aztec healing clay used as spot treatment

Can You Use Aztec Healing Clay As A Spot Treatment?

Dabbing Favorite Clay Mask Over the Pimple Before Bed Washing it Off in the Morning

Washing your face in the morning with a clay mask is something that has been recommended for years by people who are fighting acne.

It is an effective method of getting rid of pimples as well as preventing them from coming back. But you should only use one type of mask.

A clay mask made with clay can be very drying, so if you are prone to acne then washing your face multiple times a day can be aggravating to your skin.

Also washing your face with soap can strip your skin of the natural oils found in your skin, which will cause your skin to become dry and flaky.

dabbing favorite clay mask over the pimple before bed washing it off in the morning So if you have acne, the safest way to wash your face is to wash it with warm water only, and then apply a clay mask.

There are many different types of clay masks on the market, but using one that contains kaolin will gently pull excess oil away from your skin while removing the excess dirt and bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts.

Kaolin absorbs oil and is an excellent exfoliator, which will also help get rid of old pimples before they start to regrow.

The best thing about a kaolin clay mask is that it is natural.

Other forms of clay mask contain harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin and can even lead to scars.

This type of clay is mild enough to use daily, but still effective. In fact, using it every morning and night before bed will not only remove old pimples overnight, but will also restore your skin’s natural elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You will love the results!

How Do Kaolin and Bentonite Clays Add to Moisturizing?

The use of Kaolin and Bentonite Clays in the treatment of sebum control is not new.

This is because these two clay substances are formed as a result of the interaction of clay particles with organic materials like dead sea salts.

Dead Sea salt is rich in sodium and chloride and these two have excellent properties for controlling sebum (oil) secretion.

Apart from controlling oil production, these clays are also known to have very good absorption properties and help in exfoliation.

The most important thing about this is that the ash from a volcano may have chemical reactions with the dead sea salt which result in the formation of clays.

The Dead Sea salt has been used for many years as one of the major ingredients in all kinds of skin treatment and it is still used in these products even though other products are available in the market.

These clays are usually added to moisturizers or facial washes to make them absorbable and thereby provide excellent moisture to the skin.

The best part is that these clays do not have any side effects associated with their use unlike most of the other facial washes and moisturizers in the market which are loaded with harmful chemicals and synthetic contents which may lead to negative effects on the user’s health.

In order to understand the importance of the Kaolin and Bentonite Clays addition to moisturizing, it would be useful to know how these two elements bind with water. When Bentonite is added to water, it becomes tiny clay particles which becomes imbibed by the water and starts to clump together like small rocks. When Kaolin is added to the water, the fine particles of the clay stick to each other and become soft thus making them ideal for exfoliating the skin. Thus, both the Dead Sea salt and the Kaolin Clay are very beneficial when used as moisturizers.

Does Kaolin and Bentonite Clay Help Treat Acne?

Combining kaolin and bentonite clay can produce an outstanding paste to help clean your face or any other affected area on your body.

The kaolin clays work well with both micro-beads and micro-spheres that are present in volcanic ash.

With these two components, the acne causing bacteria is trapped and then washed away with clear and refreshing urine.

The Bentonite Clay when applied to the skin combines with the liquid to make a hard coating that is not easy to remove, yet helps prevent the pores from getting blocked from the inside by creating an invisible layer of protection over them.

kaolin and bentonite clays addition volcanic ash help dry up any excess acne

Although many acne creams will work, but the best acne treatments are those that have natural ingredients such as kaolin and bentonite clay.

Many of the standard acne creams today use toxic chemicals that may not be healthy for the skin.

These chemicals, when used in excessive amounts can cause skin irritation, redness, swelling, and even acne breakouts. In addition, when these chemicals are continuously used over a long period of time, the toxins can build up and can cause cancer.

These toxins should not be used in any part of the body, especially when they are being used to combat acne.

The Bentonite Clay is not only useful in treating acne, but it also works well as an antiseptic for wounds and cuts that do not heal. It also works well as a digestive aid to promote the quick healing of any ulcerations on the skin. The Kaolin Clay also helps to clean the blood and the skin in the same way as the Bentonite Clay does. The Kaolin Clay also helps to reduce the effect of stress by relaxing the skin and restoring it to its normal healthy condition. It is also good for the health of the liver and helps to eliminate mucus from the nose and throat.

Acne Treatment Gel – Is a High Caliber Clay Mask Good For Acne?

