How To Make Orgonite

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Steps for How to Make an Orgonite

You can learn how to make an orgonite just by reading. How do you do this, you ask? Well, here are some basic steps for you to follow:how to make an orgonite

Making Orgonite is very easy.

Safety Equipment

Respirator Mask

  • If you have a respirator mask, your skin will become dry and itchy. This is how important safety equipment for orgonite is. If you have to work in a toxic environment without using safety equipment for orgonite, you may suffer from serious diseases.
  • The best way to determine what kind of protection you need is to get inside your workplace and observe the concentration of chemicals present in the air.
  • The different air pollutants that can cause respiratory problems are irritants, oxidizers, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aerosols, ozone, particulate matter, and so on.
  • When your workplace has a large amount of VOCs, you may have to suffer from cancer due to inhaling the air in the room where you work. It is because VOCs, ozone, ozone and particulate matter can form free radicals that can easily destroy DNA and other human cells that are in your body.

Rubber Gloves

  • You can use your latex gloves when working with any kind of liquid or organic material, such as cleaning up spills.
  • You can also use these when you need to clean up the residue that has been left behind after pouring a batch of resin.


Avoid getting resin on your clothes with apron. Resin is a type of chemical that will darken your clothes and take them away from their original look.

Vinegar to Wash Excess Resin

It is important to be able to use vinegar to wash excess resin.

Materials Needed to Make Orgonite

Epoxy and Polyester Resin

Polyester resin is the most commonly used for orgonite, as it is less expensive, and also because it shrinks more when it is cured. This makes the orgonite more effective since the shrinking causes constant pressure to be put on the quartz crystal inside, creating a piezoelectric effect.  I use water clear casting resin in my orgonite, which is more expensive, but you can also use regular resin which will turn yellow-brownish when it cures.

Metal Shavings

metal shavings from machine shop

metal shavings
  • Metal shavings (also known as mill tail or micro tail shavings).
  • These metal shavings are available at your local machine shop and can be easily obtained for free since they just throw these away.
  • But in case you needed to make a very sophisticated orgonite with very nice quality then it would be best to buy crushed metal shavings.
  • The rule of thumb is to use 50% metal shavings and 50% crystals when making your orgonite.
  • Copper can also be used in case you cannot get your hands on metal shavings.  Aluminun is also another alternative if you cannot find metal or copper.

All of them can be used for orgonite.

Quartz Crystals

quartz crystals

There are many quartz crystals which you can choose from. As these are relatively cheaper and easy to find, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to buying these crystals. There are many important factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the proper usage of these crystals, so that you do not damage them and therefore never experience any problems.

Quartz crystal is the main ingredient for the orgonite to function properly.  Crystal is needed for its piezoelectric effects.  With crystal, the orgonite will act as an accumulator and energy cleanser.  It will convert bad energy into positive energy.


one of my crystals

crystals for orgonite making

Muffins Mould

muffin moulds

I’m going to explain a little about muffin moulds that may help you if you are interested in making your own muffins.

The silicon muffin moulds which are obtained easily at dollar stores or Michaels are used so that the resin wont stick.

You can also use specially shaped moulds made of plastic, metal and glass.

Other Gemstones

other gemstones to your orgonite

If you are buying and selling in your organize trade, please be aware that other gemstones to your orgonite can be very beneficial. So many people do not realize that it is a very wise decision to buy and sell in different gemstones. We will take a look at some of the benefits that you can get by selling in different gemstones to your orgonite.

Personally i use other gemstone together with the quartz crystal and the properties will be enhanced.

If you are going to mix with other gemstones, it is advisable to check the gemstones compatibility with quartz crystals.

Actual Instruction On How to Make An Orgonite

  • You can start making the orgonite with the materials above.
  • There are a lot of orgonite makers playing meditation music and have a positive thoughts in the process of making the orgonite.
  • It is like a sword making blacksmith creating a piece of metal which makes it into a masterpiece.
  • If you are making orgonite it would be great too if you sincerely and carefully prepare it like Picasso.

Here are the procedure:

1.  Put the metal, aluminum or copper shavings into the moulds.  Put 1 or 3 quartz crystals and some other gemstones and level it out.

2.  Put the resin into the mould and make sure that it does not overfill and make a clearance of 1 cm before it fills up to the top ensuring that it wont spill.

Note : Resin comes with a catalyst to harden it.  Make sure that you just put 2 to 3 % of the catalyst and follow the instruction on the mixing proportions.

3.  Let the resin cure at least overnight and then take it out from the mould.

Cured resin will completely harden in a week’s time.

Please look at the pictures of my orgonite which i did it myself.

my orgone collection part 1

my orgone collection part 2

my orgone collection part 3





my orgone collection part 4










It does not look that great when i was doing it first time, but improves over time.

Here is a You Tube Video showing you how it is super easy to make your own orgonite!

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