Is Yanfei a Healer? Evaluating Support Builds in Genshin Impact

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Yanfei, the Pyro-wielding legal expert in Genshin Impact, may not fit the traditional healer archetype, but her unique skill set brings an unexpected twist to the battlefield. While she lacks direct healing abilities, Yanfei’s elemental mastery and charged attacks provide substantial support in combat scenarios. Her versatility allows players to navigate through challenges with strategic precision and fiery prowess.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding Yanfei’s capabilities beyond healing will enhance your gameplay experience and broaden your tactical options.

Key Takeaways

  • Yanfei can be a valuable support character in Genshin Impact, offering healing capabilities alongside her Pyro DPS role.
  • To optimize Yanfei as a healer, focus on building her with high Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge to maximize her healing potential.
  • When evaluating Yanfei’s performance as a healer, consider her ability to provide consistent healing while contributing to the team’s overall damage output.
  • Team composition is crucial when using Yanfei as a healer, as she can complement characters with different elemental abilities to create powerful synergies.
  • Maximizing Yanfei’s Pyro DPS while maintaining her healing role requires a balanced approach to talent and artifact selection.
  • Enhancing Yanfei’s charged attacks can further boost her healing effectiveness, making her a versatile and valuable asset in the team setup.

Yanfei’s Role in Genshin Impact

Pyro DPS Capabilities

Yanfei is a formidable Pyro damage dealer in Genshin Impact, excelling at inflicting powerful Pyro damage on enemies. Her charged attacks and elemental skill allow her to unleash continuous Pyro damage, making her an exceptional choice for players seeking a character focused on dealing sustained elemental damage. With her “Signed Edict” and “Scarlet Seal” abilities, she can consistently apply Pyro effects to enemies, contributing significantly to the team’s overall offensive capabilities.

Yanfei’s talents further enhance her DPS capabilities, especially with the “Blazing Eye” talent that increases the power of her charged attacks after using an elemental skill. This synergy between her abilities enables players to maximize Yanfei’s potential as a relentless Pyro damage dealer. Pairing Yanfei with characters who can trigger powerful reactions using Pyro will amplify the team’s overall performance in combat scenarios.

Support Mechanics

Beyond being a potent DPS character, Yanfei also possesses valuable support abilities that benefit the entire team. Her ability to generate Scarlet Seals through normal and charged attacks provides energy for other characters’ bursts or ultimates. By strategically utilizing these Scarlet Seals, players can ensure consistent access to their team members’ burst skills, thereby increasing overall party efficiency during battles.

Moreover, when considering synergies between Yanfei’s support mechanics and other characters in Genshin Impact, she complements well with those who rely on quick energy regeneration or require frequent bursts of elemental power. For example, pairing Yanfei with characters such as Xingqiu or Bennett creates opportunities for continuous elemental reactions while maintaining high energy levels for successive ultimate moves.

Talents and Skills

Yanfei possesses unique talents and skills that contribute not only to her role as a primary DPS but also as a supportive healer within the game.

Evaluating Yanfei as a Healer

Healing Abilities

Yanfei, while primarily known for her pyro DPS capabilities, also possesses healing abilities that make her a versatile character. Her Elemental Burst, Done Deal, not only deals damage but also regenerates the team’s HP based on Yanfei’s maximum HP. This healing effect scales with Yanfei’s max HP and can be enhanced by artifacts and weapons that boost HP or healing effectiveness. While she may not outheal dedicated healers like Barbara or Qiqi, Yanfei provides valuable off-field healing support during battles.

When comparing Yanfei’s healing abilities with those of dedicated healers in Genshin Impact, it becomes evident that she offers supplementary rather than primary healing. Characters like Qiqi have more consistent and potent healing effects through their skills and bursts. However, what sets Yanfei apart is her dual role as a damage dealer and healer. Players can leverage this unique combination to maintain sustained damage output while providing intermittent healing support.

Support Build Viability

The viability of building Yanfei as a support character largely depends on the team composition and player preferences. With the right artifacts and weapon choices, players can optimize Yanfei to fulfill a support role effectively. By focusing on energy recharge stats and elemental mastery alongside some HP-boosting artifacts, players can enhance Yanfei’s ability to trigger reactions for the team while still contributing to off-field heals.

Different build options exist to enhance Yanfeis’ support role within a team, such as prioritizing energy recharge to facilitate more frequent Elemental Bursts or emphasizing elemental mastery for increased reaction damage when switching back from other characters in the party lineup. These builds allow players to tailor Yanfeis’ support capabilities according to their playstyle or specific team requirements.

