What’s an Orgonite Pyramid and Why Do You Need One? Let’s dive deep!

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sMany people want to be happier, healthier, and just live a more prosperous life. Literally every person on the planet wonders how to do better at least every now and then. Of course, we want our families, our pets and the plants we’re taking care of to do well too.  We even want to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good. This is all part of being human, and humans tend to seek harmonic relationships with the world around them. However, we, the people, often feel like many parts of our lives are undergoing somewhat chaotic scenarios. And even though the harmony of life is always around us, knowing how to ‘cultivate’ it could be very useful. Orgonite pyramids could be one way of doing this, and we would like to tell you more about them.

What are some of the sources of EMF radiation?

Many people believe that a lot of the chaos in our lives has to do with EMF radiation. ‘EMF’ stands for ‘electromagnetic field’ and it is a field that is created when a charged particle moves. It is believed that exposure to these particles can cause anxiety, irritability, sadness, problems with the immune system, insomnia, and even cancer. The lack of scientific research on the issue is frightening, and scientists should definitely explore the matter in more depth.

Science has, however, explained that electric appliances, cell phones, TVS, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters and other things are sources of EMF radiation. Even though this radiation is non-ionizing, people are afraid of it, and the lack of scientific research definitely doesn’t help. However, there is something that could be very helpful for our health and well-being, and that is Orgone.

All about Orgone

orgonite pyramid

Every living creature on the planet has the energy of life in it and around it. This energy is sometimes referred to as Aether or Prana and it can also be referred to as Orgone. The term ‘Orgone’ dates back in the early 20th century. The acclaimed psychologist and scientist Wilhelm Reich claimed that he discovered this energy throughout various scientific experiments. Reich went even further and created an Orgone accumulator. This was a device that he thought helped many of his patients because it could attract Orgone energy and re-direct it to the people. Many of his patients confirmed that they were, indeed, feeling better after their treatment within the Orgone accumulator.

According to Reich, the Orgone energy is everywhere around us and it fills the space. He thought that Orgone was the energy of the Cosmos. He also believed that Orgone was quantifiable and observable and that it pulsates. Reich also saw this energy as something that was very attracted by organic materials and metals. However, according to him, these two types of matter have distinct relationships with the Orgone. Reich, furthermore, argued that organic materials would hold the Orgone energy after attracting it, while metals would repel it. However, it is not only metals and organic matter that attract Orgone. According to Reich, water attracts it as well, and this is something we will talk about later. Furthermore, you can also ingest Orgonite through the food, or at least that is what Reich thought was possible.

What is Orgonite?

Reich was so convinced that Orgonite does exist that he actually built an Orgonite accumulator. The idea about the Orgone didn’t cease to exist even with the banning of this scientist’s literature. Orgone continued to be the topic of research for a lot of people across the planet for many years after. The idea about Orgone experienced a crucial revival somewhere in the late 20th century. It was then that people started recreating Reich’s Orgone accumulator. They made a device that was easily accessible and one that would last for a long time. This device was the Orgonite, a mixture of resin, metal shavings and crystals turned into a hard object. The device was using the power of Orgone to help living things that would come into contact with it ‘flourish.’

As we said, Orgonites are made of resin, metal shavings and crystals. Once it cures, the resin acts as the main body of the device. The metal shavings and the crystals are inside of the resin to clean and transmute the energy. You can use polyester, epoxy or natural resin when making the Orgonite. You can also use any metal for the metal shavings inside the device. When it comes to the crystals, the most commonly used one is quartz, but other crystals are effective as well.

Types of crystals used for an Orgonite

You can easily get a hold on quartz. However, this is not the only reason it is used in the making of an Orgonite. The main reason for this is that this crystal belongs to the group of piezoelectric crystals. Piezoelectricity is basically a substance becoming electrically charged once a mechanical force is applied upon it. That said, quartz exhibits piezoelectric properties once it gets pressed by the cured resin. This is very important for an Orgonite to be ‘potent’ and actually work, on which we will elaborate later.

Even though piezoelectric crystals are a must for every Orgonite device, you can still use other crystals for the Orgonite. The type of crystal you decide to add will depend on what you want to use your Orgonite for. Some crystals you can use when making an Orgonite are amethyst, aqua aura, citrine, tourmaline, and topaz.

Properties of different crystals

The other crystals you use in your Orgonite can have different uses. The crystals can be helpful for different kinds of problems you might have. That said, Amethyst is a crystal that is associated with inner peace. This crystal can inspire your inner calmness or sparkle your will for being more proactive. On the other hand, Aventurine could help clean your heart chakra. This crystal can help you overcome your negative thoughts and emotions, feel happier and get out of harmful relationships. A crystal beneficial for your root chakra could be the Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is great to use against EMF. This crystal can also help you feel the present moment while protecting you from negative energy. Carnelian is a crystal that can boost your energy and motivation since it’s a crystal for the sacral chakra. This crystal can help you feel more courageous and confident, and it can also make your motivation level increase. You can achieve concentration, creativity, and clearer thoughts if you put Fluorite inside your Orgonite. Garnet, furthermore, is a great crystal for courage, confidence, love and passion.

