What Does It Mean When Crystals Vibrate?

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How Do Crystals Vibrate? And Keep Their Perfect Stability Without Effort

Nowadays there is a lot of information about crystals, their properties and how they work.

In the same way that the crystal is said to be able to reflect light, each crystal is also able to do this in the visible spectrum.

If you are familiar with crystal glassware – you will notice that these objects always appear as clear as glass but are actually quite very complex in structure.

They are composed of multiple layers and since they are not perfectly smooth, no two crystals are exactly the same.

It is very difficult to predict when the crystal is going to come into contact with another crystal or any other surface – for it to maintain its structure stability.

However, a crystal can be used to create the same effect if a direct connection between two crystals is made. The perfect example for this is a crystal that is completely immersed in water.

As time passes, the hydrogen bonding between the hydrogen atoms of the crystal become stronger.

In due course, the crystal starts to vibrate and this can also be achieved by using gemstones with the same structure.

How Do Crystals Vibrate Made Up Regularly Recurring Perfect geometric Pattern of Molecules?

How do crystals vibrate?

However, it is understood that it is due to the mutual interaction between the electrons in a crystal and the ions present on its surface.

This happens when a molecule has bonding with an outer crystal.

The atoms of the metal are bound to the outer crystal which is why the structure becomes rigid and the atoms are isolated.

crystals vibrate made up regularly repeating perfect geometric pattern of molecules

Since the structure is a perfect one, the atoms are not able to escape and no energy is lost.

Hence, it is believed that crystals are able to emit radiation in the form of infrared rays which is able to penetrate the atoms of the metal.

Now, we know that atoms are made up of neutral particles which have no charge and are therefore extremely stable.

Hence, the atoms are in the state which is a mixture of protons and neutrons and so they too can emit radiation.

We are able to see crystals which follow perfectly regular geometrical patterns, such as icosahedra when we take a good look at them under the microscope.

Some crystals do not follow any pattern at all and cannot be explained using science.

How Crystals Have a Super Steady Energy Frequency That Doesn’t Change

We all know that crystals have the ability to vibrate and reflect light and create an electric field that is super stable, but what we don’t understand is how this works.

It is because of this, and because of their ability to retain their exact crystal structure, that they can maintain their super stable energy frequency.

To understand how crystals create such a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change, you first need to understand the basic function of a crystal.

Crystal takes on its own resonant frequency and this is essentially the frequency at which it works and the resonant frequency is what allows the crystal to do what it is able to do.

The crystal’s resonant frequency will be different for each person and it is when this resonant frequency comes into contact with another frequency that the crystal will alter its own vibration and become what we call a crystal, which is a very beautiful creation made by nature.

Although crystals may look like ‘hard objects’ on the outside, it is due to the fact that the crystal has a very strong ‘plasma’ inside of it and this plasma has the ability to alter its own vibration.

This way, the crystal can change its vibration to suit our needs and therefore be able to heal us faster and more effectively, rather than using our bodies like some other energies try to do.

Crystals have been used for centuries as healing tools and as an alternative medicine that aids recovery from disease.

The knowledge and wisdom of crystal healing is still being studied today and new developments in the field are constantly being discovered and applied

A Guide to Tourmaline For Root Chakra

Tourmaline is a tourmaline that is formed of aluminium and boron and is one of the most common minerals used in cosmetics.

The Tourmaline Root Chakra helps to keep the internal organs and glands healthy.

It is also used to keep the blood in good shape and healthy.

Once the internal organs are functioning well, then the person can be free from many health issues like fatigue, headaches, colds, skin problems, insomnia, digestive disorders etc.

This energy booster can be used as a part of the skin care regime too.

Amber Solar Plexus Chakra – Reiki Training

In the healing of the body, the Amber Solar Plexus Chakra plays a vital role.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the upper chest and represents our wisdom.

It helps us to make decisions based on facts and truth, and not on emotions and suppositions.

When dealing with any type of illness or ailment, you need to make sure that you are using facts and your logical thinking.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that this Solar Plexus Chakra has become one of the main focuses in Reiki.

Amber Solar Plexus Chakra Sacral Chakra succinic acid Amber powerful antioxidant

As a student of Reiki, one of the things that you will learn is that energy flows through The Amber Solar Plexus Chakra.

