Benefits of Orgone Pyramids: Invisible Energy?

Powerful Healing Benefits of Orgone Pyramids How do you find out the Powerful Healing Benefits of Orgone Pyramids? The Pyramids are Energy Transformer and they produce powerful healing effects by capturing some of your Kundalini energies. These pyramids are natural sources of energy and their healing effects are natural. The pyramid is a typical shape … Read more

Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

Himalayan Lamps Does Not Cause Headaches But Good For Well Being Himalayan Lamps are considered to be the most popular natural health products and there is much confusion about the potential hazards of these lamps. This article will give you the facts about Himalayan Lamps. Himalayan Lamps is actually made from salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine … Read more

How Are Positive and Negative Ions Formed?

How Are Positive and Negative Ions Formed? Electrons in an atom are surrounded by a positively charged electron cloud and a negatively charged ion cloud. With the electrons spinning at a specific rate, these forces create charge separation between the atoms. The electrons also repel, and the ions are usually molecules of some sort such … Read more

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