Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

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Himalayan Lamps Does Not Cause Headaches But Good For Well Being

Himalayan Lamps are considered to be the most popular natural health products and there is much confusion about the potential hazards of these lamps. This article will give you the facts about Himalayan Lamps.

himalayan lamps do not cause headaches but good for well being

Himalayan Lamps is actually made from salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine located in Pakistan

The colors of these salt are different shades of pink, orange, yellow and red.

It is said that these stones have healing properties.

  • Himalayan lamps are used for many purposes. They are the best lighting option for home health care. They are cost effective and come in a variety of designs. They are very easy to use as they are controlled by a timer.
  • Himalayan lamps are the safest form of therapeutic lighting which is one of the aspect in its benefits.
  • Light therapy has become very popular in recent times because it is the only method that has shown any level of success especially on the concern of mood and stress when placed in certain locations.
  • These lamps are non-invasive therapies that offer a lot of benefits. There are no side effects of these lights and they are safe to use.
  • The light therapy done by these lamps is responsible for reviving the body’s overall state of health. Many of the ailments associated with aging are brought back by the use of these lamps.

Some doctors recommend that these lamps are the first thing to be tried when treating serious ailments like arthritis, migraines, anxiety and insomnia.

Himalayan lamps are also excellent for relieving stress. Some patients feel too stressed to even walk, let alone sit on the toilet.

Once they sit for a few minutes and they feel completely relieved. These lamps do not cause headaches but good for well being, it is said.

How Does Salt Lamp Produce Negative Ions And Increase Endorphins?

  • The salt lamps produce negative ions and increase endorphins which produce a good feeling.
  • These lamp bulbs produce negatively charged ions that enable a good feeling in the person.
  • The lamp bulbs are placed on a table in the room to provide negative ions for the person.
  • This is why these lamps are very popular and used widely.
  • A person is exposed to high level of ionisation when he sits under the lamps. The salt lamps produce negative ions and increase endorphins which produce a good feeling. This is why these lamps are very popular and used widely.
  • The lamps in salt form are suitable for people who suffer from headaches, who experience nausea, vertigo, colds, back pain etc.
  • The lamps in salt form are suitable for people who suffer from headaches, who experience nausea, vertigo, colds, back pain etc.
  • The negative ions produced by the lamps are very powerful and can provide a good feeling to the person.

How Negative Ions Cure Headaches and Stress

negative ions cure headaches and stress research

The use of negative ions as a way to cure headaches and stress is gaining popularity. While no one has developed a scientifically proven method, the early results seem to be promising. So what are the reasons for optimism?

  • Ion generators can be constructed from the simplest of devices. Some are small and hand held while others can be used in a large space. All function similarly and are affordable.
  • For anyone who suffers from headaches it is worth researching the benefits of using negative ions.
  • These are produced by placing an electrode on a balanced solution and flowing electric current through it. For example:

The process is similar to that of your automobile’s cigarette lighter or the standard light bulb. There is a positive and negative ionic field in place that causes the molecules in your brain to vibrate at very low frequency. This causes the crystals that make up your neurons to release neurotransmitters and triggers the neurons to release hormones.

While these sound like side effects of what you might experience when you are sleeping, scientists have been able to induce the same state in rats that experience migraines, arthritis, depression, or other pain that is related to the normal ionic field surrounding the brain.

It is known that certain foods and lifestyles can affect the level of anxiety and stress in your body. Eating junk food that is high in sugar and fat causes your body to produce cortisol, which is a hormone that is associated with stress. Stress and anxiety are the main causes of migraine headaches.

Himalayan Salt Lamp For Healthier Living

himalayan salt lamp produces negative ions for well being

The main advantage to salt is that it is able to create positive and negative ions. The ionization process occurs when salt atoms combine with oxygen molecules in water.

These reactions create charged particles in the water, which are known as ions. These are then responsible for many of the beneficial effects of salt.

One of the major benefits to using salt is that it creates positive and negative ions.

This makes it easier for us to live healthily in many ways. In addition, it can also help produce the proper pH balance in our bodies, helping to prevent disease and even helping the body get rid of toxins.

