What Materials Can Block A Wifi Signal

wood block wifi signal

What Materials Can Block A WiFi? The Internet is all about connecting with other people and the most popular form of communication online today is with wifi. While it is pretty obvious that if you want to make a quick …

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Side Effects Of Electric Blankets

electric blanket side effect

Side Effects Of Electric Blankets While it may seem that side effects of electric blankets are rare, these blankets can cause other conditions or problems if you do not use them properly. Electric blankets can cause electric shocks, or worse, …

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Radiation From Laptop

radiation from laptop

Is Your Laptop Computer Really Emitting Radiation? Your laptop computer doesn’t emit any radiation at all. In reality, your laptop emits a number of different types of radiation-up to 800 THz. This is the electromagnetic radiation given off by your …

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Do Laptops Emit Radiation?

laptop radiation

Do Laptops Emit Radiation? “Do laptops emits radiation?” A common question from many laptop owners is whether they are emitting any sort of radiation. It emits radiation but the radiation is not powerful enough to cause problems on your health. …

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