8 Best Throat Chakra Stones & Crystals (Balancing & Healing)

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8 Best Throat Chakra Stones & Crystals (Balancing & Healing)

Here is the list of top throat chakra stones. The throat chakra has five chakras within the seven chakra systems. It’s the final chakra that has a direct relationship to physical reality. The third eye and crown chakras assist in connecting the physical and etheric. A healthy throat chakra gives you an opportunity for a fluid and balanced expression of your divinity being. Some gemstones help with healing and balance. Are there stones that balance throat chakras?

Problems associated with A Blocked Throat Chakra

Most people think that all people have a blocked chakra. When opening them, it’s like being able to learn about myself in realtime and understand everything about your life. The enveloping system of the chakras becomes balanced. There are often a few disagreements between both. Living in an integrated lifestyle with a chakra balance is very easy when manifesting the purpose of your life on the physical level. When the throat chakra blocks, the body manifests in many ways. The possibility can be classified as either verbal or as expressions of creative creativity.

Which Throat Chakra Stones to Use?

Before applying crystals to this chakras I suggest using kaolin. Almost any colour of kaolin can help align each chakra. It assists your body in getting its energy flowing freely through it. It has the most popular forms Blue Kyanite. This color of the chakra of the throat would be the easiest to choose. Many people were involved in traumatic injuries to their throats or in accidents in that area. If the region was damaged Kyanite would repair the region by clearing energy gaps. Blue Kyanite also emits energies stimulating our mind and spirit.

Healing crystals that clear a blocked throat chakra

The throat chakra stone has similar colors as the throat chakra. Gorgeous in blue, this gem encourages the flow. When our throats are clear, they connect our hearts to our brains. It gives us our freedom to express our truth, it is the truth of the world. Throat chakra gemstones are activated by vibration and provide traits such as courage, compassion and trust, a balanced emotional response. Please see some of my favorite healing crystals that help remove the obstructions on my neck chakra.


Chrysocolla has a soothing energy that can be complemented by beautiful green and blue colors. This gem contains pure throat chakras and healing heart chakra vibrations. This will calm you and bring you all together in peace. Chrysocolla has been developed specifically for anxiety, depression, a desire for sweetness and restoring individual power. It’s a perfect gem for recovering people pleasers who have held onto anxious feelings of gaining freedom from expressing themselves. Thanks to the power it provides in strengthening communication and removing fearful thoughts this can also help heal broken relationships as well. Tell me the meaning of Chrysocolla.


Another of the angels, the Celestite is full of cosmic energy, three-eyed chakras wisdom and the beauty of clear communication. Celestites throat chakra cheerleader will always clear these obstacles tapping into deep dreams to ensure you are able to stay on high vibration. This beautiful pale gemstone radiates peace and happiness, bringing energy from the air and water into the fire. If you talk through fire, the flame of the passion will cause destruction. Celestite focuses on the connection with truth and finding an outlet for breath, encouraging stillness in thought and speaking from an objective position.

Blue Calcite

Bring healing energy into your eye chakras by putting on a colorful blue color palette. This wonderful gem brings the energy flow to life by stimulating and removing stagnant energy leaving an easy path for energy to pass from tip to foot. Blue Calcite offers strong vibrations, making it ideal to add to your collection of stones and allow you to access the greater realms. The gem is not purely spiritual and works at earthly levels to encourage communication and flow. Facilitate clear communication with Spirit Guides. Make sense of the psyche abilities you have. Learn how calcitites work.

Blue Lace Agate

Gentle and lighter blue lacing agate represents thoughtful and authentic expression. It is known the truths can sometimes be difficult to understand but it shows us how to use our words properly. Due to its soft nature and nurturing aspect, it helps us to have those tough conversations with the people we love. This stone reduces anger and hurt, stimulates simple energies and keeps the flows of truth flooded with positive energy. For the one wanting access in the most sacred sense, Bluelace Agate has everything you are looking for.

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Amazonite is a stone that warriors used for healing the heart and the throat. It shimmers in blue and green hues and offers strength and wisdom, protection, and meaningful positive energy. The amazon warrior’s treasures guide us toward agency and confidence within the power of our own power. This starts with our voices, our ability to filter our own truths to the voices of our friends. Amazonites say you must first put yourself out there. This provides clear communication between sisterhoods as well as a clear connection.