A salt lamp is another great way to create negative ions in the home. When using a salt lamp, make sure that the lamp is a pelletized lamp – meaning it comes in a block instead of a liquid state.

If you want to add your salt lamp to your kitchen, you can set it up in any room of the house. A glass top is typically preferred for this purpose, as the salt reacts differently to different temperatures.

Using salt lamp for the purpose of creating negative ions in the home is a great way to make the place you live smell better and to clean it better.

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Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or cleaning out the garage, this type of lighting can make both tasks much easier. Plus, they will also help your mood while you are doing it!

  • A salt lamp can help you control your blood pressure. The salt crystal lattice can affect your body’s blood flow, which will help reduce your overall blood pressure.
  • Because of this, you’ll find that this light has been recommended by doctors and health professionals for lower blood pressure.
  • If you’re looking for a way to create negative ions in the home without having to spend a lot of money, a salt lamp is a great way to accomplish this.
  • You can purchase the lamp and add the crystals to your room, or you can buy a pre-made salt crystal to install in your kitchen or bathroom. Either way, you can be ready to enjoy these benefits within a few minutes.

Himalayan Salt Lamps – Improve Your Mood and Energy Levels

negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase mood serotonin

Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase mood in humans.

Magnesium, an ion that has the property of neutrality, is the agent responsible for this.

It is the potassium and sodium ions that have the properties of covalent bonding that react chemically with brain neurotransmitters.

The major role of these ions is to inhibit the production of serotonin, a chemical that increases the feeling of well-being and increases happiness and stress-reduction.

  • While positive ions tend to deplete magnesium, magnesium is a vital component of all the brain’s neural circuits. It is this property that allows magnesium to stabilize and correct any malfunctioning of the neural pathways.
  • The number of neurons used in making decisions also increases, and this is an important factor in determining how happy or stressed the person feels. In a way, we are dealing with overloads of information. It is the excess of information that creates irritation and stress.
  • This overload of information makes it difficult for the nervous system to concentrate.
  • The results are irritability, and a drop in the level of energy. Individuals with pre-disposition to stress and anxiety often experience a decrease in energy levels.
  • In fact, the first thing that most people notice when they are under stress is a decrease in energy levels. It is essential to increase the level of energy levels in order to cope with the pressure and stress of everyday life.

This means that negative ions can result in a short-term improvement in the serotonin levels, but the result will be short-lived because the effects will be outweighed by the fact that the negative ions will end up increasing mood and reducing the production of serotonin.

Do Negative Ions Increase the Flow of Oxygen to the Brain?

Do negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain? One theory is yes. Another theory is it’s not so much that. Let’s examine this more closely.

  • First, let’s look at what negative ions do.
  • They are produced by a variety of sources including air, plants, animals, and plants.
  • Now, if we combine negative ions with oxygen, they will be electrically charged.
  • An electrical charge helps to make ions stronger, which increases their tendency to move through the cell membrane.
  • So, do negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain? Yes, they can. But how do they get there?
  • First, when the brain is deprived of oxygen, it starts to die. The electrical activity that produces ions is reduced in strength. That is, more ions, plus fewer ions equal less oxygen flowing to the brain.
  • The result of this reduced supply of oxygen is that blood vessels have to dilate and contract more rapidly to get the oxygen back to the brain.
  • In addition, there is more water to dilute the oxygen, therefore, a buildup of fluid in the brain tissues, and increased pressure on the cells.
  • Consequently, as a person ages, they have a greater chance of suffering from memory loss.

Even if the cells survive the loss of oxygen, the accumulated build up of water and fluid plus the lack of oxygen make it difficult for them to heal and repair themselves, causing many of them to develop into plaque, known as dementia.

  • It’s likely that this is one reason why many Alzheimer’s patients are affected by the same signs and symptoms.
  • Therefore, there is an increased risk of death in a person who has increased levels of both positive ions and O2.
  • Remember, more ions equal more heat and dehydration.
  • More water equals faster evaporation and less ability to maintain a constant body temperature. This all leads to an increased need for the body to produce more water.
  • Negative ions are generated naturally in the human body. More importantly, the process of eliminating the ions is activated by relaxing the muscles.
  • Relaxation of the muscles includes relaxed breathing. Because the process is slow, it involves a very small amount of oxygen. Therefore, you have to inhale a very small amount of oxygen to activate the process.

