Are Crystals Living Things?

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How Does A Crystal Start Off Very Small And Then Grow Bigger?

Have you ever heard about a crystal growing bigger? Of course not, but this is how it works.

In the natural world a crystal starts off very small and will eventually grow larger.

Now, I’m not going to try to explain to you how this happens in a laboratory but instead I want to take a look at how this process is done in the real world.

A crystal starts off very small and will grow more atoms automatically being added


The way this works is that a crystal has impurities in the form of atoms that are bonded together with a bonding energy.

What condition causes crystals to grow larger or smaller?

When the magma cools, the crystals is saturated with minerals.

In relation to temperature:

  • When Magma cools quick crystals do not have time to grow and tend to be smaller
  • When Magma cools at a slower rate, crystal grows big
Now, the bonding energy can be affected by the temperature of the environment the crystal is in as well as the size and shape of the crystal.

When the crystal is closer to the atomic composition of the earth than it’s mean surface area, the bonding energy will be smaller and therefore the crystal will shrink.

Now, as time goes by, as more of the atoms get bonded together with that energy the crystal gets bigger.

OK so that’s all I’ve got to say about this interesting subject.

Yes, a crystal starts off very small and grows bigger, that’s a fact.

But what I’d like to point out is that all these facts would be completely irrelevant if this whole theory of atoms and energy didn’t have any application to us.

Crystals Grow – Learn More About Crystals and How They Are Made

You may have heard that Crystals Grow and Grows at different temperatures.

If you are a beginner in the field of gemstones, then you should know that Crystals are made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

They are in a constant state of dynamic equilibrium and that is why they are beautiful and attractive to look at.

The best way to determine what temperature would be suitable for Crystals to grow is by knowing the relationship between temperature and water.

Crystals Grow and Grow

When we use our fingers to rub rocks or any other material with our hands, it causes friction which in turn brings about changes in the atomic and molecular structure of the rocks.

These changes result in the alteration of the mineral composition into various Inorganic or Organic compounds such as Silicon, Boron, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron etc.

When this happens, crystals are formed and as we can see in our natural environment, rocks are usually found in clumps or bands.

Crystals form when minerals meet and intertwine and when they do, they produce a white solid crystal which is the very thing that we are looking for.

Crystals are formed in nature when living things are heated to a certain degree and they begin to dissolve.

Crystals do not dissolve on their own; instead they are held together by electromagnetic energy.

There is a reason for this that we will discuss in later lessons.

There are two types of crystals; periodic in which there are definite periods during which each crystal occurs, and unperiodic in which there are no fixed periods during which the same crystal will occur.

Crystals grow as living things are heated and effected by the vibrations of the earth around them.

The Process of Crystals Growing is Called Crystal Growth

The process of crystals growing is also known as crystallization.

The process takes place in the nature when crystals are growing or in other words growing hot.

Crystals are made of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other elements.

Crystals are known as living matter and are an essential part of the Earth’s atmosphere. The process of making crystals and their growth are complex.

The process of crystals growing is called crystallization

The process of crystal growing is very interesting.

The basic laws that govern crystal growth are radiation, energy, temperature, density, symmetry, phase, density of a crystal and gravity.

All these factors come into play during the growth of a crystal. When we speak of energy it means light, heat, sound and chemical bonding but it also encompasses x-rays, gamma rays and sub atomic energy.

The process of crystals growing is also called as crystallization and it is a fascinating process to study.

Crystallization is a process that takes place in nature, in our environment, in laboratories and even in the future.

Living Organisms and Crystals

Although crystals don’t exactly fit description as living organism, they actually grow.

Many people refer to crystals as living things, because they do change over time from their original state.

They may start out as being something soft and fuzzy looking, and later on can change into something much more solid and identifiable.

It would be very hard to mistake a crystal for something that is alive.

There are however, certain living organisms that are able to transform from one form to another, like rainbows, when light strikes them, for instance.

Even though crystals dont exactly fit description living organism they actually grow

If you want to understand exactly how living organisms form then you would need to know about irrefraction.

If you have ever seen an object with very slight refractive error, but it appears to be crystal clear then its not.

This is because although the light rays hitting the object at this angle don’t reflect directly back to us, they are bent in such a way that they do refract.

When we look at something with eyes that have very slight errors in them, we see what appear to be crystal clear areas of the image.

The real thing however, would be very cloudy, unless of course it’s really very near to you.