While Azurite has always spelled wisdom to the third eye chakra – this velvety blue gemstone can also cleanse your throat chakras. Azurite’s vibrant verbal energies bring a radiant blue that reminds us that you also hold pharaoh, king and queen powers. It has a soft texture but azurite has no strength compared to other minerals in nature. Azurite encourages clear communication in the current and can help to verbalize issues relating to your life which could be behind your back. Learn how azurite means.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an absolute gem and inspires incredible self-esteem and happiness. These stones of truth are suitable for throat chakra and are well known companions for seers, sages and public speakers because they encourage eloquence and expression. Writing is also an incredible tool, as Lapis has tapped into the power of creativity. The second best way Lapuis Lazuli can make you shine is strengthening your friendships. See the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


In nature angelites are simple colors of heavenly blue, and embodies pure truth and higher thinking. Those dreams are so cool, they know you need a clear throat and a tapped third eye chakra as well as a glowing crown chakra. The angelite blocks this chakra and ensures the existence of love, energy and equilibrium. A lot of people are able to use the system as a means of improving the clarity. See how angelite translates to a person’s identity.


A rich, stone filled with relaxation, Larimar has high vibrations and shakes the fear away. These gems are generally throat chakra stones but they also connect to the ear chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. The way to deal with this top chakra teaches that everything is linked. Larimar means that you can speak without fear. Larimar has a higher goal which encourages all of you to always do what is attainable to achieve this goal.


In a color that captures salty surf and Atlantic waves, Sodalite provides a harmonious energy. It is more active at its energy, is thought to represent the stone of poets and stimulates the creative mind. Sodalite binds both the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. Sodalite gives you the ability to fill in gaps in your language so they can bring meaning to your sound, magic and melody. Learn about Sodalite.


The stone of courage Aquamarine has the kiss of mermaids and invites you to dive into and deep dive into you’re heart. We love this sparkling turquoise throat chakra gemstone. Aquamarinia is a talisman of seas which gives siren songs of clarity and truth even as waves rise. This gem calms the throat, helps relieve tension and keeps you connected. Discover what’s meant by water.

Blue Kyanite

The kyaninite stone is faceted in white and blue. Communication and inner guidance are beautiful as they come from an intimacy within us. Kyanite helps you fill in a void by tapping into psychic power. Then it stimulates clairvoyance and telepathic powers you have. Get deeper, speak more clearly Kyaninite. Learn more about Kyani’s meaning and uses.

Other Tips for Using Crystals to Balance the Throat Chakra

While these nine stones are useful in activating the Vishuddha, the other ways of using it may be different. How can one maximize the benefits of crystal? If you like to sing or listen to relaxing music, you may also need to write a diary or repeat the affirmations. Many believe water impurities affect the center, so it’s best to drink pure water. What are the best ways to cure Chakras? A detailed Guide on Crystals for Root Chakras is available for you if you are interested.

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Aquamarine for Truth and Communication

Color: Blue Hardness: 7.5 – 8 Mohs Scale. Health Properties: lung, lungs, cleansing, skin. Chakras: Throats: Chakra. Origin: Brazil, Australia, USA, Pakistan, Nigeria. Rarities: Rare Aquatic, Aqua Wearing a ring made of crystal stimulates the flow of energy to the throat and improves the communication. However, the use of the gem is best suited for someone who wants to express themselves. These stones promote clarity of thought and aid in overcoming fears about speaking.

Angelite for wealth and love

White, Blue Hardness: 3.5MH scale Healing Properties: Chakras Third Eye Chakras and Crown Chakra Origins: Peru Poland Egypt Germany Rarity: Rare Angelite can become a rare gemstone for its medicinal use. The Stone guides your soul. It is used to help speak truth and communicate with empathy. These are highly regarded gemstones to balance the thyroid gland. In spiritual terms, these strong stones are full of compassion healing and generating feelings of calmness.

Pictures Of Blue Throat Chakra Stones & Crystals

Blue crystals resonate in this chakra but many blue crystals come in various colors as well as different colours. Some are mainly pale blue and some are a pretty deep blue. The deep blue stones are often found inside the third eye chakra that is located above and directly beneath throat chakra. You probably know the third eye because it is the place where the pineal gland is situated. The eye has a powerful effect on psychic skills. Blue jade blue howlites.

Understanding the Vishuddha Chakra

In Sanskrit throat chakras can often mean “pure” or ” purification “. In human bodies, the fourth chakra and energy centers are the throat chakras which help to communicate and externalize a person’s feelings about themselves. This chakra is extremely vital and carries confidence, feelings, self-worth and helps form a connection between the heart and the mind. When the throat is open and clear we may open the ‘soul gate’ for speaking freely.

Lapis Lazuli for Universal Truth

Color: Deep blue Hardness : 5-4.5 Mhs Scale Healing properties: throat, eardrum, vertigo, insomnia. Its dark blue color represents honor, power, vision, and spirituality. It is considered an icon of universal knowledge. Wearing coloured jewellery stimulates good judgement, problem-solving, creative thinking, and enhancing creativity. Generally, it is used in the promotion of intellectual abilities to understand truths.

