Is Yaoyao a Good Healer? Ultimate Guide for Genshin Impact

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Looking for the ultimate healer in your gaming squad? Wondering if Yaoyao has the skill to keep your team alive and kicking? Well, you’re in the right place! From her healing abilities to her overall utility in different game modes, we’ve got all the insights you need to make an informed decision.

So, if you’re ready to take your gameplay to the next level with a reliable support character, buckle up as we unravel the mysteries of Yaoyao’s healing prowess. Whether you’re new to Genshin Impact or a seasoned player looking for that perfect addition to your team, this post will help you determine if Yaoyao is indeed the healer you’ve been searching for.

Key Takeaways

  • Yaoyao’s healing abilities make her a valuable addition to any team, especially in challenging battles or domains.
  • Prioritize Yaoyao’s talents that enhance her healing potential to maximize her effectiveness in supporting the team.
  • Consider artifact sets that boost Yaoyao’s healing output and overall support capabilities, such as Maiden Beloved or Tenacity of the Millelith.
  • Choose a weapon for Yaoyao that complements her healing role, such as the “Prototype Amber” or the “Staff of Homa.”
  • When building a team around Yaoyao, focus on characters that benefit from her healing and support skills, creating a well-rounded and sustainable group.
  • Understand Yaoyao’s strengths in consistent and reliable healing, balanced with her weaknesses in offensive capabilities, to optimize her role within a team composition.

Yaoyao’s Healing Abilities

Yaoyao’s elemental skill, “Teapot Traveling Companion,” is a remarkable healing ability that releases three Adeptus Artifacts to heal nearby characters. When these artifacts hit the ground, they generate a small field that continuously restores HP for allies within its range.

By pairing Yaoyao with characters like Hu Tao or Xingqiu, players can create powerful elemental reactions such as Vaporize and Melt. This amplifies healing effects and provides additional damage to enemies.

Maximizing the effectiveness of Yaoyao’s elemental skill involves positioning her strategically on the battlefield to ensure maximum coverage of the healing field. Players should also consider using characters with abilities that complement her healing properties, creating an efficient synergy during combat situations.

Yaoyao’s unique healing bunny ability allows her to summon a “Bubu Pharmacy” at targeted locations to heal max hp. This adorable creature wanders around while emitting healing waves that restore HP for teammates within its area of effect.

To utilize this ability effectively during battles, players can strategically place the Bubu Pharmacy to heal team members. By doing so, they can ensure consistent access to healing without interrupting their actions in combat.

Compared to other healing abilities in the game, Yaoyao’s Bubu Pharmacy offers continuous passive healing, allowing players more flexibility and freedom in their movements while still benefiting from sustained health regeneration.


This makes Yaoyao an invaluable asset in challenging domains or boss fights where sustaining high levels of health is crucial for victory. Her elemental burst synergizes exceptionally well with other characters’ abilities like Zhongli’s shield or Bennett’s attack buff, further bolstering team performance and resilience against enemy attacks.

Talent Prioritization

Talent Level Importance

Leveling up Yaoyao’s talents is crucial for enhancing her healing performance. As she ascends in talent levels, her healing abilities become more potent and efficient. For instance, Yaoyao’s Elemental Burst ability, “Liutian Archery,” can significantly boost the team’s HP restoration when leveled up. To prioritize talent level upgrades effectively, players should focus on abilities that directly impact healing output first before enhancing offensive skills.

Strategies for prioritizing talent level upgrades are based on player progression. In the early stages, concentrating on Yaoyao’s elemental skill and burst will amplify her supportive role in the team. As players advance to higher levels and face tougher challenges, focusing on increasing all of Yaoyao’s talents becomes essential for maintaining a reliable healer throughout the game.

Ascension Milestones

Ascending Yaoyao as a healer unlocks new abilities and enhances her overall stats significantly. Each ascension stage brings forth additional benefits such as increased base attack damage and HP that further augment her healing capabilities. Furthermore, reaching specific ascension stages allows access to passive talents that greatly improve Yaoyao’s supportive role within the party, heal.

