Why Can’t Others Touch Your Crystal?

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Don’t Feel Guilty For Protecting Your Crystal Or Your Personal Space

We are constantly taught in life “don’t do that, you are causing too much trouble!”

We are constantly being reminded to not do that, you are ruining the world!

The truth is the only people causing more trouble than us are those who believe they can do no wrong.

Those who have the nerve to say, “I do not feel guilty for protecting my crystal,” are the only ones causing more troubles then they are solving.

Protecting your personal space from those who would violate it is a little harder than protecting your crystal.

This is because most of the time the personal space that someone would want to destroy is their own personal space.

do not feel guilty for protecting your crystal or your personal space












How can we protect our personal spaces when we have been conditioned by society to believe that it is OK to violate others personal space?

People who do not feel guilty for protecting their crystal or their personal space are the only kind of people that should be teaching crystal.

Do Not Touch Someone Else’s Crystal

  • It is important for one to learn about their personal and spiritual properties of Do Not Touch (DOT) crystals.
  • Some people have said that by simply wearing the crystal, one is able to discern where a person is in their life.
  • However, some people believe that these do not touch crystals are used to distract others from touching other parts of the body.
  • There are also some who say that by using such crystals, we are able to protect ourselves from spirit guides, angels, and demons.
  • It is also believed that these crystals can be used as a link between the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • For this reason, they are also used by psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants to communicate with their clients.
  • Although some see it as a hoax, some are still holding on to this practice.

Do Not Reach Out to Touch Crystals Worn by Those Who Practice Energy Channeling

Do not reach out to touch crystals worn by people who practice energy channeling, for the crystals are part of their individuality and they are not looking for a connection to another being.

Even so, some aiders feel very connected to their crystals and they wear them because they feel like it helps them to be in touch with their own energy. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you respect their choice.

Personally do not think a necklace or gemstone is necessary to become a trusted aider.

I have been known to wear an eyeglasses when I was a youngster which helped me to see better.

That does not make me a “wearing something nice” kind of person.

I do know that some people have worn crystals to help them get in touch with their spiritual guides.

I have also heard many people say that certain gemstones helped them to see things that other people could not see.

So, if you choose not to wear jewelry when practicing energy channeling, that does not make you a bad aider.

It just means that you are doing what is right for you and your needs.

If you wear a necklace when you are working with crystals, that is fine, but I do not see any reason why you should not do the same with the crystals you use during your energy work.

Do Not Assume It Is Okay To Reach Into A Someone’s Personal Space Without First Asking

Asking someone to give you their cell phone number without first asking permission is rude and offensive.

It is like touching their Pet Dog, Pet Cat or Personal Crystal without asking permission is not right.

If you are ever in this situation and have not asked for permission, you should stop immediately and think about what type of behavior you are displaying.

If you are acting out of anger, you need to ask yourself why you are doing this, if you are not going to stop this behavior because you think it is funny or you are just playing a prank on your friends.

Would you like to be known as the person that invites people over to someone’s personal space and just walks right up to them with their cell phone? I would hope not, this is not acceptable and it would not be a good person to do this.

Do not assume it is okay to reach into someones personal space without first asking








So the question becomes, what can you do when you are in a public place such as a restaurant or a movie theater and someone pulls up in front of you and starts asking you questions while you are in the line at the movie theater?

First off, do not pull out your cell phone to take pictures or to call your friends. If you do feel uncomfortable and you want to get your own phone to take pictures or call your friends, go ahead and do so, but do not go into a personal space without asking permission first.

If you have to ask permission, make sure you are respectful and behave properly.

Another thing to consider is that if you are reaching into someone’s personal space, you may be intruding and invading their privacy.

You should never invade someone’s personal space.

Regardless of what kind of contact you are making, whether it is to get their attention or to ask them if they want to have dinner with you, never, ever invade someone’s personal space.

This is an action that can create many problems in relationships.

It can also create problems for the restaurant owner or the movie theater owner if the person in question has a problem with it.

It can also create problems in professional settings such as at work where people are expected to behave properly in public.

Crystal Healing Therapy

The question of other reasons to avoid touching crystals has been on my mind for some time now.

I have studied crystal healing therapy for a number of years but there are other reasons to avoid it that I haven’t seen, maybe others have noticed them as well and you can research more about this for your information.

other reasons to avoid touching crystals Some people have been physically assaulted


Now another reason to avoid this is because of the energy that it can produce.