This energy flows from the Sun over the meridian channels of the Earth, and it can also be transferred through our aura and into the meridian channels of others.

In order for this energy to flow freely, and be effective, it needs to be kept in balance.

To keep energy flowing in the right direction, we need to get the balance of positive and negative energy.

A lot of us have a lot of negativity, and this is often caused by the stress in our lives.

Hydrating Soothe and Palette the Skin With Sapphire

It has always been a sign of prosperity for the royalty.

The story goes that it was the princess of Wales, who first introduced this gemstone to King Arthur.

They found it under a blanket in a tent.

King Arthur was so impressed by it that he invested his entire kingdom in mining for more of it.

The idea was to make the kingdom wholly dependent on this valuable liquid, as it would ensure the continuation of their rule over the people.

Sapphire helps soothe and hydrate the skin

Most people who work with gemstones will tell you that Sapphire helps soothe and hydrate the skin, along with all the other colors of the rainbow.

Diamonds and other crystal stones are great companions in the quest for perfection in design.

A lot of vibrational frequencies go through the hands and feet and a crystal stone such as Sapphire, along with all the other colors of the rainbow, can facilitate the attunement process to help the energy centers awaken.

These centers are responsible for creating a feeling of well-being. By working with the energy centers in your body, a lot of good things can happen.

Sapphire Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is known as the “The Seat of Wisdom” and is located in the center of the forehead between the two other major chakras, also called the Heart Chakra.

This Chakra helps to absorb all the positive energies from the aura surrounding you and helps to filter out the negative ones.

When this Chakra is blocked or under developed, the person’s emotions, intellect, and perception are hindered. And the more blocked, the more limited one’s abilities are to achieve any goals he may have.

The color of the Sapphire is a light color of green and it changes its hue when exposed to a variety of light.

The color of the stone is like the softness of a pearl but is much softer than the clear ice-blue of the ocean.

A Sapphire has been said to resemble a million oysters or the millions of colors reflected by the sun as the light interacts with them.

People who wear Sapphire Jewelry know that they are apart of a long line of people who have taken on the mantel of the color and have carried the color through generations.

Since Sapphire is such a versatile stone, they can be worn in many different ways.

The Third Eye Chakra is not just an ordinary chakra; rather, it is a deeply rooted one with a history extending back thousands of years.

In India, many great kings and queens are believed to have been born with Third Eye Chakra crystals built into them.

Some famous personalities have been associated with the Sapphire color as well, including a 14th century Persian King and Queen Himyarid of ancient Persia, according to popular folklore. Today, a Sapphire necklace or pendant is as popular as ever with women and men.

Healing Through Kundalini Reiki and Blue Topaz Jewelry

The Blue Topaz is a gem that represents healing and wisdom for your spirit, mind and body. It is said to be the third eye of the chakra, located in the cerebral cortex.

The energy of this center is constantly in turmoil.

According to many Indian traditions, the Blue Topaz symbolizes life force or the energy you are born with, while the many other colors symbolize the different aspects of life that you may experience.

The color blue plays a very important role in spiritual energy because of its calming effect, and when it is imbued with healing properties, it will help you to attain peace and wisdom.

You can draw the connection between the Blue Topaz andhe third eye through meditation.

Since the eye is situated at the center of the head, looking downwards, it can often symbolize how we have lost touch with our inner truth.

Once we begin to reconnect with this spiritual center, we will become inspired to create a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

When the eye is boggled with negative energy such as stress and anger, the Kundalini energy centers are often activated, which stimulate the healing properties of this gem.

The Kundalini energy centers are located on each side of your spine.

You can activate them by first focusing on breathing deeply and slowly, and then focusing your attention on each chakra.

It can be difficult to maintain concentration when your mind is consumed by negative thought patterns, but try to remain conscious and focused. When you are ready, you can step into your Kundalini initiate and become enlightened.

Diamond Crown Chakra For Your Skin – How to Maintain This Luxurious Crown Chakra

Diamond Crown Chakra for your skin is said to be one of the most important and most powerful chakras that help to determine a person’s destiny.

It controls ones physical, emotional and spiritual energy and helps you to create balance within yourself.