Importance lies in maximizing Yaoyao’s potential by reaching specific ascension milestones; these milestones enable players to unlock new facets of her kit while strengthening existing ones. For example, at Ascension 4, unlocking “Bountiful Fortune” empowers Yaoyao with an added advantage of generating more energy particles which contribute towards quicker access to Liutian Archery or other elemental bursts during combat situations.

Artifact Recommendations

Stat Priorities

Prioritizing her stats is crucial for maximizing her healing effectiveness and support capabilities. The key stats that greatly influence Yaoyao’s performance as a healer are HP, Energy Recharge, and Healing Bonus.

Increasing Yaoyao’s HP stat directly impacts the amount of health she can restore to her allies, making it essential for sustaining their survivability in battles. Meanwhile, focusing on Energy Recharge enables Yaoyao to generate energy more quickly, allowing her to use her healing abilities more frequently during combat.

Enhancing Yaoyao’s Healing Bonus significantly amplifies the restorative power of her healing abilities. By boosting this stat, players can ensure that each instance of healing from Yaoyao provides substantial recovery for their team.

To optimize artifact selections for Yaoyao’s role as a healer, prioritizing artifacts with sub-stats such as HP%, Energy Recharge%, and Healing Bonus% is highly recommended. These sub-stats contribute significantly to improving Yaoyao’s ability to sustain the team through consistent and potent healing.

Set Bonuses

Exploring recommended artifact sets that enhance Yaoyaos’s healing prowess involves considering sets like the Maiden Beloved and Exile sets. The Maiden Beloved set increases Healing Effectiveness by 15% while using an Elemental Skill or Burst which makes it ideal for supporting healers like Yaoyaos. On the other hand, the Exile set enhances Energy Recharge by 20%, benefiting Yaoyaos in generating energy faster so she can utilize her supportive skills more frequently.

Understanding how specific set bonuses complement Yaoyaos‘s abilities and playstyle is critical in optimizing her role as a healer within a team composition. For example: pairing Maiden Beloved with its increased Healing Effectiveness bonus allows Yayoato provide even stronger heals during intense battles where quick recovery is vital.

Comparing various artifact sets helps determine optimal choices for supporting Yayoaas a healer based on individual playstyles and preferences.

Weapon Selection

Supportive Choices

Building a team that complements her healing abilities is crucial. Characters like Bennett and Xingqiu work well alongside Yaoyao due to their supportive and heal capabilities. Bennett’s burst heals the active character and provides an attack buff, while Xingqiu’s ability creates damage-reducing water swords. These characters enhance Yaoyao’s healing prowess and overall team survivability.

Strategically creating balanced teams with effective support options involves considering both offensive and defensive capabilities. For instance, pairing Yaoyao with characters like Razor, who deals high physical damage, can help balance out the team’s offensive output while still benefiting from Yaoyao’s consistent healing.

Dendro Synergy

Leveraging Dendro synergy can significantly enhance combat performance when paired with Yaoyao‘s healing abilities. Pairing her with other Dendro characters such as Diona or future Dendro releases can create powerful elemental reactions that boost overall team performance in battle scenarios.

The interactions between Dendro characters and their synergy with Yaoyao’s healing capabilities are essential for maximizing effectiveness in combat situations. For example, utilizing Dendro reactions like burning or vaporize can provide strategic advantages by increasing damage output or providing crowd control effects on enemies.

Team Composition Strategies

Synergetic Characters

Yaoyao, as a healer in Genshin Impact, works exceptionally well alongside characters with high damage output and those who can trigger elemental reactions. For example, pairing her with characters like Hu Tao or Diluc can create a powerful team dynamic. Their abilities to deal significant damage complement Yaoyao’s healing prowess. Combining her healing abilities with characters that can trigger elemental reactions such as Vaporize or Melt further enhances the overall team performance.

Creating diverse team compositions based on complementary character dynamics is crucial for maximizing Yaoyao’s potential as a healer. For instance, including characters like Xingqiu or Chongyun in the team allows for effective elemental combinations and synergies. Xingqiu’s ability to apply Hydro status while Chongyun infuses Cryo into attacks sets up opportunities for powerful Frozen or Vaporize reactions when combined with Yaoyao’s healing effects.