It is believed by some people that it can produce negativity in people or in places where it is held.

I cannot say that for certain, but it is something that I have heard from some sources and I can say that it is certainly an opinion that deserves at least a little investigation.

There is also the belief that it is unhealthy because of the effect that it can have on your mental state.

Again, I can’t say that for certain either, but again, it is my opinion just like any other thought or belief out there.

Why You Should Avoid Touching Crystals On People

There are other reasons why you should not touch crystals personally on people without their expressed permission.

Some individuals have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and may be physically aggressive, uncomfortable with physical touch.

Don’t automatically assume it’s okay to touch someone’s private space without first asking first.

It may hurt or cause confusion if you do this without their expressed permission.

In the past if a person touched a crystal and felt a strong negative energy it was because of a negative experience in the past.

This is why it may be better to simply leave someone alone while they hold or carry the crystal.

If you plan to carry crystals for healing purposes then you may want to make sure the one holding them is not allergic to crystals.

Some people may not even care if the crystal is hot or cold.

You would be surprised at the types of people who will not care which way a crystal is held.

The bottom line here is that it is not okay to touch people without their express permission.

There is nothing wrong with carrying crystals for healing purposes or using them for self enhancement.

But you should never use a crystal to attract others to you.

That is pretty much an ethics lesson on my part. If you are going to get into a psychic relationship then you should know what you’re getting into beforehand.

Why People Who Break Boundaries Will Not Know They Are Doing So

Some people who break boundaries wont know they are doing so unless you tell them so.

When I say people who break boundaries wont know they are doing so I mean it literally.

If you are someone who thinks that boundaries are for reasons only then you are not alone, you are very wrong.

Breaking a boundary can be one of the most destructive things that anyone can do. It is also one of the most easy things to get away with if you are someone who thinks it doesn’t matter.

Breaking a boundary can be one of the most difficult things to do because it will seem like the person breaking it has done something terribly wrong.

They will usually feel guilty and even think that they are a bad person. But they are not a bad person; they have simply crossed a line and done something they are not supposed to do.

Most people who break boundaries won’t think about what they have actually done until years later when they try to understand themselves.

When this happens people who break boundaries wont know they are doing so because they will still see themselves as victims.

They will blame everyone around them including themselves for their behavior and will try to justify that it was only because of the “rules” that they set up.

Boundaries can be hard to keep intact but it is possible to do so.

If you are someone who feels that you cannot do so then take a deep breath and think about what you have done.

If you find that it is really worth it then go ahead and set boundaries but if not you may have to rethink what you are doing.

Breaking ones boundaries is a lot harder than making ones.

Is it Okay to Say, ‘Yes’ or ‘No?’

Okay, so now we have established that it is okay to say No or to put your hand over your crystal, but what if the person who said No to you wants to be healed?

Okay, this all depends on the situation and the power of the words.

The person saying No to you might not realize that there is a contract that exists between them and you.

If it is a mutual agreement, it is okay to say No or to put your hand over your crystal to let the other person know that there is a contract and binding between both of you.

If it is a verbal agreement, then it is a matter of how strong that verbal agreement is and whether or not you want to risk losing your crystal.

it is okay to say No or to place your hand over your crystal to protect it from people



It is also okay to state no when someone asks you for something.

You can say no, even if you do have something that they want, and you can also say no when someone tries to pressure you into doing something, or when you are uncomfortable with the situation and feel you cannot safely say no.

It is also okay to put your hand over your crystal ornaments or anything else you put your crystal on if you are working in a professional setting, even if it is only at home.

Your work situation does not determine whether or not you can put your hand over your crystal.

How People Are Attracted to Touching Other People’s Crystals – Energy For Healing

People drawn to touching other peoples’ crystals are usually unconsciously invading privacy.

However, if this energy is allowed to continue unbridled it can actually create bonds with these people which may be very deep.

When a person feels very strongly attracted to someones’ crystal it may be because that person understands the importance of that person’s life in their own and they connect with these people emotionally on a deeper level.

It is as if they feel deeply connected to the crystal and they draw to them unconsciously as if they were with someone in their life.

If the energy that is released by a healing crystal is strong enough this type of energy can actually drive out negative energy.