If you are able to maintain this diamond crown chakra then you will live a life filled with happiness, love, passion and harmony.

However if you keep on denying yourself and playing with your emotions then you will not achieve any of these things because if you don’t learn how to control your emotions then all your good intentions will go down the drain.

Diamonds are representative of perfection and richness.

If you put them on your skin and accentuate them, you will have a perfect and beautiful skin.

By wearing this diamond crown chakra necklace, you can take care of your skin, make it supple and healthy.

Diamonds have always been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, beauty and perfection.

This chakra is located in the upper chest area and is often overlooked by many people.

The reason behind this is because they are scared of attracting bad luck or becoming a victim of bad situations that may happen in their lives.

However, when you wear these diamonds, you will be empowering the chakra and you will be empowering yourself. Wearing this diamond crown chakra necklace, you will be able to attract more good luck and abundance.

Amethyst Gemstones and Inflammation

Amethyst has a long history of use as one of the gemstones for healing.

The Greeks and Romans believed that the gemstone held certain magical powers.

Some priests and healers wore amethyst jewelry on a regular basis in order to help them practice their spiritual and physical skills. The amethyst stone was also said to ease mental and emotional stress. Today, it is still widely used as one of the most popular gemstones for healing.

Amethyst Crown Chakra For your skin amethyst targets inflammationHow does the amethyst do this? One theory is that the gemstone activates negative ions that originate from the sun, which are said to be responsible for inflammation throughout the body.

Amethyst also has a strong blue color, which is said to be a protective color against such things as sunburn and other skin irritations.

In addition, amethyst is noted for reducing pain and improving circulation, which may have an impact on conditions like arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is also commonly worn by people with lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma, and ulcers.

The amethyst stone is thought to provide protection from such things as infections, heart disease, and ulcers.

Another benefit offered by the amethyst is that it can improve the immune system and help regulate blood sugar levels. This gemstone may even help reduce the inflammation of certain cancerous tumors.

Understanding Crystals and How They Can Help Rebalance Misalignment Energy Frequencies

When you have a crystal in your hand, or even place them on your body, they can help rebalance misalignment energy frequencies that have been picked up due to stress, tension, and other types of stresses.

Crystals have long been used in many healing methods, including the traditional Chinese medicine.

Crystals have been used by healers since ancient times to treat illness and to increase one’s health.

There is an old technique for treating illnesses that has been passed down throughout the ages, and crystals have been found to be very effective in treating this type of ailments.

crystals help rebalance misalignment energy frequencies they are meant to vibrateThe vibrational frequencies of a crystal are a bit different from our own, but not by too much.

The energy frequencies that healing crystals emit tend to be in harmony with each other, but they still differ enough to have different healing effects.

This is one reason why healing crystals are often placed on different parts of the body to determine how they will interact with each other and how they will affect one another.

Crystals are different from one another because they are made up of crystals, just like sand is made up of rocks.

Now that you know more about what crystals are and what they can do, you may be wondering how you can use crystals to help rebalance misalignment energy frequencies that you have picked up.

Your Chakra Is Imbalanced Based On Signs Of Energy Out Of Balance

One of the most common problems with Ayurvedic practitioners is that their chakras are out of balance according to their own instructions.

The energy out of balance in a human chakra can cause the following problems: stress, pain, depression, illness, addiction, and even disease.

To remedy this problem, Ayurvedic practitioners are advised to make sure their chakras are balanced based on influences from the chakra workbook.

In fact, the book is not just a collection of information on how to arrange your chakra system, but it is also a book that describes the relationship between your chakra system and the energy it is connected to.

It explains how chakras influence the energy flow through your body, and explains how these subtle energies influence your physical health, mental state, feelings and behavior.

Your chakras imbalanced based on influences signs energy out of balanceIn a traditional manner, an Ayurvedic practitioner would use the following Ba Gua chart to determine the location of his or her chakra: First, he or she would draw a line down the center of the forehead.

This represents the primary chakra.

Then, another line would be drawn running across the jaw, going down the throat and stopping at the nose.

This represents the second primary chakra. If the alignment between these two primary chakras is not correct, the third primary chakra will be affected and will consequently affect the other three.

In order to correct your chakras imbalanced based on signs energy out of balance, you need to apply the knowledge described in the Ba Gua chart to the energy in each chakra point.