Elemental Reactions

Understanding how elemental reactions can amplify or complement Yaoyao’s healing effects is essential for strategic gameplay in battles. By strategically utilizing elements such as Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, Anemo, and Geo alongside Yaoyao’s healing capabilities during combat ensures maximum efficiency.

Exploring effective combinations of elements to maximize healing potential in battles involves considering which elements work best together to optimize the overall team performance. For example, triggering Melt by combining Pyro and Cryo elements amplifies damage dealt while benefiting from Yaoyao’s continuous heals keeps the team sustained during intense encounters.

Strategic utilization of elemental reactions also plays a vital role in optimizing overall team performance when using Yaoyao as a healer. Pairing her with characters that have skills capable of triggering various elemental effects creates opportunities for increased damage output and crowd control while ensuring consistent healing support throughout battles.

Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Comparative Advantages

She stands out among other healers in Genshin Impact. Her unique advantage lies in her exceptional tenacity as a healer. Unlike some other healers who focus on burst healing or conditional support, Yaoyao’s healing abilities are sustained and reliable. In scenarios where prolonged battles or consistent healing is crucial, choosing Yaoyao as a healer provides distinct benefits. For example, during challenging boss fights or extended exploration expeditions, Yaoyao’s steady stream of healing can keep the team healthy without interruptions.

Another comparative advantage of Yaoyao is her ability to provide continuous and widespread healing support. While some healers may excel at single-target burst heals, Yaoyao’s skills allow her to maintain the health of multiple party members simultaneously over an extended period. This makes her particularly effective in situations where the entire team requires gradual but constant restoration of HP.

Limitations and Counterplay

Despite her strengths, there are limitations to using Yaoyao‘s healing abilities within certain contexts or against specific enemies in Genshin Impact. One potential drawback is that she may struggle with providing rapid bursts of emergency healing during intense combat situations compared to some other healers like Qiqi or Bennett. In scenarios where immediate health restoration for a critically injured character is essential for survival, players might find themselves at a disadvantage when relying solely on Yaoyao’s gradual healing approach.

To mitigate these challenges and counteract the drawbacks when utilizing Yayoa as a healer, players can employ strategies such as proactive positioning and preemptive skill management. By strategically positioning characters based on their health status and anticipating incoming damage spikes from enemies, players can optimize the effectiveness of Yaoyao’s continuous healing output while minimizing vulnerabilities due to delayed response times.

Understanding potential vulnerabilities when relying on Yayoa’s healing support also involves recognizing enemy behaviors that can disrupt sustained recovery efforts. Certain enemies possess abilities that nullify ongoing regeneration effects or inflict debuffs that reduce incoming heals’ efficacy significantly. To address this issue proactively, players should familiarize themselves with enemy mechanics and adjust their combat tactics accordingly when incorporating Yaoyao into their teams.

Constellation Impact

Constellation Benefits

Unlocking constellations for Yayoa can significantly enhance her healing capabilities. Each constellation level provides unique bonuses, such as increased healing effectiveness, reduced cooldowns, and additional effects on her abilities. For instance, at constellation level 1, Yayoa gains the “Dance of Sorrow” ability that increases the healing of “Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost” by a certain percentage for 6 seconds.

Prioritizing constellation upgrades should align with Yayoa’s role within a player’s team composition. If she serves as the primary healer in the party, focusing on constellations that directly boost her healing potential would be essential. On the other hand, if she is used more for support or crowd control, unlocking constellations that augment these aspects could be beneficial.

Unlocking Potential

Fully unlocking Yayoa’s potential through character development is crucial to maximizing her effectiveness as a healer and support character. As players progress through various milestones in her growth journey, they unlock new talents and abilities that further amplify her healing prowess and utility in combat situations.

Efficiently progressing through Yayoa’s character growth milestones involves strategic resource management and consistent gameplay investment. Players should prioritize obtaining necessary materials for ascending Yayoa’s level cap and unlocking talent upgrades to continuously improve her performance on the battlefield.

