6 Animals That Have The Strongest Immune System

How Does a Pit Viper Enzyme Keep Your Blood Pressure at the Right Level?

Using a Pit Viper venom enzyme that keeps your blood pressure at the right level which Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The Captopril drug is one example that can be used for the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure, this was approved for use in 1980.

Pit Viper venom is used for vasodilation and inhibition of renal function activities serious side effects is loss of taste and coughing.

How Does Pit Viper venom Contain A Protein That Blocks Angiotensin Converting Enzyme?

Pit vipers do not have an intestinal or digestive tract, they have a unique type of mouth designed to funnel in their prey, inject it with venom, and then suck it back up again.

Their venom contains a protein that blocks the angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is in charge of the nerve endings in your snake’s body.

Pit viper venom contains a protein that blocks angiotensin converting enzymeAngiotensin is a hormone produced when your adrenal gland gets stimulated by something dangerous.

It then causes your blood pressure to rise, which results in an increased heart rate.

This rapid increase in your heart rate causes fluid to get pumped to your muscles and when enough of this fluid reaches your snake’s body, it starts working at full force, causing an almost instant death.

The Pit Viper’s venom contains an ingredient that actually breaks down the human adrenaline gland into Angiotensin II, and then the poison eats through the heart muscle.

Without this vital chemical the snake cannot perform it’s job, and without the heart muscle there is nothing to stop the poison from continuing its deadly flow.

Unique Texture Makes it Hard for the Tiny Organisms to Attach themselves to the Shark Skin

Shark Skin is not only used for fashion as a cosmetic enhancement. It has also been used as a medical treatment for many different types of ailments and conditions.

These include healing cuts and cracks, skin ulcers, skin fungus, cellulite reduction, and reduction of blood sugar levels used by traditional chinese medicine.

How Scientists Figure Out That Algae and Bacteria Don’t Like to Live on Shark Skin

scientists figured out is that algae and bacteria dont like to live on shark skin

The shark’s skin has special denticles that repels everything.

The scales are like a diamond patten that seems like there is air cushion when you rub it them toward the shark’s tail, but when rub it towards the head it becomes rough.

Scientists found out that algae and bacteria simply cannot stay and live on shark skin and it has a unique structure small microorganisms cannot attach to it.

Sharklet is a company that uses this research into making products which are anti-bacterial for the medical field.

To do this, they have developed a process that involves taking a sample of the sharkskin, sticking a filter on it.

Why Can Bat Spit dissolve a Clot and Protects the Brain From Further Damage?

If you have ever experienced a large amount of bleeding after having a direct hit to the brain, you will know how important it is to know how to properly remove a brain hemorrhage with bat spit.

This form of therapy was originally developed inauna clinics, which were used to treat breathing disorders and also used to assist with the treatment of stroke. The saliva of bats contains an acidic component that is particularly beneficial when dealing with brain tissue. In addition to removing large clots, this type of therapy can also help protect brain cells and prevent additional damage caused by repetitive trauma.

This type of therapy is most effective if administered shortly after a traumatic event or when the brain has received a large amount of trauma.

It is especially important to make sure that the patient receives this treatment within 24 hours of the trauma in order to eliminate the risk of secondary damage that can occur during the recovery process.

The effects of the Plaque Blood Cells (PBCC) plaques are especially damaging and can cause long term problems including loss of memory, decreased mental alertness, and learning disabilities.

The use of this type of therapy will not only eliminate the threat posed by the PBCCs, but it can help prevent the formation of any new blood clots that might develop as a result of the injury or trauma.

Bat spit can dissolve the clot, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Tests Found A Protein In Bat Spit Can Bust A Disease Up To 9 Hours After The Attack

The tests found a protein in bat spit can bust clots up to nine hours after they have formed. This means the patient may still have a risk of re-occurring clot. Bat saliva contains small pieces of protein that sticks to and adhere to cells in the body. The bat’s saliva is considered to be the best possible natural immune-boosting treatment that has ever been discovered. In some studies, patients treated with this substance showed no signs of having an illness or disease related to the protein in their saliva.

tests found a protein in bat spit can bust clots up to nine hours after onset of a stroke

Using Indian Cobra Extract To Cure Arthritis

The cobra snake in India is considered as one of the most poisonous snake in the world.

Even though the cobra has been removed from the wild, they still live in the forests and the high plateaus of the land. This snake has also been used for a long time in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for treating rheumatic pain and other body ailments.

The cobra venom has the power to strengthen the body’s bone joints, make the body immune system stronger and heal body immune system from any fatal diseases. Therefore, the cobra venom is not only made for the treatment of humans but also used on animals like snakes and elephants for the same purpose.

India cobra venom cure arthritis body immune system sufferer joints inflamed

In the Ayurvedic treatment, this snake has been used both externally and internally for treating different types of rheumatic or arthritic pains.

The body immune system will then produce more white blood cells to fight against the foreign bodies that might be brought by the arthritis into the body.

Moreover, cobra helps to improve the movement of the joints. This will help the patient to move his joint-free, once the disease has been cured. However, this does not happen immediately.

It takes time before the body immune system is fully healed.