Here’s a great secret. The more negative ions that are emitted from your body, the more relaxed your muscles will become.

Negative Ions Produced By Salt Lamps Can Help Neutralize Positive Ions

negative ions produced by salt lamps can help neutralize positive ions

The use of salt lamps as a good alternative for air conditioning is one that is gaining in popularity. We all know how bad our air quality can be in the summer months, and it can easily become unbearable during the colder months when we are trying to sleep.

While air conditioning units are a good thing to have if you work at a job where you need to be outdoors, they are not the best option for people who live in apartments or condos.

Most of the time it will be hard to get out and do the things we need to do on a daily basis when there is an excess of heat in the air.

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Using salt to make it possible to produce negative ions.

The negative ions produced by salt lamps can help neutralize positive ions.

The negative ions can also help counter other unwanted pollutants in the air, helping to keep them from causing the air in your home to become even more unhealthy.

Can a Himalayan Salt Lamp Neutralize the Positive Ions in the Air?

A Himalayan salt lamp may be able to neutralize the positive ions in the air around you. There are several types of minerals in salt that can cause a person to feel good and relaxed. Salt comes from very deep under the earth and is able to neutralize many chemicals found in the atmosphere. The common use of salt lamps is to relieve stress and to promote relaxation.

Himalayan salt lamp may be able to neutralize the positive ions

Some studies have shown that a salt lamp can be used to neutralize the negative effects that the other chemicals in the air can have on a person.

Several different studies have been conducted over the years to determine whether or not salt lamps can be used to prevent certain diseases.

Several health professionals have shown that salt lamps can be beneficial to the human body, especially the circulation of blood.

In addition to the healing properties of a salt lamp, a lot of people find that the lighting provided by a salt lamp is relaxing and very soothing.

This is the reason why they are often used by people who suffer from migraines. It is also said that a salt lamp can eliminate stress from your life, and it may be a good idea to buy one if you notice that you are getting stressed out at all. Not only will this help eliminate the stress, but you will find that your headaches will go away as well.

Negative Ions Are Oxygen Molecules But Have An Extra Electron

The positive ions are oxygen molecules that have an extra electron in them. When these ions come into contact with any substance the extra electron breaks the molecule apart. These ions can be formed as a result of our breathing, water vapor from the atmosphere, or even sunlight. In fact there are a variety of different substances that cause the negative ions to exist. The one we are most familiar with in our day to day lives is the sun and the clouds but even ordinary things like raindrops and volcanoes can release negative ions into the atmosphere.

Negative ions are oxygen molecules but have an extra electron

But how do these negative ions affect us? Well the main effects of the negative ions are that they can create ozone in the upper atmosphere, which can cause allergic reactions such as asthma, by blocking the airways. They can also cause the earth’s surface to be warm in summer. They can also cause rain to fall from the sky. However in addition to this, there are also some other effects that the negative ions can have on us. For example, if you get high levels of the negative ions you can get headaches and your vision can become blurred.

So the effect of the negative ions is not something that we would necessarily see or experience when they occur but there are some other effects that they can have on us. So it really depends on what you are exposed to. If you breathe air that is rich in the negative ions, then the negative ions in the air will have an impact on your health. The one thing that is certain though is that the negative ions that we get from our environment can have a direct impact on our health and even affect the production of the hormones in our bodies.

Positive Ions, Negative Effects of Positive Ions

negative effects of positive ions

The negative effects of positive ions are the only phenomena that we can point to when we talk about negative ions and how they could be harmful to our health. However, they have been found to be helpful for certain applications in science, so it’s not completely without merit. When you have a negative effect on your health, you will notice it. The negative effect of positive ions is what scientists mean when they talk about what an ion does to a human body.

The negative ion treatment helps improve the circulation, making sure that blood is properly circulated to different parts of the body. When the blood circulates properly, oxygen and other nutrients will get to where they are needed.

One problem with many ion treatments is that they can cause drowsiness, because of the effect that the ions have on the brain. As stated before, the negative ions are believed to be helpful in scientific applications, which means that the positive ions can sometimes be harmful. If your test shows that it is helpful in some applications, then the positive ions could be harmful if you use it over an extended period of time.