The rewards associated with fully unlocking Yayoa’s potential are substantial. Players gain access to powerful passive talents like “Harmony between Heaven and Earth,” which decreases opponents’ Cryo RES while under the effects of “Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune.” Reaching higher levels of constellations unlocks potent bonuses that can turn the tide in challenging battles.

Material Farming Guide

Ascension Materials

Yayoa is a good healer in Genshin Impact, and to maximize her potential, players need to gather specific ascension materials. These include Shimmering Nectar, Energy Nectar, and Dew of Repudiation obtained from various domains and bosses. For instance, Shimmering Nectar can be farmed from the Electro Hypostasis at the boss location in Mondstadt or Liyue.

Efficiently farming these materials involves planning your gameplay around the resin system. Use fragile resin judiciously when you’re close to leveling up or when there’s an event that provides bonus rewards for using resin. Focus on clearing out ley lines regularly as they offer character ascension materials along with adventure experience points.

Tier Placement Discussion

Healer Rankings

When evaluating whether Yaoyao is a good healer in Genshin Impact, it’s essential to consider her placement within the hierarchy of healers in the game. Comparing her strengths and weaknesses against other prominent healers can provide valuable insights into where she stands among top-tier healers based on her performance.

In terms of healer rankings, Yaoyao offers unique advantages that set her apart from other healers. Her healing abilities are particularly effective for sustaining a team through prolonged battles or challenging encounters. However, when compared to some other prominent healers such as Qiqi or Jean, Yaoyao’s healing output may seem less impactful in certain situations due to longer cooldowns or lower burst healing potential.

Meta Analysis

Analyzing how Yaoyao fits into the current meta as a healer within Genshin Impact is crucial for understanding her overall effectiveness in various gameplay scenarios. Predictions or insights into how future updates or changes may impact Yaoyao’s position within the game’s meta are also important considerations.

Within the current meta, player preferences and team compositions heavily influence Yaoyao’s relevance as a healer. For example, teams focused on sustained damage over time benefit greatly from Yaoya’s consistent healing output while teams requiring burst healing might find other options more suitable. As future updates and new characters are introduced, it will be interesting to see how these changes impact Yaoyao’s standing within the game’s evolving meta landscape.

Closing Thoughts

You’ve now got a solid grasp on Yaoyao’s healing prowess, talent priorities, artifact and weapon choices, team strategies, strengths and weaknesses, constellation impact, and material farming. With this knowledge in hand, you’re all set to optimize Yaoyao in your Genshin Impact adventures. So, go out there and put this newfound wisdom to good use!

Remember, the key to mastering Yaoyao lies in experimentation and adaptation. Test out different team compositions, fine-tune her artifacts, and keep an eye out for those valuable materials. The more you play around with her abilities and synergies, the better you’ll understand how to make the most of her healing potential. Now go forth and unleash Yaoyao’s healing magic on the world of Teyvat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yaoyao a reliable healer for high-level content?

Yaoyao is a solid healer with her ability to provide consistent healing and cleanse debuffs. However, her healing potential may be outshined by other dedicated healers in challenging end-game scenarios.

What are the best artifacts for maximizing Yaoyao’s healing capabilities?

For optimal healing output, consider equipping Yaoyao with artifacts that boost her healing effectiveness and energy recharge. The Maiden Beloved set can significantly enhance her supportive role in the team.

To bolster Yaoyao’s healing prowess, prioritize weapons with substats such as HP% or Energy Recharge. The “Prototype Amber” or “Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers” can complement her supportive role effectively.

How does Yaoyao fare in different team compositions?

Yaoyao synergizes well with characters who benefit from consistent healing and elemental cleansing. Pairing her with characters like Hu Tao or Diluc can create a balanced team dynamic that capitalizes on both offensive and defensive capabilities.

What are some notable strengths and weaknesses of using Yaoyao as a healer?

Yaoyao excels at providing steady heals and removing adverse effects from allies, making her valuable in prolonged battles. However, she may struggle to match the burst healing potential of certain other support characters.

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