Does Water Have Calories? Explained

Does Water Have Calories? The answer to the question, “does water have calories?” is no. Water is an inorganic substance that is odorless, colorless, and transparent. It is the main constituent of the hydrosphere of Earth, the primary component of all living organisms, and the most abundant element on Earth. It contains no calories or … Read more

Can Calories Be Absorbed Through The Skin? Find Out!

Can Calories Be Absorbed Through the Skin? While skin is the largest and fastest growing organ in the human body, it is not completely impermeable. Certain chemicals, oils, and even medicines can pass through the skin. Consequently, the skin does not provide the same level of nutritional absorption as the rest of the body. For … Read more

Why Do Pickles Have No Calories? Fact Or Myth?

How Come Pickles Have No Calories? There are many reasons to love pickles, but the most important of them is that they have no calories! While they might sound healthy, they actually contain trace amounts of calories. That’s because the vinegar base and cucumbers used to make pickles produce more carbon dioxide than calories. Plus, … Read more

Why Do Dates Make You Poop? 13 Good Reasons!

Why Do Dates Make You Poop? If you’ve ever wondered why dates make you poop, you’re not alone. The sweetener in dates is fructose, and some people have trouble digesting it. This can lead to stomach upset and gas. Additionally, fructose has been linked to abdominal pain and skin rashes, which are caused by the … Read more

Can You Get E Coli From Your Own Poop? ( Explained )

Can You Get E. Coli From Your Own Poop? E. coli is a bacterium that is most prevalent in stools and stool feces. It spreads through direct contact with the contaminated stool. It is common for people to pick up microscopic traces of the bacteria when they handle unpasteurized milk, juice, or raw meat. Despite … Read more

Can You Get Pink Eye From Poop? (And 8 Other Ways)

Can You Get Pink Eye From Poop? Can you get pink eye from poop? The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Many people get the condition as a result of touching farts on pillows. While this practice is not recommended, it is possible. The virus that causes pink eyes is coronavirus, which cannot … Read more

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