With the large amount of natural occurring acne causing bacteria, pores become clogged and inflammation occurs. Using clay masks to open the pores and unclog the skin is an all natural acne treatment. Clay masks that are effective in healing blemishes and clearing pimples contain high levels of sulfur and other natural ingredients. The high levels of sulfur help kill the bacteria that cause pimples while still providing nourishment to the skin.

any clay mask containing volcanic ash or high levels of sulfur good for acneSulfur is an important ingredient in any acne mask because it helps to exfoliate and cleanse the skin without causing irritation. Natural sources of sulfur are sea salt, coffee grounds, and fresh garlic. You can find sulfur at gourmet food stores and even in some everyday makeup. If you choose to use a clay mask for your acne treatment, make sure to read the ingredients and follow the directions. Most acne treatment gels contain sulfur and some will cause an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to sulfur.

A good acne treatment gel will also include ingredients to help heal your skin and prevent acne from returning. Ingredients such as aloe vera, zinc oxide, macadamia oil, babassu, and natural vitamin E are common in acne treatment gels and masks. All of these ingredients help to repair the damage done by acne and help it heal. Some acne gels may contain salicylic acid for dryness and irritation. Make sure to check the ingredients of any acne treatment gel before using them to ensure it contains the ingredients listed above.

Pimples – How to Totally Erase Smaller Pimples After a Night of Pimple Treatment

One of the most effective ways to get rid of those annoying pimples overnight is to use a clay mask. You might be wondering why you need to use a clay mask, right? The reason is simple: Clays are natural skin exfoliants, and they naturally help to get rid of those blemishes by removing layers of dead skin cells that can block pores. In addition to clays being naturally exfoliating, they also help to unclog clogged pores through their ability to absorb oil. There are many clay masks available on the market today, but one in particular is the best at both peeling and unclogging pores: the clay mask “Au Natural”.

clay mask spot treatment overnight totally erases smaller pimples

This all-natural treatment contains a unique combination of clay extracts and other ingredients that provide an exfoliation while also preventing further skin breakouts from occurring. Because clay is such a potent skin detoxifier, it also helps to rejuvenate your skin, making it look brighter and more youthful than ever before. In addition to claying being a great facial scrub for larger pimples, it is also extremely effective at treating smaller pimples, such as those that occur around the lips, chin, and nose.

To use this all-natural clay mask, you simply apply it to the affected area(s) at night. You will wake up in the morning feeling fresh and vibrant, having lost all of the excess oils your pimples had accumulated throughout the night. And the best thing about it – no more breakouts! For best results, allow the clay mask to completely dry out before you wash your face. And if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to consult with your doctor or dermatologist before starting a clay mask treatment.

How to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly? Try Out the Clay Mask Treatment Overnight

It is not very often that you get to see overnight treatments for acne such as the clay mask. This is an innovative method of treating acne which was introduced over a century ago. The method has been tried and tested by the Japanese and is proving very effective. During the night the clay mask is placed on the face and washed off in the morning with plain water. The natural clay and vitamins present in this simple clay mask quickly heal acne spots and leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant.

clay mask spot treatment overnight reduces the size and redness of large pimples

There are several benefits of using this treatment; one being that it can reduce and in some cases completely cure your acne in just two or three nights. The clay is used as a detox agent that helps the body eliminate harmful toxins from the skin and hence curing acne. Another benefit is that when the clay mask is used, the pores of the skin close up and prevents blockages. This allows the skin to breath and recover from the acne infection faster. Clays are known to have many healing properties and can therefore be very helpful in relieving any type of skin problem.

The clay masks are made by mixing kaolin, clay and vitamins then applying it on the face. Kaolin is an antibacterial agent that helps to exfoliate the skin and reduce bacteria on the skin. Clay can also prevent scars caused by acne and also helps to keep the complexion clear. Therefore, if you want to see overnight results, try out this natural clay treatment overnight and see how well it works for you.

Benefits of Applying A Clay Mask As a Spot Treatment

The main benefit to using a clay mask as a spot treatment is that it tightens pores, while moisturizing at the same time. Clay masks are also effective for exfoliation, reducing dead skin cells and even out the natural tone of the face. The key to success with this type of facial is applying it as soon as you feel your pores are becoming clogged. It is important to leave it on overnight and to follow up with a good moisturizer.

applying a clay mask as a spot treatment and leaving it on overnight significantly


If you find that any clay products you purchase do not work well for your particular skin, you can also try a detox clay mask. This works by adding clay to a warm bath or any other firming liquid that you might have lying around the house. The clay works to draw out impurities from the skin while calming and refreshing the pores and encouraging the healthy growth of new skin cells. Be careful not to stay in the water too long or else the clay may start to lose its benefits, so be careful not to stay underwater for more than a few minutes. As with any other type of facial, you should only use a clay mask once a week.

When it comes to cleansing, it is recommended that you use only a clay mask once a week. Cleansing clay masks can be very drying and cause your skin to become overly dry if you are using too much. So it is important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to washing your face. You will want to gently wash your face just as you would if you were just removing makeup, but be sure to only use a mild cleanser or soap. Also, make sure to let your clay mask sit on your skin for the full recommended time and apply moisturizer to keep your skin soft and healthy.

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