You should also know about dispersion, which refers to the dispersion of light.

Some people have said that crystals somehow give us an extra life force, because crystals have different vibrations which in a way aids us in healing and affecting our body.

What You Will Find In A Crystal Only Has A Single Function

The first thing you will find in a crystal only has a singular function.

  • It is a tool that you will use to help you focus your mind and focus your energy.
  • Once you learn to use this tool, you will find that it can give you so much power that you will find it hard not to use it for yourself.
  • It is true that the crystals are special and have different uses, but this does not mean that you will need to use them exclusively. You will be able to use the crystals just as you would any other tool.

A crystal will not cause harm to you or to anyone around you.

  • You will also find out that crystal healing can make you so much more relaxed and calm that you will be ready to be hypnotized by someone.
  • This means that you will have no problem being able to be hypnotized and this is something that you should take advantage of.
  • When you use the crystal healing treatment, you will find that you will feel a lot calmer and more relaxed than you ever have before and you will not have to worry about anything affecting you negatively in any way.
  • The last thing that you will find in a crystal is that it can heal others.
  • You can use the crystal to heal your self as well as others.

This is a very powerful thing to know because when you are using the crystal to heal yourself, you will find that it can help you do things such as expel negative emotions from your body or banish illnesses from your system.

However, you will find that there are many more uses for crystals and you should explore them all to discover which ones will work best for you.

How A Crystal Is Made Up Of An Arrangement Of Atom’s

  • The atoms of a crystal are structured in such a way that energy is present in the atoms.
  • In a crystal, atoms are in what is referred to as a closed system.
  • In a sense this means that all the atoms and molecules in the crystal are contained in a single volume, in the same state with all the same characteristics.
  • A crystal is made up of a series of these units where each of them has a different polarity, just as a diamond has a differing level of hardness or softness.

A crystal is made up of an arrangement of molecules which are called units


When energy is placed into the crystal, it allows for bonding of the atoms together forming atoms that will then give off energy in the form of either heat or light.

This allows us to see why we can use crystals as working clocks, helping us to measure time and keep track of how much energy is being put into the process.

In the technological world we use the concept of atoms to create a sort of energy battery that is used for power tools.

As well as being used as power tools, they are often used as indicators of other processes going on inside of the human body, such as heart rate and other bodily functions.

Although it may seem that atoms are unimportant to a crystal, they actually play a vital role when making up a unit of the said material.

One of the most popular types of atoms is called the H atomic acid, which is found in every type of crystal.

When this type of atom is in its unbound state, it is referred to as a vacancy; when this vacancy comes into contact with another atom of a crystal, or when some type of energy enters the structure of said atom, it gives off what is known as a molecule.

Molecules are essentially combinations of atoms that have bonded together in a specific way; there are two types of molecules and each of them has their own purpose within the body.

Crystal Hold Specific Characteristics

The Crystal Hold Specific Characteristics is something that I have been using for many years in my own life and now am sharing it with you.

When it comes to crystals and healing they are very powerful indeed, and hold the most amazing properties that allow them to assist in so many ways.

And one of the most important of these properties is how they can change the overall outlook and atmosphere of any area in which they are placed.

This magical property is also known as Qi and it has the amazing ability to transform negative conditions around you into something positive.

So how do we utilize this amazing energy?

Well, when using a crystal the hands of the crystal are placed on the area to be treated, and then a beam of positive energy is emitted from the crystal allowing the recipient of the crystal to receive whatever it is that the crystal is wishing to help them with. It’s a very simple process, but quite powerful indeed.

The next time you find yourself in need of something to improve your life, go ahead and give some thought to the healing properties of a crystal.

They may just have the answer you’re looking for.

Types of Crystals

If crystals were people, they would most likely be considered spiritual or life-energy carriers.

They provide a gateway to the chakras and receive instruction in how to transform the energy around them into healthy, positive light.

Crystals can be used for healing purposes on themselves as well as on others, and have been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years.

However, recently there has been an explosion of interest in healing with crystals and stones.

In particular, people are learning that the healing powers of crystal are far stronger than the most powerful medications used in modern medicine, such as chemotherapy and radiation.

While crystals are not technically considered living beings or organisms

Crystals and stones can be worn by anyone in any form, including clothes made of cloth, leather, wood or metal.

They can be used to enhance the body’s energies or to help the body fight off disease and illness.