Some people will not experience the full results of the treatment, while others might feel some relief after a few days or weeks. However, this form of treatment is still considered as one of the most effective treatments for arthritis.

Research Shows That Cobra Venom Can Stop HIV

Research shows that cobra venom has anti-viral properties, but scientists are not quite sure exactly how it works.

They believe it contains a compound called copeptin-6 and there is some reason to believe that cobra venom may be useful against HIV, the human immune system’s target, because it has been shown to reduce the replication of HIV in cells taken from patients with HIV.

  • However, they are not entirely sure how or why it works and it is not clear whether this anti-viral property works in all types of cells, not only those that have contracted HIV.
  • One thing is certain, though.
  • Anti-viral medications already exist to help people with HIV control other problems such as headaches, muscle spasms, nausea, palpitations, diarrhea and fever, among others. It’s possible that cobra venom could be added to these existing drugs to make them more effective in the fight against HIV.

research shows that cobrotoxin the stuff in cobra venom also might stop HIV

There are some other snake toxins that research shows can stop the HIV virus. The Green Snake toxin, a greenish-yellowish colored neurotoxin produced by the cobra Vipers creates a sort of amnesia in people who are exposed to it.

Some people do not remember anything about being bitten by a snake, even when given a piece of paper with details.

Others develop a severe case of amnesia as a result of the poison.

This type of cobra poison, although less known than green snake toxins, does have the advantage of causing less permanent damage to the body than Green Snake toxic compounds, which is one reason why researchers are currently trying to find methods of producing cobra venom that will not cause as much harm.

Crocodile Later Tests Shows It Is Also Effective at Killing HIV

crocodile later tests showed it was also effective at killing HIV

  • The results were impressive. The animal tests showed Crocodile immunodeficiency syndrome was indeed efficient at preventing HIV infection, as anticipated.
  • However, it was also effective at killing other viruses and bacteria. It is unclear why the animal tests showed this.
  • Perhaps future tests can confirm whether or not Crocodile is as effective as hoped. However, until then, people who may want to protect themselves from HIV and other deadly viruses should stock up on this rare and expensive medicine.

Can Croc Blood Products Be Used As Drugs For Humans?

Recent studies in animals have shown the potential for using human, developed Croc proteins as a treatment for some types of autoimmune diseases.

These animal studies are not conclusive, but they do show promise and scientists all over the world are very interested in this new development.

There are some other diseases which are autoimmune related such as Lupus, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell anemia and so on.

croc blood proteins can be developed into drugs for humansIf this research is successful, it will be interesting to see if the proteins can be used to treat these and other types of autoimmune diseases which affect the body.

Drugs that contain anti-inflammatory compounds can have a positive effect on the body’s ability to heal itself and this is something that needs to be explored.

This is especially important as there are many drugs that our own bodies produce which are not very effective at fighting disease. Using human blood proteins may be an appropriate alternative as there are no toxic derivatives released into the environment. It may also be possible to harvest these proteins from smaller fish and use them in treating human disorders.

Research into the Croc proteins has been going on for quite some time now and scientists are eager to test this new development. This is because the proteins seem to have many benefits for the human body. The problem with these proteins is that they are not very big molecules and so it may take some time before they can be made into a usable drug. They are however considered to be a promising treatment for certain auto immune diseases. Scientists have been working on getting these proteins to the phase where they can be made into useful medicines for humans and this has been a very exciting prospect.

What Is The Crocodile Immune System?

Crocodile immune system is designed to protect the body from bacteria that cause infections and disease.

It has evolved over the years as a defense mechanism against pathogenic microorganisms that attack the body when we are not even conscious of the attack.

The Crocodile’s immunity system recognizes infection when it occurs and launches an inflammatory response that helps to destroy the invading microorganism before it does any harm.

However, when a foreign organism has penetrated the body of a crocodile for some reason, it triggers a hypersensitive response known as the Crocodile Flux (or C-reactive protein) which causes the body to develop symptoms such as fever, lethargy, weight loss and malaise.

Most people who get ill with symptoms caused by pathogenic microorganisms usually have no history of living in warm, moist parts of the world. However, there are cases where humans have become infected with bacteria through a bite or a touch on a previously infected area of the skin, whether deliberately or accidentally. The Crocodile Flux is produced by the body only when the invaders have entered the body via an opened wound or a tear in the skin, leading to excessive production of the substance. When the crocodile immune system becomes hypersensitive, the substance starts destroying tissue around the wounds, leading to severe inflammation.

When a crocodile immune system is at its most sensitive, it can cause death. Some people have died from Crocodile Flu after becoming extremely ill with the illness. The symptoms may also be provoked by some food, notably fat. So, if you keep coming back for vaccinations against crocodile flu, you could get it again.

How Did An Alligator Blood Kill Staph Infections?

A crocodile hunter in the Amazon has killed an alligator with the alligator blood as the source of anticoagulant for staph infections.

This news made the rounds not only in South America but all over the world. It appears that this killed snake was only carrying few strains of staph bacteria, most likely from the few alligators it had fed recently.

