Heal Up Quick in Shadow of Mordor – Tips & Tricks

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In the game Shadow of Mordor, healing is essential for survival. Whether you’re facing off against powerful enemies or exploring dangerous territories, knowing how to heal is crucial to keep yourself in the fight. In this section, we will discuss the best healing techniques and strategies to help you stay in top form.

  • Utilize the “F” key on PC or the appropriate button on your console to quickly consume herbs and heal yourself.
  • Upgrade your Abilities skill tree to unlock the “Wraith Finisher” ability, which allows you to drain health from enemies with a stealth attack.
  • Complete side quests, challenges, and power struggles to earn Mirian, which can be used to purchase health gems and upgrade your overall health.
  • Execute perfect counters during combat to regain a portion of your health.
  • Use the Shadow Strike ability to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid taking damage.

By implementing these healing techniques and strategies, you’ll be able to navigate the dangerous world of Shadow of Mordor with confidence. Stay vigilant, heal up quick, and emerge victorious in your battles!

Know What Side Quests Are There

side quests shadow of mordor

Shadow of Mordor offers a diverse range of side quests that can greatly contribute to your overall progress in the game. These side quests provide not only additional challenges but also valuable rewards and opportunities to strengthen your character.

Prioritizing side quests can be a critical strategy for maximizing your gameplay experience. By understanding the different types of side quests available, such as outcast rescue missions, challenges, and power struggles, you can effectively plan your actions and make informed decisions.

Type of Side QuestsDetails
Outcast Rescue MissionsHelp outcasts who are captured or in danger. Completing these missions not only aids the outcasts but also earns you valuable rewards, including experience points and unique gear.
ChallengesEngage in various challenges that test your combat, stealth, and traversal skills. These challenges often award you with runes, which can enhance your weapons and abilities.
Power StrugglesParticipate in the power struggles of Sauron’s army. These quests offer opportunities to disrupt the hierarchy, weaken high-ranking enemies, and gain control over Uruk captains and warchiefs.

By strategically prioritizing and completing side quests, you can gain experience, acquire valuable resources, and unlock new abilities. Additionally, side quests often provide additional context and depth to the overall story of Shadow of Mordor, immersing you further into the world of Middle-earth.

Be sure not to overlook these side quests as they can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and give you an edge in your journey through Mordor.

Use Wealth Gems to Boost EXP

wealth gems shadow of mordor

Wealth Gems in Shadow of Mordor are a valuable resource that can greatly enhance your EXP earnings when defeating enemies. By utilizing specific strategies such as farming identical gems and upgrading them to perfect quality, you can maximize your EXP bonus and level up quickly.

Farming Wealth Gems

To obtain wealth gems, you can engage in activities such as completing missions, exploring the open world, and defeating captains and warchiefs. These activities have a chance of rewarding you with wealth gems as loot. By actively seeking out these opportunities and focusing on defeating enemies, you can increase your chances of obtaining more wealth gems.

Upgrading Gems

Once you have acquired wealth gems, the next step is to upgrade them to perfect quality. Upgrading gems improves their effects and boosts the EXP bonus they provide. To upgrade your gems, you need to collect multiple copies of the same gem and merge them into a higher-tier gem. By continuously upgrading your gems, you can further enhance your EXP gains.

Increasing EXP

By equipping upgraded wealth gems that offer significant EXP bonuses, you can increase the amount of EXP you earn with each enemy defeat. This allows you to level up faster and unlock new abilities and upgrades. Investing time and effort into acquiring and upgrading wealth gems is a strategic approach for players looking to optimize their gameplay and progression in Shadow of Mordor.

Gem TierEXP BonusEffect
Flawed+5%Small chance to recover health on hit
Normal+10%Increased critical strike damage
Superior+15%Chance to ignite enemies on critical hit
Perfect+20%Increased critical strike chance

By strategically utilizing wealth gems and upgrading them to perfect quality, you can significantly boost your EXP earnings and accelerate your progression in Shadow of Mordor. Investing in these gems will prove beneficial in your journey through the game.

“The power of wealth gems cannot be underestimated. They provide a substantial EXP boost, allowing you to level up faster and unlock new abilities. Upgrade your gems diligently and watch your character grow stronger with each enemy encounter.” – Talion

Speedrun Captains and Warchiefs

Speedrunning Shadow of Mordor

When it comes to speedrunning Shadow of Mordor, defeating captains and warchiefs efficiently is key. These powerful enemies have unique traits and abilities that can pose a challenge, but by exploiting their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, you can make quick work of them and earn significant EXP rewards.