Many people have reported the relief of aches and pains after wearing a crystal to relax or exercise.

A glass of water with a few crystals of light colored salt is often used as a prayer or healing vessel.

Crystals and stones have also been used to decorate rooms and homes, and there are entire stores dedicated to the art of decorative crystals.

While many people wear crystals for self-medication, they may also be helpful in aiding those who are trying to get rid of certain types of disease and illness.

There are several different types of healing with crystals.

The healing power of crystals varies from person to person, so it is important that one acquire the proper type of crystal for the purpose of treatment.

A healer will have access to crystals of specific colors who will be able to identify the proper color and type to use in the appropriate area of the body.

Crystals can also be used in a crystal healing room to help focus one’s intention and energies, and to cleanse the body.

Most importantly, when crystals are used for healing purposes they must be kept out of the reach of children.

One Beryl Crystal in Madagascar Reaches Nearly 60 Feet in Length

A recent study from Madagascar found that the mineral one Beryl is among the oldest known minerals in existence.

It was determined to be part of an ancient mineral group called nephrite, which consists of silver, titanium, rhodonite, and other interesting but non-living things.

Researchers had not thought much about the mineral until one Beryl crystal was discovered in a limestone quarry in 1820.

Because the mineral is so unique, no one knew what to expect when they found it.

This also means that the crystal formed at a very slow rate, making it one of the slower growing natural crystals around the world.

Because of its slow growth rate, researchers were able to document how long it took the tiny crystals to reach their full length.

One Beryl crystal in Madagascar represents about thirty percent of the entire collection, which is only obtained in the country itself.

The Myths About Theoretically Large Crystals

The size limit for the growth of a crystal depends largely on the size and type of crystal.

A crystal’s energy can be increased by heating it up, but as its internal structure degrades, it begins to lose its energy.

If the internal structure is pristine (no impurities), then the internal growth potential is unlimited.

However, when this energy dissipates into the ambient, some of the available energy can be used, and thus the crystal may become smaller.

The heat will decrease with the square of the crystal’s diameter, so that if you want to grow a crystal bigger, you have to heat it up a little…and so on.

There is no theoretical limit to how large crystals can grow

There is no theoretical limit to how large crystals can grow, because no two crystal systems are exactly alike, and each system has unique properties.

For instance, while all diamonds are solitaires (which means they are devoid of any internal structure which can affect their growing process), the growth rate of a diamond varies tremendously between different mines.

There are also differences in the speed at which different types of minerals form.

You see, while there is a theoretical limit to the growth rate of a crystal, no mathematical equation can tell you what that rate would be for a particular crystal.

Rose Quartz – Famous For Spreads of Love and Opening the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is often mistaken to be one with Tanzanite in its class because they both have the same color.

However, Rose Quartz has a slightly more vivid color and its iridescent shine is way more intense than that of Tanzanite.

This gemstone can be found all over Europe and it is often mistaken to be a Tanzanite.

In order to determine if it is or not, look at the cut and clarity of Rose Quartz.

A lot of people would say that this stone looks like Tanzanite but with its intense iridescence, Rose Quartz is definitely not an imitation.

Rose Quartz is famous for spreading feelings of peace and opening the heart chakra

Rose Quartz is said to increase ones sensuality and increase happiness and joy.

To some extent, this gemstone can fulfill all the qualities needed to be a happy person in life.

By wearing Rose Quartz, you will be able to express your inner most true self and reveal your true feelings for someone you adore.

Rose Quartz is well known to open the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition and potential.

By using this gemstone in a combination of other love spells, you will receive positive answers to all the questions you may have about love and relationships.

To make your spell work best, remember to combine it with other love spells that will compliment the overall effect.

Amethyst for Positive Beliefs

The purple amethyst gemstone has long been associated with religious and spiritual matters.

It is also used in the funeral service and as an offering at a cemetery.

In fact, amethyst is worn by some funeral mourners because of its supposed ability to soothe the heart and mind of the dearly departed.

This is especially true if the deceased was a good-hearted, religious person who would have cherished certain beliefs and passions.

amethyst for example is known for its ability to provide relaxation dissolve negativity

Amethyst is also popular for its colors.

The most common is the shade of lavender, which represents romantic love and innocence.

While these colors can be considered soothing, it is important to remember that each color has a unique healing attribute and is only as strong as the individual who wears it.

The amethyst itself has been known to be a source of inspiration.