This is accomplished by applying a specific method known as ” pressuring or pulling” using your fingers.

To do this, you place your fingers on the correct point on your Ba Gua chart, then make a fist around the energy, stretching it outwards until the finger joints are touching.

Then release the pressure or pull by releasing the pressure or pulling of your fingers.

With some chakra points, releasing pressure or pulling only requires a bit of relaxation before the energy is moved, but other chakras require a bit more manipulation to get the desired result.

Crown Chakra – Understanding The Violet Connection To Consciousness

The Crown Chakra is also known as the third eye, the Vishuddha, or the top-eye. It is situated in the center of the head between the eyebrows, and is associated with communication, intelligence, creativity, memory, and wisdom.

If it is out of balance, it can cause a person’s intelligence and creativity to be blocked, whereas a person with a balanced Crown Chakra is able to use all of his or her abilities effectively.

Crown Chakra dysfunction is also associated with an inability to properly use memory, as well as creativity and memory problems. Another major sign of a dysfunctional Crown Chakra is depression.

Crown Chakra violet connection to consciousness

According to esoteric and spiritual traditions, humans are imprinted with the colors of both light and darkness from the universe, which creates a metaphysical foundation for understanding.

Violet and blue color energy, which are the two colors of creation, are the foundation of all life and existence on Earth.

Because the Vishuddha is connected to the Crown Chakra, violet color energy also affects our human memory, as well as our creative ability.

According to astral projection teachers, reaching the Vishuddha is a spiritual practice that requires a lot of patience and practice in order to reach the Third Eye, and once there, it is said that the soul, or your true consciousness, can then experience color.

A successful completion of the violet/blue energy connection allows you to see truth and beauty in all things around you.

As for violet, it represents creativity and intellectual brilliance. Many artists, writers, musicians, and scientists are said to have been drawn to this color because of its calming effect, and it allows the person to have an expanded perception.

In some traditions, violet has a negative connotation, and is used to represent evil. However, many color practitioners claim that violet has divine properties, such as the ability to heal illnesses and transcend emotion. There is also a religious connection to violet, as the color signifies God’s healing love and divine protection.

Indigo Your Connection to Your Intuition Beyond the Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra is a chakra that is located in the middle of the forehead just above the nose. It is the focal point for the life energy, called “ki” or astral energy, which permeates the human entire existence.

If this chakra is out of balance it can manifest itself in many ways including mental illnesses, emotional trauma, and distorted vision.

The only way to maintain your connection to your intuition beyond the material world is through proper dieting and meditation techniques. When the chakra is unbalanced it can manifest itself in physical symptoms such as depression, loss of self esteem, lack of enthusiasm in life, or lack of confidence.

Third Eye Chakra indigo your connection to your intuition beyond the material world

The Third Eye Chakra is also known as the “intuition gland” because it emits light similar to the glow from an intuition gland.

Some people call this light “sparks”. If you are working on the chakra for some time it will begin to emit bright white flashes of light.

If you become aware of these flashes while meditating on the Third Eye Chakra it is a clear indication that you are not integrating your third eye with the information being fed through your other senses. You are blocking your intuitive connection to your intuition.

Throat Chakra – Blue Color Connects To Pureness

The Throat Chakra is associated with love and happiness.

This Chakra helps us to express our love with clarity and also unconditional kindness to others.

According to the most popular tantra guru Prabhupada, the Vishuddha sits at the base of the Throat Chakra.

Love is a gana (form) and we are all born with it. It is the duty of the Vishuddha to help us to make this gana vibrantly and in harmony with the love that we have already received from our parents or from a source that is higher than human (prana).

When love is in its natural state with no strings attached, it is said to be in a state of Atmak ( ecstasy).

In this state we are receptive to others and to the things that they want to do for us.

If there are problems in our relationships or if we are unhappy in any way, Atmak is experienced and it manifests in different ways.

To assist in attaining Atmak we can practice certain exercises such as the Sahasranamas where we visualize our partner lovingly and wish them well.

Heart Chakra – Healing With Green

Green is the color of healing and the heart chakra is symbolized by the hues green.

Healing in the heart chakra starts with reprogramming the heart chakra settings so that you can turn your emotions of love and compassion into a state of awakened consciousness.