Salt Lamps Can Reduce Unseen and Silent Damage From EMF

If you are concerned about being exposed to EMF and the dangers that it brings, then consider adding some salt lamps to your home or office.

The two main reasons for using these lamps are to cut down on the visible and silent damage caused by high levels of EMF and to keep unwanted parasites out of the environment.

  • Salt lamps work to cut down on the harmful effects of EMF radiation by utilizing the natural properties of salt and water.
  • Water is extremely versatile, as it can absorb a lot of negative electromagnetic energy. This leaves the water with positive charges that attract the negative energy to itself.
  • Salt is an extremely efficient conductor of electricity because of its very low cost, making it an ideal component to use when trying to reduce the amount of EMF coming into a space.
  • A salt lamp works to cut down on the amount of EMF emitted into the air and leaving the room a bit cooler, while a salt block works in a similar manner, keeping EMF from entering the space.
  • Salt lamps are not at all difficult to install and are relatively inexpensive, making them great investments for anyone who is concerned about the harmful effects of EMF.
  • If you have a home office or private office, you may want to try using salt lamps, but make sure that you test your salt lamps regularly to make sure they are in fact operating properly.
  • Make sure that there is enough salt in the lamp for it to actually absorb the EMF into the room, not just reflect it.
  • Never place your salt lamp near electronics, wires, or other sources of power, as these may cause the salt lamp to lose its ability to absorb the EMF.
  • With all the technology that is available these days to protect us from harmful radiation, many people wonder whether Himalayan salt lamps around your home can minimize harmful EMF electronic devices.
  • One of the main reasons why people do not like their homes to be too quiet is that they do not want to be exposed to electromagnetic frequencies that sometimes come through wires or through devices being used by others in their home.

    Benefits aside, the lamps are very safe to use because they do not use any toxic chemicals. They do not produce harmful byproducts that can cause health problems in some people.

While the benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps are obvious, it is up to you to find the ones that will provide the most benefits to you.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits – What Is the Natural Health Benefits

  • Before reading the Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits, you should learn how it works and why you might want to have one in your home.
  • It is a well-known fact that salt lamps can release positive ions, as a result of their refractive properties. This kind of ionization is why most people describe a salt lamp as a spiritual or therapeutic medium.
  • The ionization process starts when the liquid inside the lamp is heated up to vaporize it. Once this happens, some water vapor is trapped in the lamp’s outer surface, which results in its glowing.
  • You can buy a salt lamp in several designs. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the model that suits your needs.

    It is believed that negative ions emitted by such lamps help relieve anxiety.

  • They also create a calming effect, allowing the user to get rid of their mental tensions.
  • It can also alleviate pain in the joints and reduce your blood pressure.
  • Most people who use such lamps at home know that they are one of the best options for improving indoor air quality. The salts used in them are naturally non-polluting and safe to use.
  • Even though you are exposed to negative ions, these do not pose any harmful health effects.

The good thing about them is that you can place them anywhere in your home. If you need to maintain a certain atmosphere, you should place the lamp in a place that you believe is relaxed.

The salt in the lamp can also be enhanced through the use of crystals, which enhances the ionic properties. Crystal salts can release the positive ions from the lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits can only be experienced once you have installed and maintained your salt lamp.

Air Circulating Mountains and Beach Contain Tens of Thousand Negative Ions

Our air circulating mountains and beach contains tens of thousands of negative ions. These ions are as a result of water being exchanged between the surface of the land and the ocean water being exchanged to the ground. Most of the time the surface water is salty but this is not always the case.

air circulating mountains and beach contain tens of thousand negative ions

In general, the more positive ions there are on the earth the more harmful the air, our blood, our brain and our immune system.

All healthy organisms are dependent on the negative ions, so this is a key factor in our everyday health and well-being.

In a big beach, there is no single point where the whole ocean actually enters. What we see is that the salt water drains into the sea on one side and the air that is not fresh goes down the mountain.

A natural air purifier is just a way of filtering the air, and in our opinion this is more beneficial than any commercial air purifier.

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