Fried wonton vs crab rangoon

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fried wonton vs crab rangoon

Introduction to Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

Fried wontons and crab rangoons are two popular Chinese-American appetizers. It’s easy to confuse them since they look alike. But, if you try them both, you’ll discover a unique world of difference!

Fried wontons are typically triangular or square in shape with fillings of seasoned pork, veggies, and sometimes even shrimp. Whereas, Crab Rangoon is a deep-fried wonton wrapper filled with a mix of cream cheese, crab meat, scallions, and garlic. Both make excellent starters and have gained mainstream acceptance in the Asian cuisine scene.

The crispy fried wontons come with varying flavors depending on their ingredients, whereas the crab rangoons have a sweet taste, usually enhanced by the sugar in the cream cheese. Furthermore, only your palette can distinguish the subtle differences in taste between the two.

So, why not try them both – on different occasions, of course – and savor the unique delicacies of fried wontons and crab rangoons? After all, it’s not every day that we get to enjoy such deliciousness!

Comparison of Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

To better understand the differences between fried wonton and crab rangoon, this section provides a brief overview of their varying taste and texture, origin and history, and ingredients and preparation techniques. Delve into these listed sub-sections to uncover the uniqueness of each fried delicacy and cook up your own gourmet meal with newfound appreciation.

Taste and Texture Differences

Fried wonton and crab rangoon differ in taste and texture. Let’s take a peek at the table:

Fried WontonCrab Rangoon
Meat/VegCream Cheese & Crab meat
Crispy outside, Soft insideCrunchy outside, Chewy center

Chinese cuisine has fried wontons as an appetizer, while crab rangoons are unique to Americanized Chinese.

Before, only wealthy people could afford frying due to expensive oil. But now, it’s made accessible to everyone because of its efficiency in cooking large amounts of food while preserving taste and texture.

Bottom line: Anything fried and filled with cream cheese deserves a standing ovation!

Origin and History

Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon are two tasty Chinese-American creations that have been enjoyed by millions worldwide. They were first made in southern China with pork, shrimp and crab meat as fillings. Later, immigrants took the recipes to the US, where they gained fame globally.

Fried Wontons are a crunchy snack made by stuffing minced meat and finely chopped veggies into pre-made dough wrappers. They are then deep-fried until golden brown and served with dipping sauce. Meanwhile, Crab Rangoon is a type of fried wonton that contains cream cheese, crab meat and green onions. These are also deep-fried and served hot.

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Fried Wontons are versatile as they can be filled with various ingredients such as pork, chicken, beef or prawns. Additionally, Crab Rangoon is more popular in America than in China as it was invented there. Both dishes have become favourites of food lovers around the globe.

Trader Vic’s restaurant in San Francisco is credited with creating Crab Rangoons in the late 1950s. This restaurant eventually became a chain offering Polynesian-style cuisine. Let us take a tasty journey and explore the magic of Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon!

Ingredients and Preparation

Making fried wontons and crab rangoon? There’s some important things to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know:

IngredientFried WontonCrab Rangoon
Wonton WrappersYesYes
Pork or Chicken FillingYesNo
Cream Cheese FillingNoYes (with Crab Meat)
Crab Meat FillingYes (with Cream Cheese)Yes (with Cream Cheese)
Salt and Pepper1/4 teaspoon of salt, and pepper to tasteA pinch of salt

Fried wontons usually have a pork or chicken filling. But crab rangoon has cream cheese and crab meat. They both use wonton wrappers. Fry them until crispy!

Tip: Make sure the oil is hot enough. Use a thermometer to make sure it’s at least 350°F prior to frying.

Amaze your friends and tantalize your taste buds with these easy-to-follow recipes for fried wonton and crab rangoon. Enjoy!

Recipes: How to Make Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

To make the best fried wonton or crab rangoon with ease, you need to follow the recipes precisely. In order to help you achieve that, we bring you the detailed steps of fried wonton and crab rangoon recipes. These recipes will provide you with the exact ingredients and cooking instructions for both dishes.

Fried Wonton Recipe Steps

Fried wontons – yum! Here’s how to make ’em in a jiffy.