The stone can be used for the purpose of meditation and prayer, and many people who have come to believe in its powers have used it to bring about positive changes in their lives.

How Crystals Form Of Pure Energy Both Able To Transmit And Absorb Energy Frequencies

Have you ever wondered that why crystals form of pure energy both able to absorb and transmit energy frequencies?

There are actually many theories behind this phenomenon, however the simplest explanation is that due to the quantum fluctuations, similar to how a raindrop drops to a different height in the air after colliding with a particle, these particles travel in both directions simultaneously.

This phenomenon also applies to energy waves that travel through the air or through space.

These are the kind of waves that are able to modify the very structure of matter, thus influencing its microscopic structure.

Crystals are the products of such energy fluctuations that take place in the invisible world, just like raindrops or other kinds of water drops.

crystals form of pure energy both able absorb and transfer energy various frequencies

It is said that crystals are objects made by living organisms such as plants and animals.

Although the process by which they form of pure energy is still poorly understood, experts have concluded that it happens because the living matter is able to emit electric charges while in the form of a solid crystal.

The crystals become electrically charged as a result of the growth of cells on the crystal’s surface.

Once the cell reaches a certain size, it can no longer grow without the help of crystal grains that allow it to maintain its shape.

Because of this, the crystals form into something like a structure that allows the accumulation of energy, which is then released in the form of either sound or light.

Now that you know what crystals are, the next question is: how do crystals form of pure energy both able to absorb and transmit energy frequencies?

Scientists say that it is still not completely understood but they have theories on the matter.

Some studies have shown that crystals could be the carriers of consciousness or sentience.

Some have shown that crystals are the vehicles through which light can pass through.

There are also theories stating that crystals are the vehicles through which negative frequency energy waves could pass through.

So, it would appear from the above that crystals are able to send and receive energy frequencies both on their own and as a vehicle by which to transfer these energy frequencies to entities that need them.

How Your Crystals Will Take On The Aura Color Of The Other Entirely

If you have any dreams or psychic experiences, or have had any contacts with the other side, you can be assured that your Crystal will take on the aura of whatever entity it has come into contact with.

As it is energy, it can only be able to do this if the vibrations which it has picked up on are of the same vibration as itself.

The entities who will pick up your Light are those whom you have come into contact with in some way, shape or form, whether consciously or not, if these entities did not use their energy to do so they would not have picked up your Light.

One psychic who particularly likes the idea of this said: “If you have a dream or if you see a vision or even if it is just an image, let your heart follow its logic and take it wherever it leads.

If you want to follow a Light, then let your heart follow the Light.”

This is also a very positive method of using your Light and the Light will indeed guide your steps.

Try this out for yourself and you will soon find out for yourself that it works amazingly well.

It is important that your aura is always in a state of pristine clarity.

The aura is made up of 7 cells and each one is associated with a color of healing.

If there are any discrepancies or clashing colors within the aura, this will manifest as stress within the aura and in turn, manifest as a negative quality in the aura.

A Clear Aura Around A Crystal Is A Sign That It Is Blocked

A clear aura around a crystal is a sign that the energy field has become very balanced. When you have a feeling of oneness within your own energy field, you have a very clear aura around a crystal.

When you have a feeling of oneness within an energetic field, this means that the energy is very stable.

A clear energetic field indicates that the crystal’s vibrations are very low. In order for a crystal to become stable, it must be vibrating at a very low frequency.

A clear aura around a crystal is a sign neutralized surrounding emotions or thoughts

If you have a clear aura around a crystal, this also means that the vibrations within that particular area are low.

This does not mean that everything around you is low vibration, because even with the energy field being at a balanced one, other things could still be affecting it.

For example, if you were in a room with heavy noise, the energy would be balanced, but you would not have a clear aura.

The cause for this is that the vibrations of the people in that room may be too high. Because you cannot feel the vibrations, you cannot pinpoint exactly what they are.

Another way to manifest this knowledge is to meditate.

When you meditate, you become aware of all areas of your body and concentrate on each chakra.

By doing this, you can become aware of any chakras that may be blocked, and this allows you to eliminate them. A clear aura around a crystal is a sign that the chakras have become balanced.

Do Crystals Have Auras?

Crystals are known to have auras because their delicate structure and attractive appearance attract the attention of people who look at them. When you look closely at a crystal you will be able to see a rainbow of colors that radiate out from the crystal.

Crystals are also known to have auras because of the frequencies they emit.