There are many ways to experience this awakening, for some it comes spontaneously while for others it requires sustained effort.

Some people claim to have experienced this transformation in moments but for most it took a great deal of conscious effort on their part over a period of weeks or months.

Emotional release and transformation is at the heart of all forms of loving action.

The heart chakra encourages us to experience complete self-empowerment by opening up to our deepest feelings and the unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others that follow.

A good way to practice compassion for yourself and others is to think about yourself as someone who is loved and cared for.

Solar Plexus Chakra – What is it and How to Re-Invigorate Your Life?

Solar Plexus Chakra is situated in the lower abdomen and is associated with your instinctive self intuition and personal power.

It is your intuition which guides you towards taking positive action and having faith in the fundamental laws of Universe.

The color associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and this color indicates that the quality of your yellow energy is strong and steady. Yellow stands for happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

Solar Plexus Chakra yellow the seat of your personal power the internal wisdom

When the energy of your Solar Plexus Chakra is in good health and in balance, it helps you to keep away from complications.

Your digestive system is also well regulated and efficiently works all your organs.

The color of this Chakra is also yellow and when it is in a weak state, you feel down, depressed, and full of worry.

This Chakra is related to material belongings or material things because, it helps you to choose what you want and make decisions about them without thinking too much.

The color yellow is connected to abundance and it always inspires people to do great deeds and generous acts.

It also suggests leadership qualities and leadership skills. People who have their Solar Plexus Chakra are naturally creative and are able to visualize things in the minds eye easily.

They are emotionally very strong and can easily overcome the problems. Yellow is also a color which encourages people to speak out and help others.

How Does the Sacral Chakra Or “Spleen Chakra” Work?

The Sacral Chakra is located in the center of your aura at the top of your spine. It is your third eye and is often called your “third eye.”

There are many explanations as to what this could mean, but basically it is where a creative life force energy that makes you human comes into being.

Many people say it is where the “guts” of who you really are or where your spirit becomes material.

For some people the Sacral Chakra is like a filter that they have to pass through before they can come into direct contact with creative life force energy.

The Root Chakra and the Law of Attraction

The Root Chakra is a point on your physical, energetic and mental level where you can heal yourself from the many blocks that have accumulated in your Lower Chakras. It is also where the connection to the Earth occurs.

Through the connection to the Earth you can heal yourself of any sickness or disease that you may be experiencing, you can make any lifestyle adjustments that you desire.

For example, if you want to lose weight, then the Root Chakra must be activated by making an effort to eat less and exercise more.

In this way, the energetic vibrations of the Earth are activated, giving your body the tools necessary for the changes you desire.

Root Chakra red connection with the earth your physical survival and safety

Through the Law of Attraction there are manifest improvements you can experience on a daily basis.

You can use the law of attraction in your own life to heal your physical body and your mental being.

At the root level, you have a choice as to whether or not you will allow the root to change.

If you decide that you want to work with the energies of the earth, then you can take steps to protect your physical existence.

As You Go Up The Chakra System You Go From Bad To Good

  • The third chakra is the pineal gland.
  • This chakra houses your intuition, your feelings, your higher self, and all of your other instincts.
  • As you move up the chakra system you move from the basic, everyday feelings to deeper, more complex feelings.
  • This is the stage where you will begin to understand the meaning of dreams, your intuition about relationships, even your fears and negative traits.
  • It’s at this stage that you will start to realize how everything you’ve been taught about relationships and happiness have been distorted by these emotions.

Just Like Amber and Yellow Topaz Crystals Align With Your Yochai Solar Plexus Chakra

Just like yellow and amber topaz crystals align with your chakras, these amazing stones have the power to align with your Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is in the center of the upper back just above the neck. It is associated with the sound we call “Binaural Sound.”

Just like amber and yellow topaz crystals align with your yellow solar plexus chakra


These amazing crystals help to heal a number of illnesses that afflict many people today. It helps to restore health and balance to the body and mind.

There are a variety of diseases that afflict people today such as: Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Lyme disease and much more.

Just as our bodies contain the energy of life force energy, our crystals also contain this energy, but they are trapped within the layers of our skin called the “pleura.”

Are Blue Sapphires Good For Your Throat?