  1. Cut the wrappers into triangles or other shapes.
  2. Place a spoonful of filling in the center. Fold and press edges to seal.
  3. Heat oil in skillet and cook each side for 2 mins till golden brown.
  4. Place on paper towel plate to drain.

Bonus tip: Serve with sweet & sour sauce for extra flavor. Enjoy as an appetizer before your meal!

Crab Rangoon Recipe Steps

  1. Mix 8 oz of softened cream cheese and ½ lb of cooked, shredded crab meat in a bowl.
  2. Add chopped green onions, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.
  3. Put a teaspoon of filling in the center of each wonton wrapper.
  4. Seal the edges with water or egg wash to form triangles or won ton shapes.
  5. Fry in hot oil until golden and crispy.
  6. Drain on paper towel-lined plate and serve with sweet and sour sauce.
  7. For a unique flavor, use real crab meat, not imitation.
  8. Also, add Chinese five-spice powder for an extra kick.
  9. Save time by using store-bought wonton wrappers.
  10. Make large batches for future snacks or party appetizers – they freeze well before being cooked.
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Enjoy this delicious appetizer – your guests will love it!

Serving Suggestions and Variations

To elevate your fried wonton and crab rangoon game, explore the serving suggestions and variations with sauces that complement these delectable dishes. For added inspiration, discover creative variations of fried wonton and crab rangoon that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Sauces for Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

Fried wontons and crab rangoons are famous Asian appetizers. Their crunchy, savory taste pairs perfectly with various sauces. Sweet chili, garlic soy, and spicy mustard are all great options. Hoisin and plum sauces also work well. For an extra burst of flavor, garnish with chopped green onions or toasted sesame seeds. To make the snack-time experience even better, try dipping with Korean Banchan or Japanese Tentsuyu styles! Who needs a plain crab cake when you can have a mouthwatering Crab Rangoon?

Creative Variations of Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon: must-try dishes for Chinese cuisine fans! Crispy, flavorful, and versatile. To make them even more delicious, add different fillings like shredded carrots, cabbage, or sprouts to the wonton, or mix Szechuan sauce with crab meat for the Rangoon.

To make them interesting, try altering their shape and presentation – eg. make Fried Wontons into small cups, and fold Crab Rangoon into purses or flowers before frying. Experiment with ingredients too – mix up cheeses such as feta or brie, or use shrimp instead of crab meat. And don’t forget to add some fresh herbs like basil or cilantro for color and nutrition.

Serve hot with sweet & sour or chili dipping sauce to take their flavors up a notch. Next time you’re hosting a dinner party or movie night, remember these tasty variations on Chinese favorites!

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Fried Wonton and Crab Rangoon

Fried wonton and crab rangoon are two popular Asian appetizers. Let’s take a look at their nutritional value and health benefits.

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Calories: Fried Wonton – 151; Crab Rangoon – 160
Fat (g): Fried Wonton – 7.5; Crab Rangoon – 9
Carbohydrates (g): Fried Wonton – 15.2; Crab Rangoon – 13.3
Protein (g): Fried Wonton – 6.3; Crab Rangoon – 6

These yummy treats provide protein from the meat or seafood in the filling. The wheat wrapper also gives them high carb content.

However, they do have lots of fat. This can increase cholesterol levels and lead to weight gain if eaten too often.
A friend of mine found out the hard way. She ate 4 crab rangoons daily for a month and eventually felt light-headed.

Moderation is key. Both dishes can provide tasty pleasure without endangering your health. Enjoy them!

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Are you a fan of Chinese cuisine? Then you may have seen fried wontons and crab rangoons on the menu. But which one should you choose? Let’s compare them.


  • Fried Wontons: Ground pork, shrimp, seasonings.
  • Crab Rangoon: Cream cheese, crab meat.


  • Fried Wontons: Savory, slightly salty.
  • Crab Rangoon: Creamy, savory with slight briny taste.


  • Fried Wontons: Crispy exterior with soft filling inside.
  • Crab Rangoon: Crunchy exterior with creamy filling inside.

As you can see from the table, there are clear differences between these two dishes. They’re usually served as appetizers or sides, but not eaten together in the same meal.

Why not try both? Or if you want to make a healthier choice, consider steamed dumplings. Either way, fried wontons and crab rangoons are sure to satisfy your Chinese food cravings.

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