Therefore, if people who are very stressed out are allowed to stay in a client’s crystal they may feel safer than if they left.

If they are allowed to stay in the property they are more likely to release stress and release the energy into the crystal.

This energy is usually a very powerful form. People who are very attracted to the crystals can find themselves drawn to them like magnets and can feel very safe and protected when they are near them.

Energy Experience a Physical Violation When You Touch Someone else’s Crystal

What I’m talking about is when you touch someone else’s crystal but your energy is in turmoil and the other person also has the same experience.

You can’t explain to each other why this is happening. You both just know that there is something different going on and that it’s upsetting you both.

You then experience a physical violation when you touch someone else’s crystal because you are carrying around all of that energy that is not harmonious with you and the other person is experiencing a similar energetic experience.

when you touch someone else crystal sensitive energy experience a physical violation


How can you avoid this when you touch someone else’s crystal?

The first thing is to slow down when you are doing anything that will disrupt your current state of being.

When you are intensely focused on another person’s energy, you often experience the energy violation even if it doesn’t feel like it. When you slow down, you open up to your own energy.

It is very easy to let yourself go when you are too deeply involved with another person’s energy.

The next step is to get out of that trance state that you are experiencing. You can do this by simply visualizing a clear mental picture of what happens when you touch that crystal.

Focus on the crystal without allowing yourself to become emotionally connected to it. This allows you to break the connection between the crystal and the other person.

When You Reach Out to Touch Someone Else’s Chakras

When you touch someone with the intention of touching them and moving their energy, it is called touching others.

When you touch someone with the expectation of love and bonding and moving their energy into you, it is known as contacting others.

I like to explain this process in terms of a crystal ball.

Each of us has our own Crystal Balls that reflect our individual state of energy at any given time.

When you first contact someone, or when you are the first to make contact, your energy is at a very basic level.

This might feel like a soft breeze blowing across you or someone gently rubbing your arm.

You could also feel something hot, similar to the warmth of the sun on your face.

This is your basic human feeling of being touched. It can be anything, as this is all feeling.

When you enter into another person’s life and you begin to create feelings of love, power and harmony for them, your energy levels will quickly begin to raise.

Your thoughts become more vivid and colorful. This is the moment when the colors from your body shine through as you connect to your other half or your “other self”.

Your whole outlook on life changes and you notice how much you value and appreciate the other person.

You realize that you have been carrying this load of dissatisfaction and negative energy around your entire life and now you have decided to let go and release it.

Therefore one should refrain from touching someone elses crystals

Should I Refuse to Touch Someone’s Crystals?

One of the best answers to this question that I can give is this, “For most people, yes, you should refrain from touching someone else’s crystal jewelry as much as possible.”

However, there are some exceptions when it comes to the touching of a person’s body part and crystals.

If a young child or an infant is in a dangerous situation or if the person has been severely ill for many days, then touching their hair or any other body parts will surely harm them.

Therefore one should refrain from touching someone else’s crystal jewelry and leave it at that.

Understanding Crystal Etiquette

Crystal Etiquette, as defined by some, is a code of conducts that is meant to govern how one should act in regard to others.

It is the view of some that Etiquette should supersede the law.

Etiquette is said to be a set of rules or behavioral guidelines intended to guide people in making correct and proper decisions and actions in social situations.

Crystal Etiquette is essentially a set of rules intended to help us understand and avoid making mistakes that can potentially lead to major problems.

One who subscribes to the Etiquette does so with the hopes of avoiding unnecessary conflicts and hurt feelings that could arise from potentially wrong behavior.

For those of us who do not subscribe to the Crystal Etiquette, we see Etiquette as a way of life, not a code of conduct we are expected to live by.

Crystal Etiquette Look But Dont Touch

While touching another person may sometimes feel natural and unavoidable, there is a right way and a wrong way.

Crystal Etiquette is not meant to tell someone that they should never be touched, but rather to teach them how not to force other people into unwanted touching.

People Wear Crystals and Gemstones for Their Vibrational Frequency Cleanse and Set Intents

People from all walks of life wear crystals for their vibrational frequency cleanse to free their minds and souls from the negative energies (though sometimes unseen energies) which often take a hold on us.

Crystals are used in medicine, meditation, and even as a form of alternative healing – one can clear their minds and souls using a crystal.