Blue Apatite for manifestation

Color: Blue. Hardness: 5-mohs-scale. Healing properties: Bone, teeth, bones. Wearing jewellery with stones of this type will eliminate confusion and negative feelings. The stones stimulate the brain functions and intellect and expand your knowledge. This deep hearted crystal can be characterised by manifestation as a stone. By stimulating the throat chakra it removes blocks of energy and creates incredible symmetry.

Azurite for memory and concentration

Colour: Blue Hardness: 3.0-3.5 mHS scale. Healing characteristics include: back pain, arthritis, detoxification, kidney stress apathy grief apathy. Since ancient times, it has been regarded to be a mysterious stone. Azurite is called The Stones in Heaven. This stone has a sacred meaning and may help to relieve tension, stress and confusion. It helps restore balance, removing emotional and unwelcome reactions.

Turquoise for forgiveness

Color: Blue Hardness: 6-6 Mohs Scale Healing Properties: Dementia, Exhaust, Detox Chakra Origin: USA, Canada Argentina, Canada and Japan. It represents strength, protection, wisdom, leadership, and fortune. It is an important stone that helps to release the old regret and self-forgivefulness. You may also improve your senses. Its subtle energy helps balance the throat chakra.

Other colored Throat Chakra Stones & Crystals

Larvikite Green has a blend in blues and yellows, resulting from the minerals in the many green stones which contain them. Golden Healing cancristinite Green Ridge quartz high vibration stone comes in many colours, many of which are actually blue. However, these high energy minerals will be very efficient in promoting throat areas no matter the color.

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Amazonite for Courage and Truth

Turquoise-Green Hardness 6 -6.5 mohs scale Healing Properties: illness, trauma, injuries, muscles trauma, fear. It is going to show you how to approach your problems in another direction. Wearing a crystal necklace helps you solve inner conflicts, brings focus, overcomes loneliness and helps improve your happiness.

Blue Lace Agate for Balance

Colour: Light Blue Hardness: 7 – 6 mhs Healing properties. Clean your chakras helps to communicate with the other chakras. The light blue energy in these rocks will calm anger and improve negative moods. The gentle energy that radiates through blue lacquered gemstone balances the thorax and throat chakras.

Sodalite for logic and creativity

Color: Blue Hardness : 5.5-7 Mohs scale: healing Properties: high blood pressure, heart, inflammation and headaches. Its soothing effects reduce anger towards others and ease tension. The Crystal has many qualities and is the most beneficial in helping people with hormonal imbalances.

How can you use these Gemstones?

It can also help clear the throat chakras and find your voice by using these gemstones to clear stagnant energy. Use these tools to activate vibrational energies.

How do you heal your throat chakra?

How do you treat throat imbalance? Bring Blue with you. Its throat chakra is associated with Blue. ‘ ” Make neck stretches. … Concentrate on your breathing. … You need the throat chakras. … Practice yoga postures. … Do some Reiki healing. … Observe this bija mantra. The “Pool” of the poop is one of the most recognizable and recognizable of the three types of birds. Make time to journal.

What blocks the throat chakra?

How are emotions blocking a thoracic gland? The fifth chakra gets blocked if the person’s emotions are too strong or anxious.

What happens when throat chakra is blocked?

Having the throat chakra blocked is causing problems with creativity and communicating. Throat chakras may cause a physical imbalance, sore throats or hearing problems. The stones have been said to balance the chakras in some cases.

What causes imbalanced throat chakra?

Imbalance or blockage occurs in the throat chakra when there are difficulties communicating. It comes from different areas of communication. When you have difficulty speaking, you may experience blocked throat chakras.

What Crystal should I wear around my neck?

Amethyst – The purple gemstone may be helpful at deflecting negative co-worker influences. Wear this pink gemstone around your neck, or put it in the pockets in your bag for self-acceptance.

What causes the throat chakra to be blocked?

Blockage of the third chakra often results from gastrointestinal issues such as ulceration or heartburn. Its our innermost chakras. It is a question of self-esteem.

What closes the throat chakra?

The chakras rebalance energy with cleansing of impurities. The throat chakra cannot function properly when there is contaminated air. An active Vishuthdi chakra is important in maintaining a healthy life. Throke Chakra has blue tan color.

What emotions are associated with the throat chakra?

This chakra connects with a second chakra called the sacral chakra and is a third center of emotion and creativity. In a throat chakra it aims to express thoughts easily and gracefully and it also focuses on projecting creativity in the whole world.

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