Optimizing a support build for Yanife involves finding an equilibrium between boosting offensive potential through pyro-related stats (such as pyro DMG bonus) while incorporating enough supportive elements like energy recharge rate or healing effectiveness into her artifact selection.

Optimizing Yanfei for Support

Artifact Selection

The right artifacts are crucial in maximizing her support potential. The Maiden Beloved set is highly recommended, boosting healing effectiveness by 15%. This set enhances Yanfei’s ability to keep teammates healthy during battles. The Noblesse Oblige artifact set can also be beneficial, providing an extra 20% attack boost when using elemental bursts.

These artifacts significantly impact Yanfei’s abilities as a healer or support character. For example, the Maiden Beloved set focuses on improving her healing capabilities, while Noblesse Oblige amplifies her supportive role by enhancing attack power during elemental bursts.

Weapon Choices

Selecting the right weapon for Yanfei is essential in optimizing her for supporting roles. The Wine and Song catalyst stands out as an excellent choice for maximizing her healing potential due to its ability to boost all party members’ ATK by 20% after causing an elemental reaction.

Comparing different weapons’ effects on Yanfei’s supportive capabilities reveals that some weapons like the Wine and Song catalyst enhance not only her own abilities but also benefit the entire party through increased ATK power.

Rating YenFein’s Ability as a Healer

When evaluating Yanfei’s capacity as a healer, she proves herself quite effective due to her consistent pyro-based attacks that provide continuous regenerative effects for allies within range of these attacks. Her unique playstyle sets her apart from other characters who primarily focus on direct healing abilities.

Comparing YenFein’s healing capacity with other characters shows that while she may not match dedicated healers like Barbara or Qiqi in terms of raw healing output, she offers valuable sustained support through consistent pyro-based regeneration over time.

Yanfei’s Ratings and Builds

Healer Rating

Yanfei is not primarily a healer. Her role in the game is to deal damage and support the team with her abilities, rather than focusing on healing. While she can provide some supportive capabilities, her main strength lies in dealing Pyro damage and applying Pyro status effects to enemies.

Players should focus on enhancing her abilities that complement the team’s overall performance. This means looking at ways to increase her energy regeneration so that she can use her burst more frequently or improve her shield strength if using certain artifacts.

In terms of creating effective builds tailored to Yanfei’s healing potential, players may want to consider artifact sets such as the Maiden Beloved set which increases incoming healing received by all party members or Retracing Bolide set which enhances shield strength.

Best Builds

Identifying characters that synergize well with Yanfei in a supportive capacity involves considering those who benefit from Pyro elemental reactions or who can protect Yanfei while she deals damage. For example, characters like Xingqiu or Barbara can help provide additional supportive elements through their water-based abilities, allowing for vaporize reactions when combined with Yanfei’s Pyro attacks.

Exploring team compositions that complement Yanfei’s healing abilities could involve pairing her with characters like Bennett or Diona who offer strong healing capabilities alongside their own elemental affinities. This creates a balanced team dynamic where each character contributes both offensively and defensively.

Discussing how specific characters can enhance Yanfei’s supportive role within a team might include examining how someone like Zhongli provides shields and crowd control while also amplifying Geo resonance benefits for increased survivability across the entire party.

Team Composition with Yanfei

Synergistic Characters

Yanfei, as a Pyro character in Genshin Impact, can trigger powerful elemental reactions when paired with other characters. For instance, combining her Pyro abilities with Hydro or Cryo characters can create vaporize or melt reactions, dealing significant damage to enemies. This synergy not only enhances the team’s offensive capabilities but also complements Yanfei’s healing potential by providing additional crowd control and damage output.

Moreover, these elemental reactions contribute to Yanfei’s supportive role by creating opportunities for her to heal the team while simultaneously dealing damage to opponents. The ability of Pyro reactions to spread across multiple enemies allows Yanfei to sustain the team’s health while keeping up the pressure on adversaries. By strategically utilizing these synergies, players can effectively leverage Yanfei’s healing abilities within their team compositions.

Elemental Reactions

To optimize Yanfei’s supportive role in combat scenarios, it is crucial for players to employ an effective skill rotation strategy. By initiating battles with support characters capable of triggering different elemental reactions and then switching to Yanfei at opportune moments, players can maximize her healing potential while maintaining consistent damage output.

Understanding the sequence of skills that best complement Yanfei’s playstyle is essential for enhancing her healing abilities during combat. For example, pairing her attacks with a Hydro character’s abilities followed by a switch to Cryo will result in powerful melt reactions that not only deal increased damage but also enable Yanfei to provide substantial healing support throughout the engagement.