Combat and Stealth Finishers: One effective strategy is to utilize combat and stealth finishers against captains and warchiefs. These devastating moves can quickly eliminate your adversaries, especially if they have vulnerable points that can be exploited.

Explosions: Another tactic to consider is using explosions to your advantage. Captains and warchiefs who are vulnerable to explosions can be swiftly taken down by strategically detonating nearby barrels or explosives, dealing massive damage.

Specific Finishers: Some captains and warchiefs may have specific weaknesses that can be exploited through certain finisher moves. These weaknesses can range from fear of certain creatures to vulnerabilities against specific weapon types. Identifying these weaknesses and capitalizing on them can make your encounters much easier.

By utilizing these speedrunning strategies, you can efficiently defeat captains and warchiefs in Shadow of Mordor, earning valuable EXP along the way. Remember to analyze your enemies’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities to maximize your chances of success.

Take Note of Unfinished Businesses

unfinished businesses shadow of mordor

In the world of Shadow of Mordor, revenge can be a powerful motivator. Unfinished Businesses, as the name suggests, are the lingering tasks that demand your attention. These missions revolve around seeking vengeance on enemies who have previously ended your journey abruptly. By embarking on these revenge missions, you not only reclaim your honor but also unlock opportunities for upgraded gear and additional EXP rewards.

Completing Unfinished Businesses is a chance to right the wrongs inflicted upon you and unlock the potential for growth. Revenge missions offer a thrilling mix of action and catharsis as you dive back into battles previously lost. The sense of satisfaction that comes from vanquishing those who previously bested you is unmatched, and it fuels your desire for progress.

However, there’s more to Unfinished Businesses than just settling scores. The sequel to Shadow of Mordor introduces a unique twist: broken sword upgrades. By purposely getting killed by specific enemies, you have the opportunity to break your sword and unlock the potential for enhanced gear beyond the level cap. It’s a risky move, but the rewards are worth the sacrifice.

Unfinished Businesses present an intriguing opportunity to rewrite history and emerge stronger than ever before. Take note of these missions, embrace the call for revenge, and watch as your character’s journey in Shadow of Mordor reaches new heights.

Notable Features of Unfinished Businesses:

  • Seek vengeance on enemies who have killed you.
  • Unlock upgraded gear and additional EXP rewards.
  • Break your sword to access enhanced gear beyond the level cap.

Get Smart With Death Threats

death threats shadow of mordor

Utilizing death threats strategically can be a game-changer in Shadow of Mordor. These threats have the power to boost the strength of your enemies, providing a greater challenge and increasing the rewards. Unlike traditional battles where death is inevitable, death threats can level up opponents without the need to die in combat. This opens up a unique opportunity to farm experience points (EXP) and optimize your gameplay.

Boosting Enemy Strength

By issuing death threats to vulnerable captains, you can effectively increase their level. This not only makes encounters more difficult but also rewards higher EXP upon defeating them. To identify the best candidates for death threats, keep an eye out for captains with weaknesses that you can easily exploit. Targeting these captains will enable you to boost their strength while giving you the opportunity to practice your combat skills.

Using Death Threats Strategically

Strategic use of death threats in Shadow of Mordor involves targeting captains strategically and using the loop to your advantage. Regularly respawning captains through death threats creates a continuous cycle of farming opportunities, enabling you to earn more EXP and quickly level up. Optimizing this strategy ensures a steady progression through the game.

“Using death threats strategically provides a challenging experience while increasing the rewards. By constantly engaging with high-level enemies, players can enhance their combat skills and optimize the farming process.” – Famous Shadow of Mordor player

For a comprehensive understanding of how death threats can be leveraged in Shadow of Mordor, refer to the table below:

Captain NameStarting LevelBoosted Level with Death Threat
Azog the Cruel1525
Urzug Blood-Axe1220
Gothmog the Fierce1828

As seen in the table, issuing death threats effectively raises the level of captains, providing a greater challenge and more rewarding gameplay experience.

By strategically using death threats, players can turn the tide in Shadow of Mordor. Boosting enemy strength not only provides a more challenging gameplay experience but also increases the rewards in terms of EXP. With the ability to optimize the loop by regularly respawning captains, you can effectively farm EXP and level up faster. Embrace the power of death threats and conquer the lands of Mordor.

Capitalize Sieges for Stronger EXP Gains

Participating in sieges is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Shadow of Mordor. Not only do sieges pose a thrilling challenge, but they also present an opportunity to maximize your EXP gains. When facing the Overlord in a siege, dying at their hands unlocks a special set of missions known as Unfinished Business.