This is a myth that has been around for thousands of years and was most likely started by the ancient Greeks.

The sapphire is blue in color because it represents the sky and all the sparkling lights that go along with it.

The ancient Greeks thought that the skies were full of heavenly bodies and this may have inspired the blue color.

It is also possible that people simply noticed the different hues and thought they were stars or moons.

No matter how you look at it, the sapphire is symbolic of wisdom, faith, peace, calm, harmony, and all the positive forces that can only be found in the sea.

Color Psychology – Understanding Crystals & The Psychology Of Color

The color red is cooler than blue: this is an easy and elementary lesson. If you put two objects of the same color next to each other, the one on the left will have a slightly higher temperature than the one on the right.

Likewise if you place two of the same color next to each other, the bottom object will have a slightly lower temperature than the top object.

And so on… I have shown you the basic laws of thermodynamics which state that the temperature will be a certain amount on each side of an object when you view it from any point inside or outside the object (obviously from the nearer object to the eye).

crystal color Red has a much lower frequency than purple

We can modify this relationship by changing the way in which we view the color red.

To make things easier we will make a simple change in the way we view the color blue: this time instead of changing the temperature of the objects we will just change our perspective in order to see them from slightly different angles.

Imagine a scene where the sun is directly behind your subject (i.e. the white stone on the table is actually on your subject). Now imagine that your eyes are slightly open (not to mention your pupils are dilated). What do you see?

Well, if we widen our angle of vision we will see red more clearly. This is how we can adjust our perception of the color red, making it more accessible to us. The same is true for blue: by closing our eyes we will get rid of red. If we widen our perspective we will eliminate blue. I hope I have given you a glimpse into the world of crystal color psychology.

How Crystal Colors We See Are Specific Light Frequencies

We are seeing specific colors from the sun through the crystals when we look up. These frequencies are our natural world’s way of expressing emotion. We use crystals in healing to release energy from the past and create a pathway for creation now. The sun vibrates at many different frequencies, and each color represents one of these vibrational rates.

crystal colors we see are specific light frequencies


For instance, we can see green crystals as being the love frequency, and red as being the fire or passion frequency. If we have chakra imbalance, a blue crystal would correct it by adding more of the love frequency. As we move through our day-to-day lives, we may not see these crystals at all, or they may be so predominant that they are difficult to notice. But, we can feel them when we put our energy into them.

Now, you may wonder how it is that we can be seeing these crystal colors all the time if they are not reflected in the visible light spectrum.

The answer is that we are seeing them from a very high-frequency vibration.

For example, while looking up we can see blue stone crystals, but our brains would not register this because it is an infrequent type of crystal.

In order to bring more of this into the conscious mind, we need to learn to raise the vibration of the frequencies we are using.

This can be done by using certain crystals in combination with each other. You might want to work on your love life with pink and yellow crystal colors, or get rid of your negative traits with purple color crystals.

Do Your Crystal Healing Under the New Moon Or the Full Moon For the Highest Spiritual Growth

do your crystal cleansing under the new moon or the full moon for the highest positiveOne way that you can do your crystal healing under the new moon or the full moon for the highest spiritual growth is to get a pendulum and place it behind you while you are meditating.

The second thing that you can do your crystal healing under the new moon or the full moon for the highest spiritual growth is to clear out as much negative energy as possible.

This can be accomplished through prayer, or you can do this on your own.

You simply have to clear out any negativity, and then return to your higher self.

Citrine – The Stone of Imagination Creation, Inspiration and Manifestation

Citrine is a stone that can alter our energy. It is the stone of imagination, when we imagine something beautiful or elegant, we often visualize it as being in our lives, not just in our imagination, but also in our physical reality.

When you hold the stone in your hand, it can stimulate the creativity centers of your brain. If the stone is on a necklace, it can also provide visual and auditory stimulation.

Citrine is also known to have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Citrine stones can also help to induce lucid dreams and astral travel.

One common dream that resonates with citrine is the one of an ancient princess, sitting by a river with a golden crown on her head, enjoying the beauty of the world around her.

Another dream that resonates with the stone is of an empty field where grass grows up along the edges.

Citrine is also said to help relieve stress. It can be used to alleviate tension in the muscles and in the mind.

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