Maximizing Yanfei’s Pyro DPS

Skill Rotation

Effective energy management is crucial when utilizing Yanfei as a healer or support character. To optimize her energy regeneration for sustaining a supportive role, focus on leveraging her abilities strategically. For instance, using Yanfei’s charged attack followed by her elemental skill can swiftly generate energy particles to aid in healing the team.

When maximizing Yanfei’s healing potential, consider incorporating strategies that allow for consistent energy generation. This may involve timing her attacks with other characters’ abilities to ensure a continuous flow of energy particles and subsequently maintaining sustained healing support throughout battles.

Energy Management

To enhance Yanfei’s supportive abilities within a team, it’s essential to outline specific skill combinations and sequences that cater to her strengths as a healer. Pairing her with characters who can trigger elemental reactions effectively complements her healing potential. For example, combining Yanfei’s Pyro attacks with Hydro or Electro elements from other teammates can create powerful vaporize or overload reactions while simultaneously providing substantial heals.

Executing seamless combos and sequences tailored to Yanfei’s support role involves understanding the synergy between her skills and those of other characters in the party. By strategically alternating between using Yanfei’s charged attack and elemental skill alongside complementary character abilities, players can maintain an optimal level of healing output while contributing significantly to overall damage dealt during combat engagements.

Enhancing Yanfei’s Charged Attacks

Combos and Sequences

Yanfei, known for her Pyro abilities, can also be an effective healer by strategically using her Elemental Burst. Maximizing the utilization of Yanfei’s Elemental Burst is crucial for supporting teammates in battles. For example, pairing her with characters who can trigger elemental reactions like Vaporize or Melt can significantly boost healing effects.

In a healing scenario, deploying Yanfei’s Burst ability effectively involves timing and positioning. When facing intense battles where continuous healing is required, combining Yanfei’s charged attacks with her Elemental Skill can help maintain sustained support for the team. This sequence allows players to deal damage while simultaneously triggering healing effects.

The impact of Elemental Burst utilization on enhancing Yanfei’s supportive capabilities cannot be overstated. By incorporating charged attacks into the rotation during combat situations, players can ensure consistent damage output while providing essential support to their team members.

Elemental Burst Utilization

Yanfei possesses passive abilities that contribute to enhancing her role as a healer or support character. For instance, her “Encyclopedic Expertise” talent increases the duration of Scarlet Seal by one second when she consumes Scarlet Seals generated through charged attacks.

These passive talents have significant effects on augmenting Yanfei’s supportive capabilities in battle scenarios. They allow players to capitalize on charging up Scarlet Seals more efficiently during combat situations without compromising on dealing damage.

Specific passive abilities complement Yanfei’s potential as a healer include “Blazing Eye” which decreases stamina consumption when she is under the effects of Scarflet Seal and “Proviso” which increases the maximum number of Scarlet Seals by one.

Unveiling Yanfei’s Talents

Passive Abilities

Yanfei’s constellations play a crucial role in amplifying her supportive capabilities within a team. As she progresses through her constellations, her healing abilities become more potent and versatile. For instance, at constellation level 1, Yanfei gains the “Suppression” effect, which decreases the cooldown of Scarlet Seal by 1 second when she hits enemies with a charged attack. This not only boosts her damage potential but also allows for more frequent healing.

Moreover, as Yanfei ascends through her constellations, specific aspects of her healing capabilities are significantly enhanced. For example, at constellation level 2, the maximum number of Scarlet Seals is increased to 3. This directly impacts her ability to heal allies since each Scarlet Seal generated contributes to restoring HP upon using signed Edict.

Constellation Effects

Understanding how wishes influence obtaining resources beneficial for Yanfei’s supportive build is essential for optimizing her healing potential. Wishes play a significant role in acquiring characters like Yanfei and weapons or artifacts that are relevant to enhancing her role as a healer or support character.

The wish system mechanics related to acquiring items essential for optimizing Yanfei’s healing potential can be pivotal in shaping the effectiveness of players’ teams. Players may obtain characters and weapons that synergize well with Yanfei’s abilities through their wishes.

In addition to this direct impact on obtaining resources beneficial for building up Yanfei as a healer or support character, understanding how wishes affect obtaining characters like Yanfei can also contribute significantly to enhancing one’s overall gaming experience within Genshin Impact.