Unfinished Business missions allow players to relive and replay the intense battles they encountered during sieges. Replaying these battles not only provides a chance for redemption but also offers the potential for even higher EXP rewards. By strategically re-experiencing sieges and fine-tuning your battle strategies, you can continuously maximize your EXP gains and level up faster.

Benefits of Capitalizing SiegesHow to Make the Most of Unfinished Business Missions
  • Earn higher EXP rewards
  • Refine battle strategies
  • Gain redemption from defeat
  1. Identify weaknesses and adjust your approach
  2. Experiment with different combat tactics
  3. Utilize the knowledge gained from previous battles

Replaying battles in Unfinished Business missions allows you to apply valuable lessons learned from previous encounters. By studying enemy movements and weaknesses, you can fine-tune your combat strategies and exploit opportunities for increased EXP rewards.

Shadow of Mordor presents a dynamic and immersive world where each battle holds the potential for growth and progress. By capitalizing on sieges and the Unfinished Business missions they unlock, you can continuously enhance your gameplay experience and maximize your EXP rewards.

Raise Hell With Detonate, Ride Caragors

detonate ability shadow of mordor

Abilities like Detonate and Ride Caragors can be powerful tools in Shadow of Mordor. By strategically utilizing these abilities, players can inflict massive damage on enemy forces and make group kills easier to accomplish. This section will explore the strategies of detonating barrels and riding caragors to quickly dispatch enemies and earn valuable EXP.

Detonating barrels is a highly effective method of dealing with large groups of enemies. Look for barrels scattered throughout the game world and use the Detonate ability to trigger explosive chain reactions. This tactic not only inflicts significant damage but also creates chaos among enemy ranks, allowing you to capitalize on the confusion and eliminate multiple foes at once.

Riding caragors, ferocious beasts found in Shadow of Mordor, can give you a major advantage in battles. Caragors possess incredible strength and agility, making them formidable allies. To ride a caragor, first, weaken it by engaging in combat. Once the caragor is weakened, press the appropriate button prompt to mount and take control of it. From there, you can pounce on enemies, tear them apart with your caragor’s claws, and trample through enemy lines, causing chaos and confusion. Riding caragors can greatly enhance your combat capabilities and increase your chances of success.

By combining the detonate ability with riding caragors, you can create devastating and overwhelming attacks. Ride a caragor into a group of enemies, drawing their attention, and then strategically detonate nearby barrels to unleash a wave of destruction. This deadly combination can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor and give you a decisive edge against even the most formidable foes.

Using these strategies of detonating barrels and riding caragors will not only showcase your skill as a warrior but also yield considerable rewards in the form of EXP. By eliminating large groups of enemies and causing chaos on the battlefield, you will earn valuable experience points to level up your character and unlock new abilities.

Exploit a Spammable Explosion Area

explosive kills shadow of mordor

Explosive kills can be a devastating way to eliminate enemies in Shadow of Mordor. By strategically utilizing areas with multiple barrels and fires, players can manipulate enemy movements and maximize their explosive kills.

To effectively exploit a spammable explosion area, follow these steps:

  1. Identify areas with multiple barrels and fires that can be used to trigger explosions.
  2. Provoke enemies and lead them into these explosive zones by baiting them with attacks or drawing their attention.
  3. Once the enemies are within range, trigger the explosive barrels or fires to unleash a large-scale explosion, eliminating multiple foes simultaneously.

This method not only allows you to eliminate enemies efficiently but also provides control over enemy movements. By manipulating their positions and drawing them towards explosive areas, you can create advantageous situations to your benefit.

Take a look at the image below to get a visual understanding of utilizing explosive areas:

By strategically utilizing explosive areas, you can significantly increase the number of kills and earn more experience points (EXP) in the process. This approach is particularly effective when dealing with groups of enemies or challenging encounters.

Explosive kills are not only visually impressive but also a tactical advantage in Shadow of Mordor. By strategically manipulating enemy movements and utilizing the environment to your favor, you can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Utilize Branding and Dominating Uruks

Branding and dominating Uruks in Shadow of Mordor can provide you with crucial advantages in your quest for victory. By branding captains and warchiefs, you gain the ability to extract valuable information from them, enabling you to gather critical intel and plan your next moves strategically. This intel gathering capability can prove invaluable in power struggles and missions, where knowing your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses can make all the difference.

Not only does branding Uruks grant you access to valuable intelligence, but it also allows you to manipulate the Uruk army to your advantage. By dominating Uruks, you gain control over a powerful force that can be directed to carry out your bidding. This control extends to directing the dominated Uruks to engage in specific actions, attack enemy strongholds, or even eliminate rival captains and warchiefs. Manipulating the Uruk army in this way gives you a significant tactical advantage, allowing you to shape the battlefield and create opportunities for success.

