a high level of fat, but pepperoni has some health benefits, too. In addition to selenium, which has antioxidant properties, pepperoni … Read more

When Does It Start Getting Cold?

When Does It Start Getting Colder? In the United States, the coldest months are December through February. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, the coldest days occur in pockets of the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, and southwestern Arizona. The average low temperature for these areas is -5.5 degrees C. The sun is still … Read more

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