Acquiring Yanfei in Genshin Impact

Wish System Mechanics

When evaluating event wishes in Genshin Impact, it’s crucial to consider the opportunities they offer for acquiring resources that can benefit Yanfei‘s supportive build. By pulling from specific event banners, players can obtain character ascension materials and talent-upgrade items essential for optimizing Yanfei‘s healing potential. These event wishes provide access to characters, weapons, or artifacts that are beneficial for enhancing Yanfei‘s role as a healer or support character.

For example, during the “Farewell of Snezhnaya” event wish in version 1.5 update, players have an increased chance of obtaining the 4-star catalyst-wielding character Rosaria. Acquiring Rosaria not only adds another Cryo element user to the team but also provides valuable resources such as Primogems and Stardust which can be used towards further attempts at obtaining Yanfei.

The “Wish System Mechanics” is instrumental in shaping how players strategize their pulls to bolster their roster with characters and gear best suited for supporting Yanfei’s healing capabilities.


Recapitulating Key Findings

Yanfei is indeed an effective healer and support character in Genshin Impact. Her ability to regenerate HP for the team while dealing damage makes her a valuable asset in any party composition. With her Elemental Burst, Signed Edict, she not only inflicts Pyro damage but also regenerates the team’s HP based on the amount of damage dealt. This unique combination of offense and healing sets her apart as a versatile character capable of fulfilling multiple roles within a team.

Furthermore, Yanfei’s Normal Attack talent, Seal of Approval, grants her Scarlet Seals upon hitting opponents with charged attacks. These seals decrease the stamina consumption of her Charged Attacks and increase their area-of-effect damage when fully stacked. This mechanic allows Yanfei to maintain sustained healing output while simultaneously contributing significant Pyro damage to combat encounters.

Yanfei’s versatility extends beyond just being a healer; she can be utilized as both a primary DPS dealer or secondary support character due to her kit’s flexibility.

Emphasizing Strategic Team Compositions

To maximize Yanfei’s potential as either a healer or support character, it is crucial to consider strategic team compositions that complement her abilities. Pairing Yanfei with characters who can trigger powerful elemental reactions such as Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) or Melt (Cryo + Pyro) enhances the overall effectiveness of the team.

For instance, combining Yanfei with characters like Xingqiu or Mona can lead to potent Vaporize reactions that amplify Pyro-based attacks while providing additional crowd control through Hydro elements. Similarly, pairing Yanfei with Cryo characters like Kaeya or Rosaria can enable frequent Melt reactions for increased damage output.

Moreover, considering artifact sets that boost Healing Bonus and Elemental Mastery further augments Yanfei’s supportive capabilities while ensuring consistent healing throughout battles.


You’ve learned all about Yanfei’s versatile role in Genshin Impact, from evaluating her potential as a healer to optimizing her support capabilities and maximizing her Pyro DPS. With the right team composition and build, she can be a valuable asset in your adventures. Remember to consider her talents and charged attacks when enhancing her abilities. Whether you’re aiming to boost your team’s healing potential or unleash powerful Pyro attacks, Yanfei has the tools to shine.

Ready to put your newfound knowledge into action? Take Yanfei for a spin in Genshin Impact and experiment with different strategies to see how she can elevate your gameplay. Embrace her strengths and watch as she becomes an indispensable part of your team. Get out there and let Yanfei light up the battlefield with her fiery prowess!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yanfei a viable healer in Genshin Impact?

Yanfei is not primarily designed as a healer in Genshin Impact. While she can provide some healing through her abilities, her main focus is on dealing Pyro damage and supporting the team with her elemental skills.

How can I optimize Yanfei for support in my team?

To optimize Yanfei for support, focus on building her Elemental Burst and energy recharge. Equip artifacts that enhance her Pyro damage and boost the team’s overall performance. Pairing her with characters who can trigger elemental reactions will maximize her support capabilities.

What are some effective team compositions including Yanfei?

Yanfei synergizes well with characters who can trigger Vaporize or Melt reactions, such as Xingqiu or Chongyun. Combining her with a strong Pyro DPS character like Diluc or Klee creates a powerful team dynamic that maximizes elemental reactions and overall damage output.

Can Yanfei be built for maximum Pyro DPS?

Yes, by focusing on increasing her attack percentage, crit rate, and crit damage through artifact sets and weapon choices, you can build Yanfei to excel as a formidable Pyro DPS character. Prioritize enhancing talents related to charged attacks to unleash devastating pyro damage.

How do I acquire Yanfei in Genshin Impact?

Yanfei was introduced as a 4-star character in an event wish banner “Gentry of Hermitage.” Players have the chance to obtain her by making wishes during this specific event period.

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