“With the power to brand and dominate Uruks, players can become puppet masters of the battlefield, pulling the strings and orchestrating victories with deceptive finesse.”

To illustrate the effectiveness of branding and dominating Uruks, consider the following example:

Before Branding and DominatingAfter Branding and Dominating
Rival Uruk army growing in strengthControlled Uruk army working in your favor
Lack of information about enemy forcesExtracted intel revealing enemy weaknesses
Uncertain and risky missionsTargeted and calculated strike operations

By taking control of the Uruk army and manipulating their actions through branding and dominance, you can transform the battlefield into your own strategic playground. Whether it’s disrupting enemy plans, exploiting vulnerabilities, or launching coordinated assaults, the power to control the Uruk army is a game-changer in your pursuit of victory.


In the challenging world of Shadow of Mordor, mastering healing strategies is crucial for optimizing gameplay and ensuring success. By implementing the tips and tricks provided in this article, players can effectively heal themselves, stay in the fight, and maximize their EXP gains.

One key strategy for healing is to prioritize side quests, such as outcast rescue missions, challenges, and power struggles. These quests not only provide valuable rewards but also offer opportunities to heal and prepare for encounters.

Additionally, players can use Wealth Gems to boost their EXP. By farming identical gems and upgrading them to perfect quality, they can significantly increase the EXP earned after defeating enemies.

Remember to speedrun captains and warchiefs by exploiting their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. By targeting specific finishers, such as combat and stealth finishers, players can defeat these formidable foes more easily and reap substantial EXP rewards.


How can I heal quickly in Shadow of Mordor?

In Shadow of Mordor, you can heal quickly by consuming herbs or activating the Wrath ability. Herbs can be found throughout the world, and activating Wrath requires filling up your hitstreak meter by successfully landing consecutive hits on enemies.

What types of side quests are there in Shadow of Mordor?

Shadow of Mordor offers various side quests, including outcast rescue missions, challenges, and power struggles. Outcast rescue missions involve freeing captured outcasts, challenges test your combat and stealth abilities, and power struggles revolve around manipulating the hierarchy of captains and warchiefs.

How can I boost my EXP in Shadow of Mordor?

To boost your EXP in Shadow of Mordor, you can farm identical Wealth Gems and upgrade them to perfect quality. These gems significantly increase the EXP you earn after defeating enemies, allowing you to level up quickly.

What strategies can help me defeat captains and warchiefs in Shadow of Mordor?

To speedrun captains and warchiefs in Shadow of Mordor, target their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Utilize combat and stealth finishers, explosions, and specific finishers that exploit their unique traits and abilities. These strategies make difficult encounters easier and reward you with significant EXP.

What are Unfinished Businesses in Shadow of Mordor?

Unfinished Businesses in Shadow of Mordor involve seeking revenge on enemies who have killed you. Completing these revenge missions can lead to upgraded gear and additional EXP rewards. Additionally, breaking swords by getting killed by specific enemies can unlock opportunities for enhanced gear beyond the level cap.

How can death threats be beneficial in Shadow of Mordor?

Death Threats in Shadow of Mordor can increase the level of opponents without having to die in battle. By strategically using death threats, you can target vulnerable captains and optimize the loop by regularly respawning captains for ease of farming and increasing EXP.

Why are sieges important in Shadow of Mordor?

Participating in sieges is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Shadow of Mordor. Dying at the hands of the Overlord during sieges unlocks Unfinished Business missions, allowing you to replay battles and earn higher EXP rewards. Repeatedly exploiting this strategy can significantly increase your EXP gains.

How can I effectively use abilities like Detonate and Ride Caragors in Shadow of Mordor?

Abilities like Detonate and Ride Caragors can be powerful tools in Shadow of Mordor. Detonating barrels and using Caragors strategically can inflict mass damage on enemy forces and make group kills easier to accomplish. These tactics can help you quickly dispatch enemies and earn EXP.

Is there a way to eliminate multiple enemies at once in Shadow of Mordor?

Yes, you can maximize your explosive kills by exploiting specific areas with multiple barrels and fires. Provoke enemies and lead them into these explosive zones to trigger large-scale explosions, eliminating multiple enemies simultaneously. This method can be used strategically to control enemy movements and earn more EXP.

How can I take advantage of branding and dominating Uruks in Shadow of Mordor?

By branding captains and warchiefs, you can interrogate them for information and use them strategically in power struggles and missions. Dominating Uruks also allows you to control the enemy army and manipulate their actions for your benefit, providing significant advantages in Shadow of Mordor.

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