All crystals radiate with a frequency that is the frequency of the universe. A crystal’s vibration can help us to tune into our own energy and use that as a tool for self healing.

Crystals are known to have auras

One way to tune into our own energy is to wear crystals that reflect our own unique vibrations.

For instance, when you look at a crystal that has a green color, you will be able to feel a strong positive vibration that relates to health, love, peace, and wisdom.

If you look at a crystal that has a red color, you will find that it has a negative vibration that relates to struggle, anxiety, pain, and negativity.

Crystals are thought to connect to your higher self or your spirit guide. Crystals are also known to help promote healing within the aura because of the frequencies they emit.

Many crystals are worn as amulets in order to provide protection against harmful entities and other negative influences.

Crystals can be worn in any color that you wish. The color you choose to wear will have a great impact on the energy the crystal helps to radiate.

For instance, if you wear a purple crystal you will be focusing your negative energies around that color. If you wear a crystal with a yellow color, you will be attracting more yellow energy.

expand. So the next time you hear somebody talk about how important it is to breathe into rocks, remember that it’s not just something that people say – it’s actually an important subject.

Healing Crystals – Exploring the Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals are found everywhere in nature, we are made of crystals and minerals and they make our skin smooth, shiny and healthy.

The healing power of crystals is known from the early times and is still used by many people all over the world.

The crystals can heal us from any disease whether it is mental, physical or emotional, it will make you feel better and feel relaxed and it does not matter how many times you have been stressed or what has happened to your life.

You can use crystals to make you more calm, reduce your stress, improve your health, give you an increased sense of wellness, increase your creativity and so much more.

Crystals can help with every illness known to man and they work both on a macroscopic level and a microscopic level, they can heal the physical body as well as the aura.

However, crystals can be negative and will bring negative energy if they are held near to someone who is ill.

The healing power of crystals can be enhanced by wearing them for a few days or weeks, they can also be taken on a trip if you can stand being away from your home for that long.

Crystals Harvested Continue To Grow When Right Conditions Are Found

These conditions are found in the natural makeup of the rocks and in the crystals themselves.

If the rocks are over thousands of years old, the crystals will grow even more beautifully and will last for years to come.

crystals harvested continue to grow when right conditions

A Crystal With a Three dimensional Reciprocal System of Reordering Matter

A crystal with a three dimensional repeating pattern of atoms or molecules can be described as a’spiral orbit’ – in other words a shape that repeats itself.

There are many different types of crystals, but the simplest form is a regular crystal – a crystal that has no internal structure at all.

In fact all crystals exist within a larger structure of space-time which we call the ‘cosmos’ and there are no absolute definitions of what a crystal actually is – there are only probabilities and directions of movement within this larger context.

For a crystal to be in a state of thermodynamic equilibrium (at rest, with no external energy influencing it) it must be in a ‘consistent state’ of growth.

The same is true for all organic compounds. The real secrets of the real nature of crystals lies in their ability to demonstrate a mathematical unity, as well as a connection to the natural world.

We cannot understand the nature of crystals if we do not first acquaint ourselves with the basic mathematics of nature – a crystal with a three dimensional repeated ordering of atoms or molecules is just as good as a solid rock, with none of the impurities that make up a solid rock.

Understanding that simple but profound insight is the key to opening a door into a previously unreachable realm.

Is a Crystal an Inorganic Homogenous Solid Containing No Molecules and Is Not Divisible?

A crystal is said to be in an inorganic solid if it can be divided into simpler compounds like salt, sand, rocks and water.

A crystal is said to be in a non-crystalline solid state when it has a certain amount of crystalite, which is not enough to indicate that the crystal has crystallized.

The crystals have no chemical elements and hence cannot exist without a catalyst.

A crystal is also said to be in a homogenous solid state if it has the same amount of crystalite and no other impurities like in a heterogenous solid.

In a heterogenous solid, each component, be it salt, sand or other substances, has its own contribution to the total volume of the solid.

A crystal is an inorganic homogeneous solid meaning a solid with the same properties

The elements that make up a solid are called compounds.

A crystal is usually made up of aluminum, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, silicon, phosphorus, iron and fluorine.

Crystals may be single atoms or groups of atoms. Single atoms are protons (the most commonly found element in the universe), while groups of atoms are atoms containing protons.

A crystal’s chemical behavior is determined by the number and kinds of chemical bonds it contains.

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