When you clear your mind and set intentions you will then put into place the actions that you desire in your life.

In other words, by placing a crystal over your intentions and thoughts you will be able to achieve your goals.

This is why it is commonly said that by believing you can achieve your dreams, you can manifest them!

people wear crystals for their vibrational frequency cleanse crystals and set intents

People also wear these beautiful stones and crystals to connect to a higher power or to an angel or guardian angel.

Crystals and gemstones have long been used by healers and spiritual leaders to connect with loved ones or to channel positive energy for the collective good.

Crystals and gemstones have also been worn by people throughout history to protect themselves from harm.

For the average person living in our society, however, the benefits of using a vibrational frequency cleanse and set intentions are usually not realized.

Most people have become quite busy and are hardly able to find time to set aside for themselves and maintain a connection with spiritual or divine sources.

Even though we have become quite connected with technology and electronics, it seems that the need for a connection with spiritual beings or angels has become lost along the way.

Crystals and gemstones, however, can be used as a spiritual tool to reconnect with these precious entities and let them show you how to establish a connection to your own inner being.

A Black Tourmaline Can Remind the Wearing wearer to Stay Grounded

A black tourmaline can remind the wearer to stay grounded because it absorbs every color and each little detail of surrounding environments.

A black tourmaline can remind the wearer to remain grounded

In fact, a black tourmaline can remind the wearer to stay grounded because it can make you more aware of where you are.

The best way to do this, according to scientists, is to get out into nature as often as possible.

When you go to the park or you go to your garden, you should do something to clear your head of the rigors of modern life and think about the natural world around you.

That’s because your natural world is actually a beautiful world and it is your responsibility to nurture it and protect it. So a black tourmaline can help you do just that!

Do and Don’ts About Crystal Cans and Do’s

Crystal can and do support a persons intention and are very useful in spiritual practices.

There is a huge difference between the ordinary, run of the mill spiritually inspired cans and do’s and the crystal kind. The ordinary ones have a more “do it yourself” feel to them.

They are used to saying things like “I am feeling stressed” or “I am having a hard time getting up this morning” and usually at that moment they would be crystal clear and have no confusion at all.

This is what the inexperienced person wants because he or she does not know if they will have a clear message or not.

crystal cans and do support a persons intention and are useful in spiritual practicesThe crystal clear cans and do’s help a person communicate on a much higher plane and can also bring clarity of thought, intuition, and even provide answers to questions that a person may have.

The crystals within the picture or image itself help in the vision process and also provide answers that can be spoken by the person within the picture.

The crystal can and do not need to be bought, sold, or traded in order to use them.

A person can get a crystal can or a crystal do for any purpose at all and does not need to have it on him or her at all times.

Once the crystal has been received into one’s hands, the owner should keep it away from other people in order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands again.

Do Crystals Make Us More Beauty Or Vibrational Energy?

Many believe that people wear crystals for beauty while others for vibrational frequency and metaphysical purposes.

Crystals are said to be beautiful in their own way, others say that they enhance the beauty of a person, both wearing and not wearing the crystal.

It seems that science has found a way to combine the two theories and we are now finding that when we wear a gemstone or a crystal it has a beneficial affect on our body and soul in general.

I would like to present some information that may help shed some light on this subject matter.

people wear crystals for beauty while others for vibrational frequency and metaphysicalAccording to many people all crystals vibrate at a different frequency, some say that the larger ones vibrate at a higher frequency and that the smaller ones vibrate at a lower one.

Now this may be true in some cases, for instance if you have a diamond that is very large, it will add to your beauty and vibrational frequency. However what if you purchased a small diamond?

This would not add to your beauty and vibrational frequency like the large ones would because the smaller stones are so perfect. It just goes to show you that size does not matter when it comes to attracting and creating beauty.

On another hand, we can also look at the crystals that are worn by many people such as; the amethyst which is said to improve communication with the inner self, the citrine which is known to promote mental clarity, the quartz which is said to promote overall health and well being, and the Rhodonite which is said to promote psychic growth.

All of these stones have vibrational frequencies and the stones can only help us improve our vibrational frequencies as we wear them.

This is why we should wear them if we want to make ourselves and our lives better or more beautiful in some cases. The same goes for the crystals that people wear for other reasons.

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