Now this news has caused a run on alligator antivenin and also MRSA staph infections.

alligator blood killed all 23 strains of bacteria including antibiotic resistant MRSA

This discovery is most likely due to the alligator’s unique anatomy which also includes powerful jaws, long hind legs and powerful claws. In fact, these features are what helped the dinosaur genus dinosaurs to hunt prey by grabbing and holding their prey with its jaws and holding them still while allowing its powerful bite for powerful and quick anticoagulant.

The problem is that modern alligators are now far more aggressive, as this would make it hard for them to catch prey using their powerful bite without creating a wound.

This discovery is most likely going to have implications for the management of antivenin stock.

How Does Bat Night Hunt Enhance the Bat’s Immune System?

In the early 1990s, a research team led by Dr. Michael Schmitz conducted a study at the University of Minnesota’s College of Medicine in which they measured the effects of the bats’ temperature on immune cells called T-cells. The study was done with a simple experiment: half of the group was exposed to a warmer temperature while the other group was kept at a cooler temperature. What Dr. Schmitz found was that when the bats’ T-cells were made to work harder, they produced more T-cells than when they were made to work less. This study proved that when bats are actively hunting, they expend more energy and thus produce more T-cells.

bat night hunt temperature 100 Fahrenheit increase activity kinds of immune cells

Now, Dr. Schmitz has tested the impact of temperature on bat night-hunters in a much more comprehensive way. He took blood samples from bats during their nightly flights and then compared the samples with samples taken 10 minutes later.

The results of this study showed that bats were spending twice as much time in high temperatures as when they were cooler.

And, when the bats were tested on a day when they were much cooler, they had the same number of T-cells as when they were at a higher temperature.

This study lends strong support to the belief that bats actively increase their T-cell production in order to better protect themselves against predators.

If Dr. Schmitz is right, it means that temperature may play an important role in the activity of bats and the protection they need to stay healthy.

He also suggests that future research should examine the effect of temperature changes on the behavior of bats.

Perhaps a temperature change of only a few degrees can alter the way that bats behave.

The studies are currently in the very early stages, but hopefully they will raise awareness of the extreme temperatures bats experience and how their immune system functions in those conditions.

Bats Host More Pathogens Than Many Other Mammals Yet They seldom Get Sick

Have you ever wondered why bats don’t seem to get sick like other mammals? They don’t get ill, for a variety of reasons.

First, they live in very warm, tropical environments and the warm temperatures protect them from infectious diseases that infect humans.

Next, their metabolism is so fast, they can continually pump out antibodies and stress out the lymphatic system which then helps ward off illness.

Finally, their immune systems are designed to protect them from pathogenic microbes like SARS. It’s amazing that a creature that lives in the warm, humid conditions of its natural habitat can ward off pathogens and keep themselves healthy and disease free.

Bats host more pathogens than most other mammals yet they rarely get sick

Ostrich Farming Helps Provide Ostrich With High Quality Abundant Antibodies

Antibodies are proteins that act as sensors for invading micro-organisms or foreign matter. They release specific antibodies in response to these foreign matters, which allow the invading entity to be recognized and destroyed.

Normally, antibodies produced by our bodies perform this task quite well, but sometimes it can fail, leading to infection and disease. In these situations, doctors rely on synthetic antibodies to help recognize the invading organisms.

Ostrich farmers, however, have discovered that they can produce high quality antibodies naturally that do not interfere with the health of their ostriches.

What Have We Learned From Avian Flu?

There are many theories as to why the bird flu killed hundreds of bird species in recent months. One theory is that the bird flu was introduced into the poultry industry by poultry farmers with the intent of causing a mass die-off of birds within the poultry industry.

Ostriches are the one that is not affected by the Avian Flu because of its strong immune system.

They are one of the oldest animals having genetic dinosaur ancestors 56 million years ago.  Ostriches have survived and evolved to be one tough animal that can live up to 65 years old in very poor environmental conditions.  They can withstand bacteria, viruses, and infections which most animals cannot.

If this were true the virus would have certainly killed hundreds of bird species. However, the fact is that no one is actually sure if the bird flu has killed any birds or not. In fact, it could very well have killed thousands of birds, but none of the scientific tests have been able to find evidence that this has happened.

Scientific Sources in respect to :

avian flu killed hundreds of bird species ostrich untouched virus strong immune system

Another theory as to the cause of avian flu is that it was introduced into the bird population after people started getting sick and using unsterilized food products.

This would account for the case where a lot of bird flu viruses are floating around in the air and have not yet had the opportunity to be passed on to humans.

This could also explain why there are still people with bird flu symptoms today as the virus has not yet had the opportunity to make its way into the human population.

Another theory as to the cause of avian flu might be that someone intentionally introduced the virus into the bird population. It could have been a bi-virus introduced into the human population as well.

Whatever the case might be, it is important to realize that bird flu is not the only thing that can kill birds.

It is also possible that the bird flu itself is the problem. It is important to make sure that you know what the causes of avian flu are so that you can avoid any type of bird flu infection. Avian flu may have killed hundreds of bird species, but the real danger comes from a bird flu infection that never reaches the bird population at all.

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