How Do Plants Absorb Mineral Salts From The Soil?

How Do Plants Absorb Mineral Salts From The Soil

How Do Plants Get Minerals Indirectly From Soil? Plants can obtain minerals indirectly from soil if they are supplemented with them. The nutrients are leaked by a plant’s apoplast, the space between its cells, which can provide a fertile environment for plant growth. In addition, a rich supply of phosphorus and potassium may stimulate fungal … Read more

Why Are Minerals Nonrenewable?

Why Are Minerals Nonrenewable

Why Are Minerals Nonrenewable? The world is using mineral resources at an ever-increasing rate. This is because these resources take millions of years to form and cannot be replaced quickly. For example, minerals used to make gasoline and other fuels are considered nonrenewable because they have taken millions of years to form. The earth’s crust … Read more