The list of crystals you can put in your Orgonite is very large. We recommend you do thorough research about crystals before you decide which crystals you want in your device. We also recommend you focus on one or two kinds of crystals that interest you. This will make the Orgonite more effective. Using multiple types of crystals can make the Orgon energy ‘scattered.’ Orgone is, however, more effective when you focus it on one area in your life that you want to improve.  Therefore, decide what issue you want to use your Orgonite for and pick the best crystals for that.

How does an Orgonite pyramid work?

Before we talk about Orgonite Pyramids, we would like to say something more about the way Orgonites work. You now know that Orgonites are made of resin, metal shredding and crystals and that the cured resin keeps all the components together in a solid object. Now, the way Orgonites work is they attract the Negative Orgone Energy and convert it into Positive Orgone Energy. People believe that EMFs are a part of the Negative Orgone Energy which can in many ways be harmful to your health. So, the Orgonite attracts this negative energy, and this energy then ‘travels’ through the layers of the device. It goes from one to another metal shaving and it also passes through the carbon molecules of the resin. As it circulates through the Orgonite, the negative energy becomes purified and the crystals help direct it out of the device as a Positive Orgone Energy.

One of the reasons the shape of an Orgonite is so important is  because it can amplify the energy generated by the device, and out of the many shapes an Orgonite can be made in, the shape of a pyramid amplifies the energy the most. And not only that— people think that the shape of a pyramid can transmit the energy with great ease.

orgonite pyramid photo

What is an Orgonite Pyramid and why do you need one?

An Orgonite Pyramid is an Orgonite with the shape of a pyramid. People believe that because of its pyramid shape, this kind of Orgonite has the ability to better transfer the Positive Orgon Energy and to even amplify it. Even Alexander Golod, a scientist and an alternative healer, thinks that the shape of the pyramid creates positive energy fields that is possible to control and use. Golod is famous for constructing seventeen pyramids made of fiberglass in Russia. He claims that these pyramids can have positive effects on people’s wellbeing. According to alleged scientific studies, these pyramids can improve your immune system, make medicines have a better effect on your health, improve the fertility of seeds, make bacteria and viruses weaker and decrease radioactivity. According to these studies, all of this is possible if you enter the pyramid. People think that these pyramids are the reason for the Ozone layer repairmen in Russia.

What does an Orgonite Pyramid do?

People believe that Orgonites, in general, can have multiple positive effects on people and the environment. Orgonite Pyramids can enhance these positive effects because of their shape. People believe that they turn the negative EMF energy (radiation) into positive energy. They also think Orognite Pyramids help you sleep and relax, experience lucid dreaming, meditate better and be in a better mood. These Pyramids can help you grow spiritually and psychologically and be healthier in general. The Pyramids can, furthermore, remove toxins from water and cleanse the area in which you place them.

What to do when you make or get an Orgonite Pyramid?

This might not be that obvious, but there are certain things that you need to do when you make or get your Orgonite Pyramid. These things will help you ‘power-up’ the pyramid and improve its performance.

Once you’ve made your Orgonite Pyramid, you should expose it in sunlight for 20 or 30 minutes so that you clear it and charge it. However, it is not only the sunlight that can help you clear and charge your pyramid, and you can also sink it in cold water for a bit or clear it with sounds such as the ones from classical music, tuning forks and sound bells. This is also how you will need to maintain your pyramid from time to time and help the crystals discharge the negative energy they will accumulate after some time.

After you’ve cleared and charged the pyramid, you should connect with it by placing it next to your heart or by imagining the infinity sign forming between you and your Orgonite. Finally, you should think about an intention that you have and let your pyramid help you fulfill it. The pyramid will be connected to you as long as your intentions are good and harmless to you or someone else.

How long do Orgonites last?

Orgonites, including Orgonite Pyramids, should last more than 50 years and maybe hundreds of years if you have them placed inside your home. Don’t expose your pyramid to too much water since water dissolves the resin.

Do Orgonites work?

Many people believe that Orgonites actually do work. Some of them offer as proof the shape of iced water when exposed to an Orgonite. When you place the Orgonite on top of a glass of water in the freezer, this water freezes with a lot of spikes that go upward in spite of gravity. People who have Orgonites also claim that plants grow bigger if you place the Orgonite next to them. Finally, people think that Orgonites have many positive effects on the health of humans. However, this is where things get a bit tricky.

We are all different from one another and this makes Orgonites have different effects on us. People believe that these effects are positive. However, getting to the point where your Orgonite makes you feel better might be a bit of a bumpy ride. Some people, for example, feel like they have a flu when they start to use an Orgonite for the first time. Others have headaches, are irritable, are unable to sleep and feel sickish. This is why Orgonite makers and people who claim to understand Orgonites don’t recommend people having too many Orgonites if they’re new to all this. According to them, one device should be enough to start off with, and once you feel comfortable around your Orgonite, you can get or make more devices.

After the initial discomfort, you could start to feel better and healthier, but this will probably be a slow process. You might start to notice some small changes as time goes by, and see how much you’ve improved when you compare your past with your present self.

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